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New values of German banknotes (04/29/2015)

Collector values of old German banknotes were updated.

Geldscheine Deutsches Reich 1939


Collecting Old Postcards with Art and Kitsch Motives (26/07/2013)

The first picture postcards were published about 120 - 130 years ago. Soon the first art postcard were issued. Since the transition from art fo "kitsch" is flowing soon the first postcards with kitsch motives appeared. Especially during the time shortly before World War I the most kitsch cards were printed.


New Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900 Available (11/20/2012)

IOLA, Wis. (Nov. 5, 2012) -- Krause Publications has released a new edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900.

This seventh edition covers all mint-issue coins of the world from 1801 to 1900, including tokens, patterns, sets, etc., fully illustrated and offering the most up-to-date pricing in five grades. The 19th century produced some of the most popular classic coinage in world monetary history. In the past three years, thousands of these numismatic treasures have appeared in high-profile auctions worldwide, bring record prices and driving the demand for more.

Other features include:

  • 100 years of world monetary history portrayed in coins from every nation existing during the 19th century

  • Completely analyzed and updated pricing

  • Fully illustrated with hundreds of improved or new images

  • Expanded descriptions for obverse and reverse sides to aid the collector in proper identification of coins

This book is for the beginner to the expert interested in world coins. This is must for dealers, researchers and investors throughout the world. This catalog represents the only English language authoritative reference for the entire world in one volume and appeals to the value-conscious.

For more information - Catalog at

New Standard Catalog of World Paper Money General Issues Available (10/22/2012)

IOLA, Wis. (Oct. 8, 2012) -- A new edition of the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money General Issues 1368-1960 is now available from Krause Publications.

This 14th edition is the definitive resource on circulating world paper money from 14th century China to the mid 20th century. Extensively illustrated, it includes numerous varieties and specimen notes.

All circulating paper money of the world from 1368 to 1960 is included with full descriptions and up-to-date pricing.
6,500 images for easy identification
50,000 accurate price listings
No. 1 paper money reference book in the world


2013 Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date Now Available (09/28/2012)

The seventh edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date is now available from Krause Publications.

This latest edition will present collectors with the most up-to-date information on coin prices, allowing for well-informed decisions to enhance any modern-issue collection.

New mint issues from across the world, including the ever-growing array of bullion coins, are present. Complete with key coin specifications, the Standard Catalog also provides background about each country's monetary history and an incredible 12,500 actual-size coin illustrations. Both new entries and past updates are presented in the familiar, authoritative Standard Catalog style. The reference work includes coverage of collector coins, sets, trial strikes, pieforts and patterns.


New Slovak silver collector coin 10 euro "Anton Bernolak – the 250th Anniversary of the Birth" (09/27/2012)

Anton Bernolak (3 Oct. 1762 - 15 Jan. 1813) is one of the most notable figures in Slovak history and was a leading personality of Slovak national life in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. He was a Catholic priest and prominent linguist who became the first person to codify the Slovak language. In addition, he was an active promoter of Slovak national life and education.
Coin’s data
Designer: Pavel Károly
Material: Ag 900, Cu 100
Weight: 18 g
Diameter: 34 mm

Number of pieces minted: BU quality: 5200 proof quality: 6950
Date of issue: 18 September 2012
Current price: BU 24,90€ Proof: 29,70€


37th Mega Record & CD Fair - Jaarbeurs Utrecht (03/27/2012)

The unbeatable Mega Record and CD Fair April 14 & 15, 2012

On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of April 2012 the Mega Record and CD Fair will take place at the Jaarbeurs convention centre in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This fair, which will be held for the 37th time, joins music lovers from all over the world discovering records, enjoying live performances or gazing at music related exhibitions. This spring a huge collection of Pop memorabilia will be shown by museum RockArt from The Hague and by author/collector Mark Hayward from the UK. Look out for the book presentations, autograph sessions, live performances, a pop quiz and the Royal Crate Digger showcase presented by Miss Twist.


2012 Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date Now Available (07/08/2011)

IOLA, Wis. (June 20, 2011) -- The sixth edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date is now available from Krause Publications.

Insightful data for each featured coin, collected and reviewed by a panel of more than 200 respected coin experts worldwide, fill the pages of this latest edition. Nearly 150 pages of new entries, featuring more than 2,000 new types and issues, ensure that collectors will have the largest source of information available on coins from all across the world.

Recent increases in the price of precious metals worldwide have drastically affected coin prices.

"Almost every coin struck with silver or gold content experienced significant change in value for this year's new sixth edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date," said numismatic market analyst Tom Michael, who was assisted on the book by editor George Cuhaj. This latest edition will present collectors with the most up-to-date information on coin prices, allowing for well-informed decisions to enhance any modern-issue collection. New mint issues from across the world, including the ever-growing array of bullion coins, are present. Complete with key coin specifications, the Standard Catalog also provides background about each country's monetary history and an incredible 10,000 actual-size coin illustrations. Both new entries and past updates are presented in the familiar, authoritative Standard Catalog style. The reference work includes coverage of collector coins, sets, trial strikes, pieforts and patterns.


Values of BRD Euro Commemorative Coin Sets (05/30/2011)

New: Values of BRD Euro commemorative coin Sets in cons database.

More: 2 Euro-Commemorative Coin Sets - 10 Euro-Commemorative Coin Sets

Silver coins and silver bullion at sorted by countries and other topics (05/04/2011)

Many people are looking in the moment for silver because they are viewed by investors as a "hedge" against inflation or a store of value.
You can find a lot of Silver coins which derive their value from the metal (silver) content and / or their numismatic at For your help:
This new list shows silver coins and silver bullion lots which are offered in the moment at sorted by countries and other topics.

Canadian silver coin



In the impressive setting of the Hôtel de Merode (seat of the Cercle de Lorraine, only a stone's throw away from the Sablon and the avenue Louise), the association "Les Antiquaires en Céramique ancienne" brings together, for the 11th time, some twenty Belgian; Swiss, French, Dutch and English specialists in the arts of the kiln on the occasion of the International Antique Ceramics Fair. This event, both commercial and cultural, is the meeting place for collectors and aficionados of faience, porcelain, biscuit ware, enamel and glass.


The year 2011 is marked by two major innovations. First of all, to meet a growing public demand for collection objects and to attract a wide public of amateurs, the Fair will now welcome leading antiquarians in the field of collectors' items, namely: European archaeology, sculpture, bronzes, weapons and militaria, pewter, gold, silver and jewellery, objets de vertu, miniatures, books, pendants, Asian art and shop window curiosities. The event quite logically assumes the new name International Antique Ceramics and Works of Art Fair.

The second innovation concerns the exhibition space. After ten years of hospitality offered by the château d'Enghien, International Antique Ceramics Fair decided to move to Brussels and the heart of Europe and set up in the prestigious rooms of the Hôtel de Merode (Cercle de Lorraine), having recently benefitted from a masterly renovation and situated only a stone's throw away from the Sablon, the historic antiques district of Brussels.


The exhibitors in this latest edition include, inter alios, la Maison Lemaire, Michel Bascourt, La Feuille d' Armoise (Michèle & Robert Van Geyts), L'Egide, la Galerie Lamy, the Kyoto Gallery (Tony Cammaert), Le Camaieu (Christine Verfaille), Marc Neyens, la Galerie Théorème (Vincent L'Herrou), la galerie Bertrand de Lavergne, Les Armes du Chevalier (Jean-Robert de Lavergne), Rob Michiels, Van Halm & Van Halm (Wouter and Allard Van Halm), Roger Maes and la galerie Tercelin de Joigny (Benoît and Sébastien Tercelin de Joigny).

All the participants agree to have their objects inspected by a committee of independent international experts. The aim of this inspection is to offer purchasers the best possible guarantee. The specialists that are invited to carry out these inspections may under no circumstances participate in the Fair as exhibitors.


In 1994, at the request of the town of Andenne, a number of specialist antiquarians, members of the Chambre Royale des Antiquaires de Belgique created a small Fair for antique ceramics. These precursors, together with colleagues - some local, some Parisian - exhibited in the civic hall of the town of Andenne. The Fair was held every two years at the same time as a potters' trade fair. In 2000, eager to increase the number of exhibitors and to find a setting where they could show their objects to best advantage, the antiquarians put on their salon in the Château d'Enghien. The Louis XVI-style chateau, built by Baron Edouard Empain, was extremely popular among antiquarians and visitors alike.

Ten years later, in order to gain greater visibility, the Fair relocated to the centre of Brussels and took up residence in new premises in the old 'Hôtel de Merode'. The Fair also extended its activities and now includes renowned antiquarians that specialize in collectors' items (except tables and furniture). Thus it was that it became the International Antique Ceramics and Works of Art Fair.


In 1618 Duke Alexandre de Bournonville and his wife Anne de Melun combined several buildings that they owned that fronted the "Wollendries" (now rue aux Laines) and transformed them into a handsome Renaissance style palace. This was then purchased in the 18th century by the Counts of Merode-Westerloo, who had been named princes. In 1954 a real estate company took over ownership of the Hôtel and then in 2008, this exceptional heritage site became the property of the Cercle de Lorraine, a private club for businessmen. The International Antique Ceramics and Works of Art Fair will be held in 300 m² of the old cour d'honneur plus the five interconnecting rooms in the left wing of the building.


Faience originated in the Middle East and spread to the West during the 17th century, where it gave rise to an enormous production and a wide diversity that reflects the clientele for which it was intended: the courts of princes, the nobility, churches, apothecaries, etc. From the Middle Ages to the present day, a multitude of objects for everyday use have appeared under the name "faïence", "majolica" or "Delft", including jugs, plates and other pieces of crockery as well as precious and refined objects such as dinner services, figurines and fountains, and specialized collections such as tiles, stoves and pharmaceutical containers. Porcelain, the oriental secret of which was not discovered in Europe until the early 15th century, owes its western fame to the Chinese objects as well as Meissen, Sèvres and Limoges.

In the antiques profession the term collection objects embraces all antique objects of everyday use or for decoration that are of artistic interest and are representative of their period. The concept of the new Fair has been designed with the objective of enlarging the field of antique ceramics to include other objects related to the 'art of the table' and to then include them among all the objects of "showcase" quality.


New coin values at Values of Liberty Cap Half Cents 1793 - 1797 (02/19/2011)


A new page of shows the values of Liberty Cap Half Cents. The Liberty Cap cent was issued by the mint from 1793–1797.

Most of these coins are valuable especially if their condition is better than grade f.

1793 Liberty Cap Half Cent


Reagan Coin Bill Introduced (18.02.2011)

Legislation drafted on the occasion of the centennial of the birth of Ronald Reagan Feb. 6 calls for 50,000 $5 gold pieces and 300,000 silver dollars.

Mehr darüber

Standard Catalog of German Coins Now Available (01/26/2011)

IOLA, Wis. (Jan. 11, 2011) -- The Standard Catalog of German Coins is now available from Krause Publications. Noted German coin expert N. Douglas Nicol compiled the 1,500-page book, with George Cuhaj serving as editor and Tom Michael as market analyst.

