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Gifts, books an shopping for collectors

Historica and Militaria History
Historical background of collectible items
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Blue & Orange Mauritius Stamps  & Philately

On this page you get information about stamps an stamp collecting. Also there are some important news and a lot of links about the world of stamps.

Topics of the Stamp Page:

News Stamp Collection Software Auctions Different Links
Links of Collectors The most famous and expensive Stamps History of Stamps FAQ about stamps
Values of Hitler Stamps US Presidents on Stamps - Stamps with Presidents The most expensive and famous postage stamps of Austria  

Postcards and Letters

Old Letter, written 1717, adressed to the King of Saxon

The Postcard and Letter Page with a lot of mails of collectors


Topics of the Coin Page

External Numismatic Links Values of German Coins Value of German Coins Values of Coins
Forum for coins and other collectibles   Paper Money of the German Inflation Period 1920 -1923 Values of Wheat Pennies Values of Indian Head Pennies
Values of Buffalo Nickels Values of Morgan Dollars 1878 - 1921 About Grading Coins
(by Tom Becker)
German Empire One Pfennig coins 1873-1916 
(by Tom Becker)
Historical background 
of collectible items
Historical background of the Nazi Time


German Numismatic Page of / Deutsche Münzenseite von

Paper Money

Assignat France 1792
This is an old banknote that was issued 1792 in France

Information, news, messages for collectors about collecting of banknotes, paper money, bonds and shares Books, Catalogs and Literature for Collectors of banknotes and paper money


Antiques Page of German Antiques Page of / Deutsche Antiquitätenseite von


Art Page of German Art Page of / Deutsche Kunstseite von

Old Books and Posters

Old Books and posters German Book Page of / Deutsche Buchseite von



Collecting of Comics, Comic Strips, Graphic Novels, Anime & Manga and more

Discs & CDs

German Page for Discs DVD & Video & CD & Discs


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Kinder Eggs and Comics Figures

English kinder eggs page of German kinder eggs page of / Deutsche Ü-Ei-Seite von


Including messages about Beanie Babies
German toys page of / Deutsche Spielzeugseite von


English auction page of German auction page of / Deutsche Auktionsseite von

Other collectibles

Other Collectibles : Safety on Board Cards, Coffee Machines, Ballpoint Pens, Hotelroom Signs etc. German Page of other Collectibles / Deutsche Seite der sonstigen Sammelgebiete


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Other interesting external links  


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