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Collecting Antiques

Information for Collectors of Antiques about Collecting of Antiques and the Values of Antiques.

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The collecting of antiques is a very interesting hobby, because antiques are objects which have reached an age which make them an important witness of a previous era in human society and show the craftsmanship and design of a former time.
Antiques are defined as items which are at least 100 years old and are for Collectors desirable due to rarity, utility, or some other unique feature.

Here you will find actual information , news , links and mails from other collectors of antiques.

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Books about Antiques in gift gallery


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Meissen Plate (11/25/2015)

While antiquing in Germany in 1999 we purchased a Meissen plate showing all of the Meissen symbols, dating back to the 1700’s. It also says Aquatinta on the back. We broke it on the way home to California. We would like to replace it but have had no luck finding it. Can you help? thanks in advance, Sue


Looking for original photos showing WW1 German Kürassiere (11/25/2014)

Hallo, I am sending you this email because I am looking for original photos showing WW1 German Kürassiere. If you have for sale such items, please let me know. Gruss, Richard Deziel


Question about German antique furniture from Serbia ( Vojvodina ) (02/09/2012)

We have inherited some German furniture from German people who use to live in this area before. Vojvodina- Serbia - Europe - . So i am interested about this furniture, about WHAT style is this? Is it Barock style, or what kind of style. What is the year when this was made. is it a year 1900, 1800 what period in time. And if you can tell me how much it is worth, i mean what is the price of this peace of furniture i am sending to you. Thank you so much for your time and answer. Sincerely Jovan


Value of Chinese vase? (07/08/2011)

I would you to post this photos of a Chinese vase as I would love to know more about this item especially the approximately value. Kind Regards inthya


1930 dated what is it? (06/01/2011)

I'm trying to figure out what this is and how much its worth can you please give me your input Thank You Dave Martin.


I don't know what my antique is - can you help? (05/04/2011)

I have been searching and searching can you help. All i know is i found it in my grandmas basement and on the top of the tube it says western germany. Thank you for your time


I would like to know of which year Bavaria typus tea set is? (04/01/2011)

I would like people to answer this question as I don't know exactly from which year it is. It is gold plated and It seems pretty antique. Kind Regards Cinthya


Koral Red Sculpture to sell (09/27/2010)

Hi I have one sculpture koral red 1,20 kg. I want to sell. Thank you


A piece of German statuary (07/12/2010)

I have a piece of German statuary, with a mark that is either 2 swords crossed with an S under them or they could be some other object crossed such as batons with an S under them. The piece is a lady riding a horse carry what may be a basket of eggs and a basket of fruit. Can you tell me any thing about the piece? Please respond. Thank you, Louise Seiden


Two Seltmann Weiden Bavaria Tea Pots (05/25/2010)

Hello! I have two nice Bavaria Tea pots, please can you tell me something about them.
Thank you Vesna Beifuss


Labour note (02/25/2010)

Hi I have a Great Britain Birmingham Labour Note/ Forty Hours, how much do you think it's worth and where could I find a buyer? Thank you. Brian Edwards


Schutztruppe Helmets private auction / extremely scarce pieces (02/10/2010)

Hi I'm Pascal.german imperial militaria collector.I gave some good militaria photos to Chris for his wonderful web site.In case ,you know some WWI collectors? Please,check my schutztruppe helmets auction at:Fell free to make me an offer so i guess it is the best. German See Bataillon ( tropenhelm )..c 1900  Schuztruppe tschako with original tin box Imperial eagle plate wit Hohenzoller crown.c 1900  Excellent condition with stamps,sweat band . Let me know for further interest in my offers ,helmets .photos and uniforms only from the German Imperial Schutztruppe from 1890 to 1918,write to me or call me for quick auctions. Thanks a lot Pascal Hulin


Question about old Brazilian Army Watch (01/22/2010)

Hello! My name is Renato, I am from Brazil and I have a Timer that was used by Brazilian Army and it was made on the 70's. I would like to sell it, but I don't know how much does it worth and to whom can I sell it. I also have some photos, if you would like to see it. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon! Renato Pohling.