The third edition of this massive reference brings users a wealth of information covering more than five centuries of German coinage, all in one single, comprehensive volume. The Standard Catalog of German coins offers accurate market values compiled through analysis of actual dealer offerings and auction results spanning the 12 years since the release of the second edition. Attribution is also improved with expanded descriptions and thousands of coin images.

Special features of this third edition include:

-Cross-referencing to specialized literature.
-Additional data on mint officials and mintage figures.
-An increased number of minor coin illustrations.
-Listings for German states that only existed prior to 1601.
-A brief overview of German monetary history by author N. Douglas Nicol.
-German coin denomination tables by Nicol.


Standard Catalog of World Coins 1701-1800 Now Available (01/26/2011)

IOLA, Wis. (Jan. 4, 2011) -- The Standard Catalog of World Coins 1701-1800 is now available from Krause Publications.

The fifth edition of this must-have reference contains 1,352 pages and more than actual-size 20,000 images. The book contains values in up to five grades of condition, reflecting dramatic changes in values for gold coins and silver crowns.

Other features include:

-Significant price increases for coins of Austria and Hungary.
-Extensive additions to listings for German states and Italian states.
-Expanded and improved coin images.


New coin values at Values of Liberty Cap Pennies 1793 - 1796 (01/21/2011)


A new page of shows the values of Liberty Cap Cents.

The Liberty Cap cent was issued by the mint from 1793–1796
In 1795, the planchets became too thin for anymore use of edge lettering on the coins, so coins from late-1795 onward have no edge lettering.

Most of these coins are valuable especially if their condition is better than grade f.


1794 Liberty Cap Cent


New coin values at Values of Flowing Hair Half Dimes 1794 - 1795  (01/14/2011)


A new page of shows the values of Flowing Hair Half Dimes. Flowing Hair Half Dimes were issued between 1794 and 1795 at a low mintage of 86,146 coins for both years together. These coins are therefore rather  rare


Flowing Hair Half Dime


New coin values at Values of Draped Bust Half Dimes 1796 - 1805  (01/13/2011)


A new page of shows the values of Draped Bust Half Dimes.
Draped Bust Half Dimes. were first issued with a small eagle on the reverse between 1796 and 1797 and then from 1800 - 1805 with a
heraldic eagle reverse and most of them are very valuable.


Draped Bust Half Dime


2011 Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date (12/23/2010)

Suitable for the beneficiaries of a collection of coins, someone just getting started in collecting or the experienced enthusiasts who want to keep up-to-date records, as well as collectors or investors in coins of gold, silver, platinum or palladium.


New Book: Standard Catalog Of United States Paper Money (12/23/2010)

The Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money is the only annual guide that provides complete coverage of U.S. Currency with today?s market prices and presented in full color.his is the essential guide for U.S. paper money collectors, researchers, estate planners, investors and historians.


Sotheby's Books and Manuscripts Auction Results (12/23/2010)

Sotheby's Books and Manuscripts Sale PF1024 24 Nov 10, Paris Session 1


Canadian Coin Digest Now Available from Krause Publications (11/17/2010)

IOLA, Wis. (Oct. 27, 2010) -- A comprehensive reference book on Canadian coins is now available from numismatic publishing leader Krause Publications.

Produced by the Standard Catalog of World Coins staff, Canadian Coin Digest covers everything from the earliest unified coins of 1858 to today's innovative releases from the Royal Canadian Mint. The affordable, portable reference features:

• More than 1,200 photographs and illustrations
• Thousands of up-to-date value listings reflecting current precious metals prices
• Accurate mintage figures, KM identification numbers and detailed descriptions
• Comprehensive coverage of new issues from the prolific, innovative Royal Canadian Mint

The book is edited by George S. Cuhaj, with market analysis from Tom Michael.


Krause Publications Releases Rare Coin Investing (10/20/2010)

IOLA, Wis. (Sept. 29, 2010) -- Investors looking to broaden their retirement portfolios beyond stocks and bonds will learn details of an intriguing market in Rare Coin Investing, a new book from coin and paper money publisher Krause Publications.

Studies show that the same amount of money invested in the stock market and in rare coins can result in a better return with the rare coins approach. Plus, it doesn't take thousands of dollars or finding the rarest of the rare coins to see a profitable return on an investment. For as little as $100 per coin, investors can start building a portfolio that can bring solid gains, and this book from noted coin expert David L. Ganz can help:

- Learn how great coin collections were built with low-cost coins.
- See how a portfolio of coins gained in value over 10 year, 20 years, 30 years and more.
- Review the author's recommendations for affordable coins available for purchase today.


Bronze Cent Sets Record (09/27/2010)

A 1943-D Lincoln cent made of bronze instead off wartime steel has brought $1.7 million in a private transactions between two anonymous parties.


The Standard Catalog of German Coins, 1501-present, 3rd edition (09/27/2010)

From the worldwide leader in world coin books comes the first reference material of its kind, with five centuries of German coinage in a single volume! This essential book will include more coin images than ever before—including many minor coins — and cover states that did not exist after 1601.
Other features will include:

  • Cross-referencing to specialized literature to aid in identification
  • Additional data on mint officials and mintage figures gained from available Mint reports
  • A brief overview of German monetary history by author N. Douglas Nicol
  • Revised market values based on actual dealer offerings and auction results spanning the 12 years since the release of the second edition

Look for the Standard Catalog of German Coins, 1501-present, 3rd edition from trusted numismatic booksellers.


2011 Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 by George S. Cuhaj and Thomas Michael (08/30/2010)

This new edition of the ultimate 20th century world coin book is easy to use, complete in detail, and reliable in its pricing. Use it at home, while you watch online auctions or research coins to add to your collection, or take it with you to shows or meetings, and use it for quick review of prices and on-the-spot identification.

This best-selling coin book includes: * Nearly 1 million listings * Detailed descriptions with weight, diameter, composition, fineness and mintage * 50,000 coin illustrations, obverse and reverse * Up-to-date values, in up to five condition grades

More Art Database: More Values in Database for Art - Values of Art  (08/17/2010) Art Database: Value Database for Art - Values of Art

The art database shows prices of arts in art auctions and of price lists of art dealers. So you can determine the values of paintings, skulptures, carvings, graphics and prints.
There are now more values of arts in this database.

More in the art database

2011 North American Coins & Prices is coming (27.07.2010)

Are you looking for a cool deal this summer? How about three countries worth of coin data, including photos and current pricing in one book? That's what you get, and more, with the new edition of North American Coins & Prices.

This coin book features coins from Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., from the Colonial era to the present, and it's organized alphabetically for easy identification. Its small enough you can take it to shows, yet packed with 45,000 listings, 3,000 actual-size coin illustrations, current values in multiple grades of condition, and expert insight about the coin market.


Set of Slovak euro coins 2010 "Historical Regions of Slovakia Turiec, Tekov, Podsitniansko" issued (07/14/2010)

Kremnica Mint issued the set of Slovak euro coins Historical Regions of Slovakia – Turiec, Tekov, Podsitniansko. Since July 6 you can purchase this coin set directly via online shop at .
Price: 15,99€ Mintage: 12000 pcs Finishing: shiny, FDC

More information about the set and its images available at 

Krause Publications Releases Modern Commemorative Coins (07/14/2010)

IOLA, Wis. (June 29, 2010) -- In recent years, the state quarter program and rise of Internet coin trading has created increased demand for modern commemorative coins. Author Eric Jordan describes the process by which collectors and investors can find correctly-priced coins of this nature in his new book, Modern Commemorative Coins, now available from Krause Publications.

"Moderns are the fastest-growing segment of the coin market, and to date there has been a lack of resource materials aimed specifically at serving the interest and needs of this market," said KP Numismatics editorial director Debbie Bradley, a contributing editor on the book. "Modern Commemorative Coins arms collectors with the tools they need to predict future rarities, identify key dates for each type of modern, and price the coins in their collection."

Modern Commemorative Coins will show readers how to:

-Include modern coins in their self-directed IRA.
-Include numismatic investments as part of their estate plan.
-Select coins for purchase that have the best chance of increasing in value.


Sotheby's Auction Results Available: The Splendour of Venice, Important Furniture and Old Master Paintings (07/14/2010)

The Splendour of Venice, Important Furniture and Old Master Paintings from a Private Collection Sale L10308 06 Jul 10, London



In conjunction with the American Stamp Dealers Association Show

The auction of 1507 lots. It will include the Wallace Rueckel collection of U.S. Possessions and the "Massachusetts" Worldwide Postal History Collection.

The ASDA show is scheduled for July 9-11 at the Crown Plaza Hotel at San Francisco Airport. The auction will be held in 2 sessions.

The 1st section on Saturday evening at 5:30 p.m. will contain 807 single lots, beginning with individual Foreign, then British Commonwealth and finishing with 500+ lots of U.S. Foreign individual highlights including Germany; and Italy. British Commonwealth is highlighted by Great Britain; Australia; Canada & Provinces; and Indian Convention States. The United States single lot portion of the auction will be highlighted by a newly and unrecorded discovery of Scott #65e variety (3¢ printed on both sides BUT not inverted - PSAG cert. 2010). There will be an excellent selection of U.S. Possessions with scarce items throughout including Guam #13 mint, Hawaii #18 ("broken toe var.), Philippines with "Victory" overprints, and #C7, C8.

The U.S. "Collections & Various" of 270+ lots is highlighted by "Postage & Modern", "Back-of-the-Book", "Covers", "First Day & Cachet Makers", "Postcard", "Autographs" and "Ephemera" sections.

The 2nd session on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. will consist of 700 U.S. and Worldwide Collections. U.S. “Collections & Various” will start the session with 200+ lots. It will follow with Commonwealth Country collections with Great Britain; Australia & States; and Canada & Provinces. The Foreign Country collections are highlighted by China; France including intact oldtime Colonies; Germany & Colonies; Italy; Japan; and Russia. This is followed by Foreign General collections. As always, the sale continues with Worldwide collections (100 lots) a Postal History section, and finishing with topical collections, literature, and supplies.

You may bid live through the internet at BidStart.


Sotheby's Auction Results Available 19th C. Paintings (06/17/2010)

Sotheby's Auction Results Available 19th C. Paintings, Furniture, Maiolica, Silver and Rare Books Sale MI0313


DAVID FELDMAN GENEVA Announces - Results of Auctions (05/25/2010)

"Most valuable stamp" stays world's most expensive object

The famous Treskilling Yellow of Sweden, which became the world's most valuable stamp in 1996 when it sold for 2'875'000 Swiss Francs at a David Feldman public auction, has just changed hands once again, maintaining its reputation also as the world's most valuable object by weight.

At a private auction held in Geneva today, the famous stamp whose history alone is the subject of several publications, was acquired by an international consortium for an undisclosed figure. The company had requests from four parties to bid; in the end two of them took active part, and the consortium was the winner.

"The consortium members have purchased the stamp believing it to be a solid investment in these turbulent times," says Mr. David Feldman, "The consortium wishes to keep the price confidential. However, I have little doubt that in time both the price and identity of the consortium will become public knowledge."

Unique Tuscany Error sells for undisclosed price

The famous Tuscany error with the value tablet inverted is listed by the specialised and most widely used Sassone catalogue of Italy with a retail price of one million Euros - the most highly priced stamp of all the Italian States.

Estimated by the David Feldman company of Geneva for its private auction today at between 400'000 and 600'000 Euros, it was sold for an undisclosed figure, but confirmed by Mr. Feldman to be within the range of the estimate.

It has been recognised as one of the world's rarest stamps, having been featured as one of the famous "Aristocrats of Philately" at exhibition in New York some years ago. No doubt the deluxe handbook-catalogue just produced by David Feldman and today's auction result will contribute to its future fame and fortune. What can David Feldman do together with you. Buying or selling, we have been a reliable partner to generations of collectors, for over 40 years. Contact us today - our Autumn auctions will be closing soon.


Garage Sales & Yard Sales - The largest directory of flea markets (04/16/2010)  offers individuals the ability to advertise garage sales on the internet. We strive to make advertising yard sales as effective and efficient as possible. By featuring tools that allow prospective buyers to more easily find garage sales, you can expect to have great exposure for your yard sale.


New Book: World Paper Money Errors (03/24/2010)

Odd shapes, upside down prints, intriguing cuts and folds, and missing design elements are only a few of the different printing errors examined in this expansive collection on foreign error notes. World Paper Money Errors is a visually compelling avenue into the fascinating and rarely explored area of numismatics that expands on the hobby of collecting paper currency.

Author Morland Fischer s comprehensive collection reflects the attraction and advantages of exploring foreign printing errors. An overview of collecting paper money errors in today s numismatic market offers insights on the great disparity between domestic and world notes. Market values are discussed, acknowledging what variables make an error note precious in the trade. Incorporating these concepts and more, Fischer expands the method of collecting currency errors by introducing a Foreign Error Note (FEN) scale to gauge price levels based on error type. With over 200 examples of dramatic, colorful and intriguing foreign paper money errors, collectors and spectators alike are exposed to a new form of collecting currency. The numismatic community will benefit from this thorough guide that is unlike any other on the market.

More about World Paper Money Errors

Sotheby's Auction Results Available Collection Violette de Talleyrand (03/24/2010)

Collection Violette de Talleyrand, Duchesse de Sagan, Former collection Gaston Palewski


Extra 30% Off Amethyst Jewelry, February's Birthstone (02/10/2010)

Extra 30% Off Silver Valentine's Day Gifts: Extra 30% Off Amethyst Jewelry, February's Birthstone


Sotheby's Auction Results Available Important Americana Sale N08608 (02/10/2010)

Sotheby's Auction Results Available Important Americana Sale N08608 22 Jan 10 - 23 Jan 10, New York Session 2


Sotheby's Auction Results Available Important Americana Sale N08608 (02/10/2010)

22 Jan 10 - 23 Jan 10, New York Session 1


The most valuable German Mark Coins 1950 - 2001 (01/27/2010)

Though the EUROo was introduced there are still a large number of high valuable German Mark coins today. These DM coins are overlooked by people and so there is still a chance for discover small coins from Germany which have a value about $1000 or more. We introduce in the most expensive ones on this page.

1 Mark


Updated Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins Now Available (01/22/2010)

IOLA, Wis. (Jan. 8, 2010) -- Krause Publications has released the sixth edition of the Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins, 1601-present, including platinum and palladium issues.

"Gold coins have been the standard store of wealth for mankind for centuries," said market analyst Tom Michael. "Public interest in gold is always simmering below the surface of society and spikes through at various junctures. Gold rushes, gold backing of currencies and of course times of economic downturns such as we are now experiencing worldwide, bring gold into our everyday thoughts, hopes, dreams and investment strategies. Over four centuries of world gold coin production are chronicled in this catalog, with market values reflecting the record highs in today's skyrocketing precious metals market."
The new edition of this book features:
-More than 35,000 photos of coins in their actual size
-Up-to-date market values in up to five condition grades
-Denomination index, bullion value chart, foreign exchange table
-Descriptions with detailed weight and measurement data, a key to detecting counterfeits
-Listings organized alphabetically by country


Tucson 2010/ Agates From Argentina (01/22/2010)

Dear Agate Collectors : Please join us during TUCSON MINERAL & FOSSIL SHOW 2010. We will be as always at the INN SUITES HOTEL , Room Number 223 (Behind the grape-fruit tree) New agates from new discovered sources in Argentina will be exhibited. All our best for year 2010! Ricardo & Claudia Birnie


The most valuable German Pfennig Coins 1948 - 2001 (01/19/2010)

Though the Euro was introduced there are still a large number of high valuable german Pfennig coins today. These coins are overlooked by people and so there is still a chance fo discover small coins from Germany which have a value about $1000 or more.
We introduce in the most expensive ones on this page.

2 Pfennige


New Edition of Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900 Now Available (01/05/2010)

New Edition of Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900 Now Available

IOLA, Wis. (Jan. 4, 2010) -- Krause Publications has released the sixth edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1801-1900.

"This sixth edition of the 19th Century Standard Catalog of World Coins is greatly expanded from previous editions," said editor George Cuhaj. "Not only will users find what they come to expect in the Standard Catalog series -- fully updated prices by market analysts -- but within the additional 100 pages coin descriptive information has been expanded, as well as illustrations improved and added."

The new edition of this book features:
27,500 actual-size coin illustrations. Updated prices in five condition grades. Details including diameter of the coin, metal, precious metal fineness and actual precious metal weight, and mintage when known.

Kennedy Half Dollar 1987-2008 Collector's Folder (12/06/2009)

'As the country mourned the devastating loss of its iconic hero, President John F. Kennedy in 1964, it quickly became clear the grief was shared by many around the world. Not only did the Kennedy half dollar receive great support in the U.S when it was issued. it generated much interest across Europe as well. Use this beautiful and informative three-panel folder, with slots for 48 coins, to proudly display your collection or give it as a gift to your favorite collector or history buff.


£30,000 Expected for Coins Found in Field (12/06/2009)

In the summer of 1465, as the Wars of the Roses raged, an unknown person hid his worldly wealth in a secret location in a Northamptonshire field and went into hiding. He never returned to claim his money.


Low Mint Set Sales Help Explain 1986-D Quarter (12/06/2009)

Without a lot of attention the 1986-D Washington quarter has been steadily rising in price and recognition as one of the best of the Washington quarters of the past few decades.


Amazon Digital Holiday Deals: Game Downloads, Music, & Video On Demand (12/06/2009)

Amazon is thrilled to bring you exciting new from Game Downloads, Amazon Video On Demand, and Amazon MP3. This holiday season, we've gathered our broadest selection of digital entertainment for you.

More about Game Downloads

High Relief Silver Marks Marathon (12/06/2009)

The Perth Mint has issued a high relief silver proof coin to commemorate the 2,500th anniversary of Pheidippides' 25-mile run to Athens.


Presidential Dollar 2007-2016 Collector's Folder (12/06/2009)

'Each year four past presidents are honored with the U.S. Mint’s release of their Presidential dollar. These beautiful $1 gold coins glisten brightly against the rich blue background of this glossy coin folder, which features 45 die-cut slots on three panels – more than the average coin folder. In addition, the folder features details about each president, including the date of his birth and death, political party, and unique political facts about each.


Sotheby's Auction Results Available (12/06/2009)

20th Century British Art Sale L09699 11 Nov 09, London.


Sotheby's Auction Results Available (12/06/2009)

A Life in Pictures - The Collection of Lord and Lady Attenborough Sale L09693 11 Nov 09, London.


Sotheby's Auction Results Available (12/06/2009)

The Greek Sale Sale L09662 09 Nov 09, London.

Part 1 - Part 2

Sotheby's Auction Results Available (12/06/2009)

Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural History Sale L09774 10 Nov 09, London

View Results

Collectibles and Books about Collectibles (11/20/2009)

Collectors will find in this news shop at interesting books and collectibles about collecting things like coins, stamps, miltary, dolls, toys, antiques, porcelain, arts, and much more.

Collectibles Shop


Krause Publications unveils myths, mysteries and facts about U.S. coins (11/10/2009)

IOLA, Wis. (October 22, 2009) -- Coins are far from the only thing circulating in the collecting hobby, as proven by Robert R. Van Ryzin's new book Fascinating Facts, Mysteries & Myths About U.S. Coins.

Van Ryzin, editor of Coins, Coin Prices and Bank Note Reporter magazines, leads readers on an intriguing and entertaining journey through some of the most interesting stories of U.S. coin history, while uncovering many truths and just as many tales. For example, there's the one about the Ford Motor Company offering to give a car to anyone who found a copper 1943 cent. While it was a rare coin to find at the time, simply because the U.S. Mint changed from a copper composition to a zinc-coated steel version for that one year, the free Ford story was just a myth.

How about the story of noted numismatist J. Sanford Saltus' untimely death while cleaning his coins in 1922? At a time when coin cleaning wasn't frowned upon, it's said Saltus, president of the British Numismatic Society, was using potassium cyanide to clean silver coins he had just purchased and had ordered a bottle of ginger ale when he retired to his room that evening. Come the next day a glass with the poison and another with ginger ale were found on the dressing table of his room with a deceased Saltus beside them, according to the Numismatist. It's believed while cleaning his coins he mistakenly drank the poison instead of the ginger ale.

Among other facts, myths and mysteries featured in this book is the story of professed plagiarism in the design of the Roosevelt dime; rampant rumor of a recall of the Jefferson nickel released in 1938 due to the exclusion of the flag on the depiction of what appeared to be the White House -- which in reality was Jefferson's home, Monticello; truth and tales behind the redesign of the Standing Liberty quarter, and heated debate over the true identity of the models of the Saint-Gaudens gold $20 and the Indian Head nickel.

With so many stories to go around this book touches on some of the most noted and possibly notorious, while encouraging collectors, readers and historians to take a closer look at the past to discover how the present came to be.


Final 2009 Lincoln Makes Nov. 12 Debut (11/10/2009)

The fourth and final Lincoln cent design of 2009 will be introduced officially Nov. 12 at a special ceremony held at 10 a.m. at the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial in Washington, D.C.


Auction Results Now Online - Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale (11/10/2009)

Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale N08587


Sotheby's Auction Results Now Online - Impressionist & Modern Art Day Sale (11/10/2009)

Impressionist & Modern Art Day Sale N08588


New Editions of Krause Publications' Popular U.S. Paper Money Guides Now Available (10/19/2009)

IOLA, Wis. (October 9, 2009) – Large or small, Krause Publications has U.S. paper money collecting covered with the recent arrival of two new books.