Austro-Hungarian pilots badge for sale (09/16/2009)

Hello, I have 1913r. Austro-Hungarian pilots badge for sale on the obverse is engraved inscription "kameraden luftfahrtruppen dem flieger das offizierskorpsdor" the badge is eighteen carat gold added two Pictures in the Annex it s probably an only copy made of gold waiting for reply


Old victorola records (09/16/2009)

Hello I have a some old victorola records that are from 1906 the ones you use on a turn table that you have to wind I believe....and some early 1900's children records (1902-1906). Do these have any value?


Spain - Old Documents (06/19/2009)

I have a copies (not the original) of various orders dated june 1796 signed by the King of Spain at that time, 9 pages, I copy from the original documents that belong to an old friend already dead , I have no idea where the original documents are. I also have a copy of a letter from Ernest Hemingway dated around 1942/1943 to a Cuban friend name Alvaro Caro with a lot of coments about mutual friends. Please advise estimated value of this copies. Sincerely Omar C. Inguanzo


Spardosen (04/04/2009)

I am a collector of mechanical and registering banks. Do you have any for sale or trade? Do you know anyone who has any for sale? Here is a bank from my collection


Early communications object? (11/05/2008)

Hi. Can you give me any information on this object please. It is British made, on is something to do with early communications ( I think )


Set of plates (07/31/2008)

I bought a large set of plates quite a few years ago. I am looking to find who made the set original. I have attached pictures of the plate and the brand. To my research Retscharzberg GMBH made this plate- is this true? Many thanks David Lessner


Antique china (01/18/2008)

We are currently living in Kusel Germany. In our search of the internet we noticed you previously had pieces of antique china my Mother in the U.S. has on display at her home. Attached is a picture of the markings from Frank Neukirchner porcelain works. The pieces you had but sold was titled #1983 Bavarian coffee tea set/Waldershof Germany. That is the exact pattern. Is there any chance you have more of this pattern available? If not, would you know where we might be able to locate them? Thank you. Regards Joe and Kathy Roberts Kusel Germany


Melchior! PH mark! (06/30/2007)

I actually collect Antique European Porcelain. I recently purchased a figure from J.P.Melchior and purchased it for 200U$. I have no idea what the PH mark comes from. I would appreciate if you could tell me what is the mark? Bob.



Sotheby's Auction Results:  Noblesse Oblige Sale L11309 (05/04/2011)

Sotheby's Noblesse Oblige Sale L11309 14 Apr 11, Conduit Street Gallery, Bond St Session 2


Sotheby's Auction Results: Property from the Estate of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands (04/01/2011)

Property from the Estate of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands: All to be Sold for the Benefit of Charity Sale AM1100 14 Mar 11 - 17 Mar 11, Rai Theatre, Europaplein 14, 1078 GZ Amsterdam Session 4


Sotheby's Auction Results Now Online - Property from the Collection of Charles Ryskamp Sold for the Primary Benefit of Princeton University (01/26/2011)

Property from the Collection of Charles Ryskamp Sold for the Primary Benefit of Princeton University Sale N08746


Sotheby's Auction Results - Important Americana Including American Stoneware (01/26/2011)

Sotheby's Auction Results - Important Americana Including American Stoneware Assembled by Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hochberg Sale N08710 21 Jan 11 - 22 Jan 11, New York


Sotheby's Auction Results - Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural History (11/17/2010)

Results of Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural History Sale L10405 04 Nov 10, London are online.


Sotheby's Auction Results Available: The Splendour of Venice, Important Furniture and Old Master Paintings (07/14/2010)

The Splendour of Venice, Important Furniture and Old Master Paintings from a Private Collection Sale L10308 06 Jul 10, London


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Sotheby's Auction Results: Genoese Silver and Furniture (06/08/2009)

Genoese Silver and Furniture rrom a Private Swiss Collection 27 May 09, London



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