The new edition of Standard Catalog of® United States Paper Money and Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money are both available, and bring to the table more pricing, color photographs and listings of notes than ever before. A perfect pair, together these two guides represent the most thorough information about U.S. paper money available today.[description]

This 28th edition of the Standard Catalog of® United States Paper Money is written by noted collector and author George S. Cuhaj with market analysis by William Brandimore, contains details about nearly 200 years of U.S. currency, and features notes in full-color photographs. This book is a superior introduction to the world of U.S. paper money, with coverage of everything from large and small-size currency, silver and gold certificates and Pre-Civil War treasury notes, to fractional currency and military payment certificates. With listings of paper money dating back to 1812 through recent issues and current market value in up to four condition grades, this book's organization, larger-size listings and design make it easy to use and comprehensive in scope.

Also making a spectacular return is Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money, now with full-color photographs as well. The color photos make it easier to identify the differences between similar notes, and even notes of the same series. For example, the difference between a dark forest green, light yellow green and dark blue green United States Treasury Seal is an important detail for properly identifying the note and determining value, and with this book these intricate difference are more easy to see. In addition, this ninth edition of the Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money contains current market values in up to four grades of condition, serial number data for notes from 1928 to 2006, and precise quantities of notes printed or observed.

For more information about the books visit

Next Astarte SA auction on October 30, 2009 in Zürich (09/16/2009)

Dear Sirs, Astarte SA is pleased to announce the following public auctions held on October 30, 2009 in Zürich, Switzerland, Savoy Baur en Ville, Paradeplatz: Auction XX – Ancient Greek and Roman, modern Coins, Historical Medals and Plaquettes Auction XXI - A Collection of Russian Coins.

The online version of the sale catalogues can be seen on our website: 

Collector Fair Draws Thousands Of Visitors, Change Of Venue Notwithstanding (09/14/2009)

More than 11,500 satisfied collectors of stamps, coins, gemstones, postcards, and other collectibles met at the Collector trade fair, held from Thursday to Saturday at the Prague Exhibition Center PVA Letňany. More than 240 exhibitors from all around the world - a 10% increase over last year - presented their goods.

Visitors thus had the opportunity to buy, for example, a stamp scented with chocolate, a stamp adorned with Swarovski stones, or a coin that, when rubbed by its owner, emits the delicate fragrance of coconut. On display were, among many other things, a stamp depicting Arnold Schwarzenegger (which had also been used on this year's official Collector poster), or a truly unique collector's item - an extremely rare share certificate of the bankrupt Planet Hollywood restaurant chain, signed by Demi Moore, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis. The Collector fair also proved a good venue for purchasing investment coins, gold or gems on favorable terms, and for free appraisals of one's own coins, stamps or phone cards by independent experts on the fairgrounds. The media also took great interest in our fair this year: on-site reports on the Collector fair were broadcast during the main evening news of TV Nova, in the prestigious business block on the TV channel Z1, and in the morning show Snídaně s Novou, and appeared in a number of daily and weekly papers.

Next year's Collector fair is slated for September 2 - 4, 2010; it will again be held at the Prague Exhibition Center PVA Letňany. Check back at  for news!

2010 North American Coins & Prices Now Available (08/30/2009)

IOLA, Wis. (August 14, 2009) -- The best three-in-one deal in coin collecting is here, in the 2010 North American Coins & Prices.

This innovative and inclusive price guide contains updated pricing, photos, and detailed descriptions for coins from the United States, Canada and Mexico, dating back to the 17th century. In all there are more than 45,000 coin listings organized by country, denomination and date of issue, with current pricing in up to 11 grades of condition.

Whatever the North American coin collecting interests, be it Canadian silver dollars and platinum bullion coins, local coinage and Spanish colonial issues from Mexico, or Commemorative coins or State Quarters from the U.S., this book is the ultimate price guide.

Each coin is represented by photos of it obverse and reverse, as well as descriptive details including weight, mintage, issue date, actual precious metal weight, and name of the designer. The descriptions contain enough details to help with on-the-spot decisions, and help to ensure accurate assessment of coins being bought or sold.

The wealth of coin prices and identifying details in this book are only matched by the thorough selection of articles that address buying, grading, organizing and storing coins, trends in the coin market, and insight about joining a collecting club. In addition, new chapters in this 19th edition examine the four new U.S. cents and six new U.S. quarters released in 2009.

With more than 45,000 listings, up-to-date prices in up to 11 condition grades, 3,000+ photos and 10 feature chapters, the recently released 19th edition of North American Coins & Prices is the best coin price guide money can buy. In addition to the book, there is also a CD version, with all of the book content in a searchable and enlargeable PDF, compatible with both Macs and PCs.

32nd Mega Record & CD Fair, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands November 21 & 22, 2009 (08/30/2009)

Andy Warhol's Velvet Underground & Punk Special at the Autumn Mega Record and CD Fair

On November 21 and 22, 2009 the 32nd Mega Record and CD Fair will take place at Jaarbeurs Convention Centre, Utrecht, the Netherlands. Over the last 31 sessions this event has built a reputation as THE spot to find and/or experience the most beautiful music related collections, exhibitions, book presentations, autograph sessions and performances. This 32nd fair will highlight the Punk era, with a special exhibition containing memorabilia and unique material from the legendary USA band the Velvet Underground plus the appearance of two very special guests: Jon Savage and Johan Kugelberg. Both are internationally renowned authors and collectors of modern pop culture.

The Velvet Underground 40 years

The Velvet Underground, a pre punk rock band from New York was founded in 1965 by Lou Reed and John Cale. Quickly the band were picked up by Andy Warhol who designed, among many other things, the cover of their debut album: The Velvet Underground & Nico. This album is regarded as one of the most important rock-albums ever, and hugely influential on punk music and the seventies art movement. At the Mega Record and CD Fair American publicist and collector Johan Kugelberg will exhibit 40 years of the band’s memorabilia including some of the most rare Velvet items. Some top end pieces – which were also on show last year in New York - including original artwork by Andy Warhol, early gig posters, handbills and handwritten lyrics by Lou Reed. To top this exhibition Bud Benderbe (ex Bettie Serveert) will perform on stage his favorite Velvet Underground songs in disco/lounge style.

Pop Culture Icons: England’s Dreaming

Two Pop Culture authorities and internationally well known authors will be present at the fair. American Johan Kugelberg is known for his books about punk, hiphop and the Velvet Underground. The widely acclaimed English journalist Jon Savage is the writer of England’s Dreaming, to many, the best book ever written about the Sex Pistols and punk culture. Both authors will autograph their books at the fair and together with Dutch journalist Jan Vollaard they will discuss the importance of a flowering pop culture, the influences of punk on contemporary culture, and they will answer questions from the audience. This will happen on Saturday around 14.00 hours. Before and after both will take their places behind the turntables, and together with other deejays they will reveal what music is all about.

The Mega Record and CD fair with more than 500 stalls from over 45 different countries is a true happening for all music lovers.

Open Saturday November 21 from 09.00 until 18.00 hours and Sunday November 22 from 10.00 until 17.00 hours

For more information call 00 31 0229 213891 during office hours or email:  or

Postcards: Meixner Auction 92 (08/30/2009)

Dear collectors, As of now, our "Auction 92" is available in Internet: 
The "Auction 92" consists of 9,700 items with color images - for sure you'll here some interesting items. Yours, Franz Meixner


Sotheby's Auction Results Available: English Literature, History, Children's Books & Illustrations (07/25/2009)

English Literature, History, Children's Books & Illustrations Sale L09773, 14 Jul 09, London.


65. Veuskens Auction on August 1 , 2009 in Hildesheim (07/25/2009)

Great international offer of over 8300 lots including large section lots and collections.


18. Daniel Stade Auction on September 5, 2009 in Weil am Rhein (07/25/2009)

Picture postcard and Philately auction with large selection of topical and topographic picture postcards. Here you can view all auction lots at 
The complete lot and collection section of the sale will be auctioned on Saturday September 5 at 1200 MET. You can bid live in real time with


Mistake on Hawaii's New Stamp (07/23/2009)

The artist who created Hawaii's new statehood stamp is not happy with the finished result. Herb Kane says the postal service used the wrong typography on the word "Hawai‘i." Instead of using an ‘okina, they made the common mistake of using an apostrophe, where the top of the line is thicker than the bottom. It's subtle but meaningful.


Book: World Encyclopedia of Medals and Medal Collecting (06/19/2009)

World Encyclopedia of Medals and Medal Collecting: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide to Collecting and Evaluating Medals, with Full Information on Orders, ... and Over 500 Photographs and Illustrations (Hardcover)

Medals come in all shapes, sizes and metals, and this superb guide to the world of medals, orders and decorations considers every aspect of this important branch of numismatics. Fully illustrated in colour throughout with over 900 photographs.

Sotheby's Auction Results for Continental and Russian Books and Manuscripts  (06/19/2009)

Auction Results Now Online - Continental and Russian Books and Manuscripts


2010 U.S. Coin Digest Now Available (06/08/2009)

IOLA, Wis. (May 27, 2009) – The new edition of the ultimate U.S. coin book, U.S. Coin Digest, is now available from Krause Publications.

Now in its eighth edition, this two-in-one full color coin guide is packed with comprehensive information that serves the needs of seasoned collectors, as well as the person who inherited a collection or has a few coins they are wondering about. Listings include circulating and non-circulating coins from early colonial times to modern issues, including the new coins of the presidential dollar series.

Each coin is introduced with details about the designer, its diameter, weight and composition and key notes about strikes or varieties, and it is followed by line listings with mintage and price for each issue by year. With current pricing in up to 11 grades of condition, the accuracy of this U.S. coin guide is unmatched.

The 288-page book also contains 1,600 color photos, and is produced in hard cover with concealed wired binding. This allows for users to lay the book flat for hands-free research while inspecting coins. The obverse and reverse color photos also give readers an added edge in properly identifying coins.

A bonus CD included with the book contains special features on Liberty Head nickels, Kennedy halves, Morgan dollars, commemoratives, U.S. minting varieties and errors, and a complete issue of Coins magazine. A CD version containing all of the contents of the book and the bonus features is also sold separately. The CD allows readers to search listings and articles using the key word option or the index, and provides the ability to enlarge pages by 400% for close-up inspection of coins and easier reading.

U.S. Coin Digest 2010 is edited by David C. Harper, the editor of Numismatic News, who has more than 44 years of experience in the hobby, and Harry Miller, a prominent coin dealer and founder of Miller's Mint.

Visit  for more information.

2010 Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 Now Available (06/08/2009)

IOLA, Wis. (May 29, 2009) -- Looking for a quick history lesson? Check out the coins in your pocket, and check out the just released 37th edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000.

The new edition features nearly every world coin issued between 1901 and 2000 by more than 350 countries worldwide. In all there are nearly 1 million coins found in the pages of this authoritative and all-encompassing reference. Each coin listing gives readers key details for accurately and easily identifying each coin. Details include weight, mintage, issue date, actual precious metal weight, ruler at the time the coin was issued, and details about the coin's obverse and reverse images.

Be it francs and pesos, pounds and crowns or dollars and cents, each coin has a story to tell. It may be the story of a country honoring an event or leader, the expansion of a country's monetary system, and many other legend-making events in a country's history. In the Standard Catalog readers gain an amazing display of 20th century world coin history, as well as the updated photos and prices, reflective of current market values, which make each edition a must-have.

Organized alphabetically by country, this industry leader also includes a bonus CD which contains the entire contents of the book. The CD, which is compatible with most computers, allows readers to create their own large-print edition by using the page enlargement capability to increase page size by 400%. By creating easier to review coin photos and easier to read descriptions and prices this CD gives readers two references for the price of one. Plus, the handy CD, with all the content of the book, is also sold separately.

Book, CD or both together, the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 is the source to turn to for reliable and easy-to-understand coverage of 20th century coinage.

Without DVD


With DVD

Create Your Own Ring at (06/08/2009)

Amazon’s Create Your Own Ring store allows you to learn about engagement rings, certified loose diamonds, and more. Additionally, has a Create Your Own Ring Tool that helps you customize and build the perfect engagement ring in three simple steps.

How you can use "Create Your Own Ring"

Open up Amazon’s Create Your Own Ring page, and the first thing you’ll encounter is a set of sliding bars to help you narrow your choices and select your diamond. Start by picking your diamond shape. Then you can further refine your search by adjusting the sliders to set a range for price, carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. You can click “see results” at any point in the process to view all the diamonds that match your criteria.

Once you’ve found and selected the diamond you want, you will move on to choose the setting. Here, you can narrow your choices to a particular style of setting or a specific metal type.

The images will show you how your diamond will look mounted in the setting.

After you’ve chosen the setting that appeals to you, all that remains is to select the ring size, and then—you’re ready to order.


News of the 12th International Trade Fair Collector Prag (06/05/2009)

News of the 12th International Trade Fair Collector which will be held in Prague on September 3 – 5th, 2009.

Content: New Website, Soon Also in Chinese * Czech Mint To Present Half-Kilo Platinum Medal * Fair Collector in Bratislava * The Swiss Post Already Published Their Postmark, the Austrian and Cypriot Ones Their Stationery, and the Finnish Have Done Both * How Much Does a Visit to the Trade Fair Cost? * Two Important Messages to Our Exhibitors


32. Auction Auktionshaus Rosslau on June 13, 2009 in Rosslau (05/25/2009)

Large offer of covers from Germany and all over the world including strong section of scarce frankings Germany 1945-1949. Additional large selection of classic issues from overseas.


CollectPlaza June 2009 Auction - Now online ! (05/25/2009)

The CollectPlaza International Auctions Team has the pleasure to invite you to attend the June 15, 2009 Auction. We offer a broad variety of collectables in the field of Numismatics, Bonds and Shares, Stamps, History and Economy. As of now our interactive online auction is open on the Internet.


A Pocketful of History: Four Hundred Years of America-One State Quarter at a Time (05/25/2009)

In his latest, author and attorney Noles (Twenty-Three Minutes to Eternity: The Final Voyage of the Escort Carrier USS Liscome Bay) looks at the 50 State Quarters Program, which, over about ten years, has issued a quarter commemorating each state with a different design. Organized by issue date, each state quarter is given a few pages of background information, including the date of release, the number initially minted and the reasons behind its design. His work is full of information for both novice coin collectors and average Joes, and his otherwise dry account benefits occasionally from witty chapter subtitles and gentle mockery (Wisconsin's state motto, "Forward!", appears to be exhorting a cow head, ear of corn and cheese round "to move along"). While some may assume that there is little mystery behind the state quarters series, Noles finds much to inform, and occasionally startle, making each entry a quick, fulfilling slice of American history. 50 b&w photos

Sotheby's Auction Results: The Irish Sale (05/25/2009)

Sotheby's Auction Results are now online: The Irish Sale 07 May 09, London


Sotheby's Auction Results: Sporting and Marine Art (05/25/2009)

Sotheby's Auction Results are now online: Sporting and Marine Art 07 May 09, London


Sotheby's Auction Results: The Greek Sale (05/25/2009)

Sotheby's Auction Results are now online: The Greek Sale 06 May 09, London


Old Master paintings 05 May 09, Amsterdam (05/25/2009)

Sotheby's Auction Results are now online: Old Master paintings 05 May 09, Amsterdam


The United States Postal Service® Simpsons® Stamps (05/19/2009)

“We are excited to celebrate The Simpsons on postage stamps,” said U.S. Postal Service Executive Director of Stamp Services David Failor. “Eyebrow-raising to say the least, this witty, well-written pop icon continues to irreverently satire its parody of a middle-class family as it lampoons American culture. The Simpsons stamps, which includes known philatelists Bart Simpson, will serve as a great opportunity to interest youngsters into stamp collecting.”


Sea Service Medals: Military Awards and Decorations of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard (05/04/2009)

Interesting book for collectors of Sea Service Medals: As the first and only complete history of all personal awards and decorations of the United States' three sea services, this book serves as a valuable resource of Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard awards. It also provides little-known historical information on the background and development of each award and decoration, along with details of its design and award criteria. Some never-before-photographs of rare Navy Medals of Honor are featured.

UNIQUE GOLD COIN - Dorotheum Wien 05/18/2009 Lot # 415 (05/01/2009)

Allow us, to call attention to a thitherto unknown ducat. The coin will be auctioned on May 18, 2009 at the Dorotheum Vienna, Austria. This coin is not verifiable in all known collections.


2009 North American Coins & Prices for Coin Values (04/15/2009)

No other coin book embodies the detailed and comprehensive coverage of the coins and their values of this region like this three-in-one guide! You'll find listings of early U.S. Colonial issues to modern commemoratives and sets at the forefront of today's coin popularity, the earliest of Mexico's Cob coinage to modern bullion, and early Canadian Royal coinage to today's commemoratives. Fully illustrated with obverse and reverse photos, this guide sets you up for success with pricing in up to 11 condition grades.

Chiani Spring auction 2009 from May 11-14, 2009 in Gossau/Switzerland (04/15/2009)

International major auction sale. Switzerland specialized from classic up to modern including postal history. Germany, Europe and overseas including rarities. Many large collections and untouched estates. Over 5000 albums!.
Live bidding on is available for the complete auction. Join the auction floor from your pc. Registration necessary.


Strike It Rich With Pocket Change, Second Edition Now Available (04/15/2009)

IOLA, Wis. (March 19, 2009) -- Error coin experts Brian Allen and Ken Potter are back with a new edition of Strike It Rich with Pocket Change, the premier guide to spotting, collecting, and enjoying the world of error and variety coins.

"Have you ever knowingly spent $100 on a candy bar or $50 on a soft drink? As ludicrous as the concept sounds, there is no doubt that you have unintentionally done this numerous time without knowing it," is how authors Brian Allen and Ken Potter begin the new edition of Strike It Rich with Pocket Change, now available from Krause Publications. As more collectors and general coin enthusiasts are drawn to the treasure-hunt appeal of error and variety coins, interest in everyday coins is increasing as people take a closer look at the change in their pocket.

The U.S. Mint's popular state quarter program and introduction of new nickels and a new dollar coin series has produced new discoveries, while demand for changes in U.S. coinage has generated greater attention and interest from the public.

Thus the need for an updated version of this book, which helps make sense of it all and gives greater meaning to phrases including "double die," "double edge-lettering" "trails," "clashed die" and "die dents."

In this new edition of Strike It Rich with Pocket Change readers learn about the different types of errors and how to spot them in varying types of coins, using the unique and useful combination of more than 350 close-up photos comparing properly minted coins with their error counterparts and identifying details featured. In addition, the authors' insights help dispel common myths about error and variety coins.

Among the coins included in the listings are Lincoln Memorial cents, Jefferson nickels, Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, John F. Kennedy half dollars, and state quarters. While the listings focus on the more valuable rare coins, the principles discussed throughout this book can be applied when researching and inspecting any coin for possible errors.

Between the photos, advice and descriptions in this book readers can't help but gain an edge in becoming skilled error spotters.


Hong Kong, 8 April 2009 -- Sotheby’s five-day Spring sales series at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre concluded today, totalling HK$691,153,000/ US$88,609,000. The series, which had been expected to bring in excess of HK$600 million/ US$76.9 million, offered 1,805 lots comprising Wine, Modern and Contemporary Asian Art, Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, Jewellery and Watches and solid prices were established across the board. The series was highlighted by the Company’s inaugural single-owner wine sale in Asia, which achieved triumphant results, the successful sale of eight Imperial treasures from a European Collection and particularly strong performances for Fine Chinese Paintings and 20th Century Chinese Art. The overall sold by lot rate for the series is 85%.

Commenting on the series, Patti Wong, Chairman of Sotheby’s Asia, said: “Our Spring sales have given us many positive messages and clearly indicate that at this adjusted level, the Asian market is very active and strong for quality, attractively-priced works of art. In addition to the many new buyers from all over the world that we saw participating in our sales, we were also thrilled to see the return of many established collectors who recognise the value in the market today. It was exiting and satisfying to widen our selling categories this week with the introduction of regular wine sales in Hong Kong and the spectacular results for this sale are an affirmation of our decision to do this. This is a magnificent platform to move forward from in this area and we strive to serve our Asian clients better.”


Sotheby's Auction Results: British and Continental Pictures & 20th Century British Art (04/04/2009)

Sotheby's Auction Results: British and Continental Pictures & 20th Century British Art 25 Mar 09, London


Sothebys Auction Results: Collection Robert Lebel: Old Master and 19th-century Drawings (04/04/2009)

Sothebys Auction Results: Collection Robert Lebel: Collection Robert Lebel: Old Master and 19th-century Drawings 25 Mar 09, Paris


Christian Arbeiter special auction sale on May 19, 2009 (04/04/2009)

Over 10.000 lots with a minimum bid of 5 Euro each. Great selection for the bargain hunter.


Cherrystone Auction on April 29-30, 2009 in New York City (04/04/2009)

International auction sale including worldwide rarities.


Schwarzenbach Auction on April 24-25, 2009 in Zurich (04/04/2009)

Offer with strong section items from Switzerland.


53. HBA Auction on April 22-25 in Hamburg (04/04/2009)

Over 4200 lots from Germany and all over the world. Included is the sale of large dealer stocks as well as many lots and collections.


395. nordphila online auction - closing date: Monday, April 20th, 2009 1700 h MEZ (11 a.m. US EAST) (04/04/2009)

Our 395. nordphila stamp auction is online. We present a high-quality offer of 3900 lots from around the world. Virtually all lots are accompanied by high quality color scans. You will find a special offer of:

German States, rare Zeppelin Mail, German Colonies and MSP, German Occupation Issues with unique stamps, Local stamps, Allied Occupation of Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Austria with Lombardei, Switzerland, etc. Europe and Oversee with rare Fieldpost and Airmail, old postcards, as well as large lots and collections. Use our search engine for the auction. Here it is easy to find what you are looking for in the auction lots, as an alternative to using the traditional specified lists available. It is now possible to search the auction by topics, whether or not they are mentioned in the descriptions. View the sale and place bids online through our secure server. The entire sale can be now viewed on our website:



HARMER-SCHAU AUCTIONS NORTHWEST Presents April 18-19, 2009 Auction
At the Shilo Inn at the Portland Oregon Airport

The auction of 1489 lots will be the largest selection of lots ever offered by our Northwest operation.

The sale will include the Howard Mader Estate of Northwest postal history, particularly Oregon. This group of 518 lots (our largest selection ever) will begin the first session on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. It will be highlighted by some very scarce or unique town usages, many originally from the "Ed Payne" collection. Further offerings of Howard's material will be included in our Fall Northwest auction.

The Sunday session of worldwide lots at 11:00 a.m. will consist of 970 lots and include U.S. singles and Postal History; Foreign and British Commonwealth singles including Japan and Korea; United States collections including cover sections of Military related, First Days and Cachet makers; postcards (70 lots featuring Oregon cards from Howard Mader's collection); ephemera, and over 500 U.S. (with "Back of the Book"), Foreign, Commonwealth, and Worldwide collections. The auction will conclude with literature and 40 coin lots of mostly U.S.

Featured throughout the postal history section of the auction will be the Gus Lund Paquebot, Seapost and Shipping Line cover collection.

Individual highlights include; scarce Idaho "Rockfellow & Co." Western Express; Cottage Grove, Oregon territorial; Deer Creek, Oregon territorial; Portland January 1853 territorial; U.S. modern rare errors including Scott #1033a, 1542b, C92d; Canada #693d double impression pair; U.S. one volume collection estimated for $8,000; an extensive Match & Medicine collection valued at $10,000, and a 1st issue Revenue collection estimated for $9000; Rhodesia intact collection estimated for $8,000; France & Colonies stock with a retail of $32,000 estimated for $6000; a German mint and used stock retailing for $29,000 valued at $6000, etc.

We are also accepting consignments for our upcoming auction during the June 26-28 ASDA show which will include the annual meeting of ROSSICA. If you have Russia or any worldwide philatelic material, we would be please to include it in the auction. You may either call us directly or fill out the form on our web site.

If you would like to receive more information about the auction or show, order a catalog, or review the lots, please feel free to go to our web site at  or email us at 
Chris Harmer & Kurt Schau Harmer-Schau Auctions

64. Veuskens Auction on April 22, 2009. (04/04/2009)

Large international offer with nearly 9000 lots from Germany and all over the world.


DAVID FELDMAN NEXT AUCTION: April 28 - May 2, 2009 (04/04/2009)

VIEWING IN LONDON: APRIL 15, 2009 at The Strand Stamp Fair at: Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, London WC1H 0DG during show hours

David Feldman is delighted to inform you that we will have a special London showing of: Great Britain: over 700 small lots with total estimate over £2 million & British Commonwealth: over 1000 small lots with total estimate over £500’000
All five catalogues for this auction will be available on line at  by March 28, 2009
For more information please contact Marcus Orsi Tel: +41.22.727.0779 - e-mail: 

53. Hartmut Raith Auction on April 25, 2009 in Giessen (04/04/2009)

Picture postcard, cover and postal stationary auction. With excellent selection of all topical, topographic and philatelic areas. Well worth to mention is also the large section of lots and collections.


Hodam Auction on April 25, 2009 in Hildburghausen (04/04/2009)

Auction specialised in German areas including a large section of covers and postal stationerys.


Sothebys Auction Results of The David Barton Stamp Collection (04/04/2009)

Sothebys Auction Results of The David Barton Stamp Collection 06 Mar 09, London, New Bond Street


Krause Publications Publishes 2009 Numismatic Industry Directory (03/16/2009)

IOLA, Wis. (March 10, 2009) — Krause Publications, a leading provider of numismatic magazines, books, online products, and events, has released its 2009 Numismatic Industry Directory. With listings for more than 900 companies in more than 70 categories, with complete contact information listed for each firm, the Directory is a valuable tool for anyone involved in numismatics.

"Our third annual Numismatic Industry Directory is a must-have reference for collectors, dealers, wholesalers, or anyone else who deals with coins and paper money," said Scott Tappa, numismatics publisher at Krause Publications. "Whether you're looking for a bullion dealer in Texas or a Costa Rican bank note dealer in New York, you can find it in our Directory."

The Directory will be included in the March 31 issue of Numismatic News, as well as the April issues of both World Coin News and Bank Note Reporter. In all, more than 60,000 copies will be distributed through these publications and at various industry events.

In addition to the print Directory, users can also access KP's online Numismatic Industry Directory at . Company listings in this directory are organized in a variety of categories ranging from U.S. and world coins to paper money and miscellaneous supplies and services. Each comes with live email and website links, telephone numbers, email addresses, company descriptions, and more.

Jean-Paul Bach AG (03/06/2009)

Fixed price offer with strong sections Switzerland and Europe. Including specialized section Swiss soldier stamps.


Forster Philatelie (03/06/2009)

Special fixed price offer Switzerland from A-Z including detailed sections 1850-1900: Rayon, Strubel, Helvetia, Numerals, cancellations and special frankings.


335/336th Heinrich Köhler Auctionon March 24-29, 2009 in Wiesbaden (03/06/2009)

Large international auction sale including the first part of the famous Fritz Kirchner collection.


394. nordphila online auction closing date: Monday, March 16th, 2009 1700 h MEZ (11 a.m. US EAST) (03/06/2009)

Our 394. nordphila stamp auction is online. We present a high-quality offer of 3900 lots from around the world. Virtually all lots are accompanied by high quality color scans. You will find a special offer of: German States, rare Zeppelin Mail, German Colonies and MSP, German Occupation Issues with unique stamps, Local stamps, Allied Occupation of Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Austria with Lombardei, Switzerland, etc. Europe and Oversee with rare Fieldpost and Airmail, old postcards, as well as large lots and collections. Use our search engine for the auction. Here it is easy to find what you are looking for in the auction lots, as an alternative to using the traditional specified lists available. It is now possible to search the auction by topics, whether or not they are mentioned in the descriptions. View the sale and place bids online through our secure server. The entire sale can be now viewed on our website.



FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2009 --- Today, Sotheby’s London week of Impressionist & Modern and Contemporary Art sales concluded, realising a combined total of £69,010,575 ($98,884,169) against a low estimate for the series of £70 million.

Impressionist mpressionist & Modern Art Sales Commenting on the sales, Melanie Clore, Co-Chairman, Impressionist & Modern Art, Sotheby’s Worldwide, said:
“This series of sale was the first test of the market in this field this year and we’re delighted that the strategy we employed in assembling two tightly edited sales achieved the highest sell-through rates since last summer -- 76% sold-by-lot for the Evening Sale and 83% sold-by-lot for the Day Sale. In addition, we’re extremely pleased with the new world auction record price established for a Degas sculpture of £13.3 million, an excellent price given that the same sculpture sold in 2004 for £5 million. The sales clearly demonstrate that the market continues to respond to quality and rarity.”

The top price of the series was for Edgar Degas’s Petite danseuse de quatorze ans (lot 8), which was competed for by three bidders before selling - to a round of applause - to a private Asian collector for £13,257,250. This price, which surpasses pre-sale expectations, establishes a new auction record for a Degas sculpture. Sir John purchased the sculpture at Sotheby’s London in February 2004 for £5 million/$9.1 million.

The £5,417,250 achieved for Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Strassenszene (Street Scene) from 1913 (lot 13) demonstrates the extraordinary growth that the German Expressionist market has witnessed in recent years. The painting - which captures a Berlin street scene, a theme which occupies a central position in Kirchner’s oeuvre - is one of the quintessential images of the German Expressionist movement. Kirchner produced only eleven Berlin street scenes in oil during the years 1913-15 and Strassenszene was the last of these important paintings from this series and date in private hands.



Hong Kong, March 2009 Sotheby’s Hong Kong will hold the Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Paintings Spring Sale 2009 on 5th April at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Over 135 magnificent works by renowned artists from the Southeast Asian region, including Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, etc. will be on offer. The sale is expected to bring over HK$18 million.


Amazon Game Downloads Store (03/06/2009)

With Amazon Game Downloads, customers can download games to their PC and play instantly! This new service allows your customers to enjoy the latest casual gaming titles such as FishCo, Jewel Quest III and Home Sweet Home 2: Kitchens and Baths. Through Amazon Game Downloads your customers will have access to over 600 games priced at $9.99 or less. Players can also try games for a free 30 minute trial period.


The New Amazon Kindle 2 Has Arrived (03/06/2009)

We’re excited to introduce Amazon Kindle 2, the next generation wireless reading device. With a sleek and thin design that makes Kindle 2 as thin as a typical magazine and lighter than a paperpack, the new Kindle has seven times more storage and now holds over 1,500 books. It has a longer battery life and faster page turns. An advanced display provides even crisper images and clearer text for an improved book-like reading experience. And Kindle 2 even reads to you, with “Read to Me”, our new Text to Speech feature.

With Kindle 2 we kept everything readers love about the original Kindle—the convenience of reading what you want, when you want it, the immediacy of getting a book wirelessly delivered in less than 60 seconds, and Kindle’s ability to “disappear” in your hands so you can get lost in the author’s words. We’re also excited to announce that the Kindle Store has over 230,000 ebooks available.


Meixner Postcards Auction (02/19/2009)

Dear collectors, As of now, our "Auction 90" is available in Internet: 
The "Auction 90" consists of 10,814 items with color images - for sure you'll here some interesting items.
Yours, Franz Meixner

Barbie’s 50th anniversary at the International Collectors Fair, Utrecht, the Netherlands (02/17/2009)

April 18 & 19 the Jaarbeurs Convention Centre in Utrecht will be turned over into the biggest Vintage event in Europe. Divided over 6 halls and 2000 stands thousands of the most diverse collections will be on view and for sale. This event attracts more visitors from all over the world every year. To make it easy to find your way around, the halls are divided into special sections : Antiques, Books, Toys, Music, Glass, Archaeological finds, Art, Design, Fifties etc.

In 2009 Barbie celebrates her 50th birthday. During a holiday in Germany an American visitor Ruth Handler bought her daughter a doll called Bild-Lili . Back home the doll was a big success and Ruth decided to buy the rights and produce the dress-able doll in the States using the name of her daughter Barbara. In 1959 the first Barbie was for sale in the shops. In 1972 producer Mattel was close to bankruptcy, they continued to make dolls for a few more years, but the quality suffered.

Collector Armel Rood will exhibit her most exciting Barbie dolls from the period 1959-1972 including many extras she picked up like books, fan club memorabilia, dresses, a Barbie toy, a car and some of the first Barbie’s ever made.

On more stands you can see a demonstration of at least 20 old and almost forgotten crafts coming to life, like glass melting, mustard making, boat model making, hand knitting and many more. A real opportunity to experience these old techniques and the making of durable and collectable items

The Cruisebrothers club will show at least ten of their famous American cars from the fifties, and as well as the many dealers, there are also lots of special collections on view (and sale) like radio transmitters, Olympic Games memorabilia, old crafts man’s tools, French posters made by Picasso and book print equipment from the 19th and 20th centuries.

International Collectors Fair / VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs April 18 & 19, 2009

More information: 

World Money Fair 2009 - Trade fair unaffected by crisis - by Dr. Ursula Kampmann (02/17/2009)

The daily bad tidings of economic crisis that continue to haunt the world in the media were far from visible at the World Money Fair in Berlin. 12,600 visitors – a slight increase on the previous year’s figures – came to the three-day event at the Estrel Hotel and Convention Center, Berlin.

Here, 270 exhibitors from 40 countries had set up their stall, among them over 50 mints from all five continents. Every single square metre of space that had been approved by the building inspection authorities was filled. All the numerous potential exhibitors on the waiting list could do was to hope in vain that one of the reserved stands would somehow become available to them.

The 270 exhibitors provided something for everyone, from the most recent coinage to classic numismatics. The World Money Fair is more than your “average” coin exchange; it is the largest international money fair in the world. As a result, visitors are not only able to buy coins but also take a peek over the shoulders of “money-makers”. Only Berlin offers this opportunity for visitors to get to know the people who produce our money. Only in Berlin are companies represented which supply the mints with machines. This fair allows visitors to see right inside the world of coin production.

And, they can buy coins as well, of course. Endless queues were again the order of the day at stands where traders were selling the first-edition 2 euro “Saarland” commemorative coin at face value. But business was booming elsewhere, too. One trader noted: “If this is what happens during a financial crisis, I never want it to go away.” Whilst we clearly don’t want to put too much emphasis on this sentiment, several people did comment that the World Money Fair 2009 was the best fair they had ever attended.

The auction held by Fritz Rudolf Künker, a coin trader based in Osnabrueck, a city in the north-west of Germany, underscored this trend.

Some experts in the coin market had expressed fears in the run-up to the fair that prices for high-end coins might drop slightly. Their fears proved to be unfounded. Virtually no other market is as healthy as the coin market! The historically still significant Polish gold ducat which was issued in 1658 to mark the liberation of the city of Torun was sold for 115,000 euros.

The success of the World Money Fair was due to the exceptional organisation and the healthy mix of fair events and exhibitors, as well as to the numerous visitors who understood that, in times of financial crisis, tangible assets are the best investment. They gave exhibitors – and most definitely not just bullion traders – the run-around throughout the weekend but also provided for brisk business.

Behind the scenes, there is unwaning enthusiasm for the World Money Fair among experts and professionals in the field. The Media Forum has long since enjoyed a broad-ranging international presence and is the venue for mints – this year led by Canada as the host country – to present their latest products. The Technikforum, which is only open to people in the trade, meanwhile attracts around 200 visitors! American publisher, Krause Publication, continues to bestow the Coin of the Year Award during the World Money Fair, the most important honour available for modern-day coins.

And let us not forget the social events, the many parties and dinners that took place, headed by the traditional gala dinner which, this year, was held in Charlottenburg Castle. The invitation issued by the World Money Fair and host country Canada was followed by around 200 guests who were entertained and witnessed the presentation of the World Money Fair Award which, this year, went to Carl Buhr, President of the Berufsverband des Münzenfachhandels. The gala dinner was also the venue for announcing who would be host country for the World Money Fair 2010: South Africa was given the honour of being host mint when the World Money Fair, the world’s largest coin fair, once again opens its doors at the Estrel Hotel and Convention Center from 29 to 31 January 2010.

More - German report by Thomas Schmidtkonz

The Insider's Guide to U.S. Coin Values 2009 (01/22/2009)

The Insider’s Guide to U.S. Coin Values is an indispensable reference book for anyone seeking the answer to the age-old question: ‘What’s it worth?’ Novice and expert alike will find it easy to use and packed with valuable information. And unlike other price guides, such as the ‘red book,’ this one truly tells it like it is: Its value listings accurately reflect the real market.” —John Albanese, founder, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation


Bowers Series: A Guide Book of Peace Dollars (01/22/2009)

A Guide Book of Peace Dollars is the 13th entry in Whitman's Bowers Series of numismatic references. It covers every date and mintmark of America's last 90% silver dollar, which began as a commemorative of peace after the tribulations of World War One. The book also studies the mysterious 1964-D Peace Dollar, as well as proofs, patterns, trial pieces, errors and misstrikes, countermarks, die varieties, and famous collections. Full Color, Softcover, 288 Pages, Fully Indexed.


Malta €2 EMU Coins (01/09/2009)

Issue of €2 commemorative coin The Central Bank of Malta will be issuing its first €2 commemorative coin on 5 January 2009. The coin commemorates the 10th anniversary of Economic and Monetary Union. Each euro area country will be issuing a similar coin bearing the same design but with the name of the country and the legend ‘EMU 1999-2009’ shown in the respective language. The Maltese euro coin will have the legend ‘UEM 1999-2009’, where the letters UEM stand for ‘Unjoni Ekonomika u Monetarja’. The deliberately primitive design of the coin symbolizes the euro as the latest step in the long history of trade up to the formation of economic and monetary union. It was created by George Stamatopoulos, a sculptor from the minting department at the Bank of Greece. The coin will be available for sale in rolls of 25 coins each at a price of €57.75 per roll, inclusive of VAT.
Purchases can be made from the counters of the Malta Coin Distribution Centre at the Central Bank of Malta, Pjazza Kastilja, Valletta, as from Monday 5 January 2009. A number of coins will also be issued in normal circulation as from the same date. Further information may be obtained from the Bank on telephone number (+356) 2550 6005


Christ-Stamps Zeppelin, Aviation and specialized Rocket Mail auction (12/23/2008)

Live online on from January 17-19. Auction sale with over 4000 lots. Part 1: specialized Rocket Mail auction sale. Over 500 lots from rocket mail pionieers like Schmiedl, Tilling, Zucker, Roberti, de Bruijn, Smith and other. Many rarities and seldom offered material. Part 2: Zeppelin and Aviation with large selection Zeppelin mail, scarce picture postcards, Vignettes, Memorabilia, Aviation, pioneer mail, documents, photos, literature, DO-X, Catapult mail, glider mail, balloon mail and much more.


Till Neumann - specialized old german states auction on January 10, 2009 in Bremen (12/23/2008)

Specialized sale with highlight transatlantic mail and transit marks from Bremen as well as the sale of one of the most important heligoland collections.


Potsdamer Philatelistisches Buero Auction december 10-11 in Potsdam (12/01/2008)

Excellent selection of German and worldwide material with strong section postal history.


Francois Feldman Auktion Mail auction ending December 11 (12/01/2008)

Auction includes outstanding stamps and postal history of France, the entire French area of philately, and countries throughout the world.


First set of Slovak eurocoins (11/24/2008)

Dear collectors, as we are about to issue a new coin sets soon, we would like to show you the first pictures of the coin sets. The pictures of the first set of Slovak eurocoins. We offer you to see the first pictures of planned first set of Slovak eurocoins 2009 that will be issued and offered for sale in January 2009. Total mintage FDC: 188 000 pcs, mintage proof like: 8 000 pcs; You can reserve the coin set in our reservation form at . The price will be known and announced shortly before issue date.


Interasia Auction on December 6-7, 2008 in Hongkong (11/24/2008)

Stamps & Postal History of China, Hong Kong, and Asian Countries. Including the first part of the of the Beckeman Gold Medal Mongolia collection.


4. Murray Payne Auction - Mail auction on December 4, 2008 (11/24/2008)

Sale of only GB and Commonwealth issues including many rarities.


391. nordphila online auction closing date: Monday, December 8th, 2008 1700 h MEZ (11 a.m. US EAST) (11/24/2008)

Our 391. nordphila stamp auction is online. We present a high-quality offer of 5600 lots from around the world. Virtually all lots are accompanied by high quality color scans. You will find a special offer of:

German States, rare Zeppelin Mail, German Colonies and MSP, German Occupation Issues with unique stamps, Local stamps, Allied Occupation of Germany, France, Latavia, Austria with Lombardei, etc. Europe and Oversee with rare Fieldpost and Airmail, old postcards, as well as large lots and collections. Use our search engine for the auction. Here it is easy to find what you are looking for in the auction lots, as an alternative to using the traditional specified lists available. It is now possible to search the auction by topics, whether or not they are mentioned in the descriptions. View the sale and place bids online through our secure server. The entire sale can be now viewed on our website:


David Feldman SA Announces Auction of the "LUXUS" Collection of Italian States (11/24/2008)

"When only the Best of the Best is Sufficient"

For those for whom only the most stringent standards of quality, centring and condition apply, for those who have wondered where many of the finest stamps and covers of the Italian States have been, for those who wish to set a new high standard in collecting, David Feldman SA is proud to present the "LUXUS" collection of the Italian States.

Every lot has been graded at least "very fine" but nearly all lots have merited a grade of "Superb" - or higher! Whereas the USA market is nearly completely dominated by the pursuit of condition, with superb stamps bringing astronomic multiples of nominal catalogue values, nothing like it has yet been seen for European material, where stamps of the highest quality usually bring arithmetic rather than geometric premiums for condition.

Therefore, though we anticipate that many of the lots will bring well in excess of catalogue value, we also suggest that these prices, in hindsight after a few years, will seem inexpensive as the rest of the world comes to appreciate the absolute rarity of the finest possible condition, and will begin to pay the premium required to obtain it.

The "LUXUS" collection was formed over several decades, with purchases from public auctions and select private dealers, and consists of the finest available condition. Single stamps often show parts of their neighbors, or are "miniature blocks of nine." Covers are exceptionally attractive, with well-margined multicolur frankings, exquisite cancels, fresh colours and important usages.

Rarity as well as condition is also a factor: the unique "4 Crazie" of Tuscany with inverted value tablet (comparable to the One Cent British Guiana or the Sweden 3 Skilling Yellow error) is among the "LUXUS" lots - as are many other great rarities of the Italian States, e.g. the 3 Lire of Tuscany, all in the finest available condition.

David Feldman SA will present the "LUXUS" collection over the next several years. For catalogues, please write to us or request them from our web site,  as they become available.

The next David Feldman SA auctions will take place April 28 - May 2, 2009 and consignments will be accepted until mid-January.


US Presidents on Stamps  (11/04/2008)

The United States were ruled by 43 presidents since 1789. The first US stamp 1847 pictured Benjamin Franklin. The second stamp of this first US stamp set pictured George Washington. Since this time a lot of US stamps with presidents were issued. So it's time to present a list of all US presidents who are pictured on stamps of the United States.

Here you will find the list of these stamps with presidents

My Collectibles (10/17/2008)

Hi Friends, I would like to draw attention of all collectors to my new website for selling all collectibles: 
Kindest Regards, AHMED


Gold Coins - Overview, Information and News about the Collecting of  Gold Collector Coins and Gold Bullion Coins (10/10/2008)

While collector gold coins are primarily collected for their numismatic value, gold bullion coins today derive their value from the gold content. They are viewed by  investors as a "hedge" against inflation and falling stocks and other crises like market turmoils.

So collectors and investors appreciate  them as a safe store of value.

At this new page of you will find information, links and actual news about gold coins.

More about gold coins

Gold coins and gold bullion at sorted by countries and other topics (10/10/2008)

Many people are looking in the moment for gold because they are viewed by investors as a "hedge" against inflation or a store of value.
You can find a lot of gold coins which derive their value from the metal (gold) content and / or their numismatic at For your help:
This new list shows gold coins and gold bullion lots which are offered in the moment at sorted by countries and other topics.

Gold Double Eagle


Christ-Stamps specialized Rocket Mail auction (09/25/2008)

Christ-Stamps specialized Rocket Mail auction on january 17, 2009 live online on Over 500 lots from rocket mail pionieers like Schmiedl, Tilling, Zucker, Roberti, de Bruijn, Smith and other. Many rarities and seldom offered material.


Rapp Auction – Switzerland and Entire World (09/25/2008)

Our international stamp auction, which will be held from 24 to 27 November 2008 in the exquisite ambience of our Wil premises, again will be a major event in the international stamp trade. To our worldwide clientele we will be presenting an unrivaled range of world rarities in exceptional quality. Discerning collectors, professional dealers and ambitious investors all will appreciate our impressively rich offer of selected single lots. In addition, hundreds of original, sometimes specialized collections, award-winning exhibits and untouched investment holdings, which will be offered fully intact, are sure to draw clients from many different countries to Wil. You are cordially invited to participate in our auction with an interesting consignment. Deadline for consignments will be October 15, 2008. Please see our travel schedule for the next few weeks.


Mint Kremnica issued the 3rd set of Slovak coins 2008 (08/28/2008)

Mint Kremnica issued the 3rd set of Slovak coins 2008 with the motif "Famous persons of Slovak music - 100th birth anniversary of Eugen Suchon". This unique coin set includes five Slovak circulation coins and a token with the motif of 100th birth anniversary of Eugen Suchon - a famous Slovak composer and pedagogue. Part of the coin set is also a special gift - exclusive CD containing the most famous musical works of the author. Mintage: 3000 pcs. Price: 15 EUR

Available at 

Slovak eurocoins in 2009 (08/12/2008)

Dear collectors, we would like to inform you that detailed information about planned Slovak commemorative and collectors eurocoins as well as coin sets that will be issued in 2009, are displayed at 
Additionally, we also enabled an on line reservation of these coins and coin sets. The reservation is available only until the end of August, therefore if you are interested in Slovak eurocoins please fill in the reservation in a mentioned time period at 
Finally, we would like to inform you that the prices of coins are not known yet, therefore we are not able to provide you exact information.
Marketing department -- Mincovna Kremnica, s.p.

Christ-Stamps Zeppelin and Aviation live auction sale^on August 3 at 2000 MET live on (07/31/2008)

Over 250 auction lots icluding Zeppelin mail, airmail, first flights, picture postcards, Sanke cards, poster stamps, Catapult mail, ballooning, Concorde and much more.

Here you can view all auction lots at

Regency-Superior Auctions Public Auction #68 DATE: August 15-17, 2008 (06/18/2008)

The complete Auction is available on our website for viewing and bidding at: 
This auction features over 3,200 lots of better USA, British and Worldwide singles, sets, covers, collections and box lots. There is a large selection of USA Classic Stamps, Modern Errors, Revenues, and more.





New York, NY, May 8, 2008 -- Sotheby’s series of Impressionist and Modern Art sales this week brought a total of $272,579,150, well above the low estimate of $244.5 million*. The evening sale achieved $235,333,000 and was highlighted by Fernand Léger’s Cubist masterpiece, Étude pour La Femme en Bleu, which sold for $39,241,000, a record for the artist at auction. The Impressionist and Modern Art Day sale brought a total of $37,246,150**.


3rd Philately Arbeiter auction sale on june 20-21 in Bamberg (05/21/2008)

Christian Arbeiter's third auction sale offers a large selection of interesting material from Germany, Europe and overseas. Well worth to mention is a large selection of lots from PR-China, Asis, Scandinavia and Russia as well as epreuve de luxe from french territorries. Bid live and in real time.


2nd Schlegel stamp auction sale on June 5-7 in Berlin (05/21/2008)

Extensive offer of national and international rarities will be sold. Included are special sections Switzerland, Liechtenstein, colonies, old German states including varieties, bizone with overprint rarities and much more.


Australian Art: SOTHEBY’S SELL’S CARRICK FOX FOR $1.008MILLION (04/22/2008)

Sydney, April 22, 2008 – “Remarkable results were witnessed this evening at Sotheby’s, when every major lot leapt above estimate and records were established for a number of Australia’s most famous artists.

Our clients continue to compete for rare and important Australian works of art.“ said Georgina Pemberton, Head of Australian Paintings and one of the auctioneer’s of tonight’s auction. “Five artist records were established this evening including $1,008,000 Ethel Carrick Fox’s Market, Under Trees, more than doubling the artist’s existing record. This sale reaffirms the experience of our offices world wide - the top end of the art market continues to be bullish and confident. Our focus will continue to be upon presenting the best art available for auction, at the high end of the market as we continue into 2008.”

The sale also featured three masterpieces by Ian Fairweather, including Beach at Manicahan which sold for $960,000 (est: $400,000-600,000), breaking the previous record of $840,000.

One of the few works to survive Fairweather’s Philippines sojourn of 1937-38 it was first purchased by Bruce Benjamin and has remained with the same family until now.

Highlighting the 15 works included in this evenings sale from the Multiplex Collection, which brought $856,000 (est.: $686,000-1,032,000), was Sidney Nolan’s Bird which sold for $210,000 (est.: $150,000-250,000). This group of paintings from the 1950s and 60s was a tribute to the taste of the late John Roberts and the proceeds will be used to purchase works from young West Australian artists. Two Grace Cossington Smith’s galvanized the room into action, both selling for more than double their low estimates. Waratah sold for $33,600 (est.: $14,000-18,000) and Flannel Flowers and Gum Leaves sold for $31,200 (est.: $14,000-18,000).

A further highlight was Charles Blackman’s Triptych which sold for $384,000 (est.: $180,000-250,000) and is one of the artist’s most impressive and beautiful 1960s paintings, and was believed to have been lost until now.


The most expensive and valuabe coins at the online auction sorted by countries (04/22/2008)

In a new page of you find a list of the most valuable and most expensive coinswhich are offered in the moment at sorted by countries.

Most expensive coins at sorted by countries

The most expensive and valuabe stamps at the online auction sorted by countries (04/11/2008)

In a new page of you find a list of the most valuable and most expensive postage stamps lots which are offered in the moment at sorted by countries.

Valuable stamps

Most expensive and valuabe stamps at the online auction sorted by countries

The most expensive and famous postage stamps of Switzerland (04/11/2008)

In a new page of you find a list of the most famous and most expensive postage stamps of Switzerland.

Expensive Swiss Stamps

The most expensive and famous postage stamps of Switzerland

David Feldman Spring Auctions, April 1-5, 2008, Feature Great Results for Rarities (04/10/2008)

Reflecting the continuing strong market for rare stamps and postal history, and with dealers and exhibitors looking towards the major international exhibitions coming up, culminating with London 2010, our latest series of auctions, held April 1-5, 2008, totalled nearly 10 million Euro, averaging 30% over the estimates and with a very high percentage of lots sold.

The semi-annual auction of Rarities of the World & Important Collections included four great world rarities. The first on offer was the British Guiana 1851 "Cotton Reel" issue "2 cents" error on pale blue paper, on a cover formerly in the Burrus Collection. It opened at 360'000 Euro and sold for 597'500 Euro to a telephone bidder. Soon after, the only known unused example of the Baden 9 kreuzer error of colour on blue-green paper, with nearly full original gum, brought 1'314'500 Euro, far eclipsing its previous results in 1991 and 1997 auctions.

The next lot was the newly-discovered cover with the largest known franking of the 1850 1 schilling first issue of Schleswig-Holstein (two strips of three), used from Ploen; it sold for 478'000 Euro in its maiden appearance at public auction, while the famous "Trondheim" block of 39 of Norway's first issue brought 1'434'000 Euro. When people inquired about the identity of the buyers for some of these items, Feldman philatelist Anders Thorell said, "There is a confidentiality issue inherent in our business, however we can state that the buyer represents a foreign company presently acquiring great world philatelic rarities."

Other lots among the Rarities included an important Canada collection offered in several lots, starting with a mint 1851 12d Black with sheet margin that realised 155'350 Euro, while the rest brought an aggregate of 133'840 Euro against upper estimates totalling 51'000 Euro. A collection of United States formed in Europe, estimated for a minimum of about 75'000 Euro spread over 12 lots, was sold for 168'973 Euro to several different buyers who competed intensely for every lot. Also on offer were a Romania 1862 6 parale single franking on newspaper wrapper, estimated for 6'000 to 9'000 Euro, which soared from an opening bid of 8'000 to a final result of 31'000 Euro in a long struggle among several bidders.

Our offer of the second part of the "Kristall" Estate of Sweden saw the famous cover franked by a block and a single of the 1855 4 skilling value open for 95'000 Euro and conclude at 227'000 Euro - typical of the strong realisations throughout the auction. For example, an imperforate set of blocks of the 1874 Officials, estimated at 10'000 Euro, brought 26'290 Euro.

Among the Europe and Colonies lots on offer, a section of France drew much interest and excellent results for covers with uncommon frankings or to unusual destinations, with results often reaching multiples of estimates. Overseas lots included strong coverage of a large Egypt section, while Persia rarities and inverted centres brought excellent results.

British area lots, and particularly Great Britain proper, were offered in profusion. A session which included several hundred "Penny Blacks" in high quality drew intense bidding from the room as well as from those bidding via the internet, with lot after lot soaring to levels well above estimate. For example, a block of four of the 1d "Rainbow Trials," estimated at 5'000 Euro, brought 14'340 Euro - and this result was typical of the realisations throughout the session, with some "Penny Blacks" bringing 360 to 420 Euro each, and one from plate 11, matched with a "Penny Red" from the same plate and position, bringing 3’107 Euro.

Collections, lots and estates, offered in a separate group of sessions as well as being included in the Sweden and Rarities auctions, again proved that no matter the area, the degree of specialisation or the mixture of contents, there is very strong demand when aspirations for both quality and rarity are met.

Bidders watching and participating via the internet were more important than ever, and many had taken advantage of the extensive scans of large lots the company had posted allowing collectors to view every item in a large lot in full size and colour. Managing Director Marcus Orsi estimated that the internet added at least 35% to the total realisation, and stated, "This has been one of our most successful auction series, and demonstrates our ability to generate strong results for every area of philately and for every kind of lot, from a modest accumulation to a world-class rarity. Our company continues its tradition of leadership in the auction business for world-wide stamps, covers, and collections, and our results prove it, time after time."

The catalogues and prices realised can be seen on the our web site, The next scheduled David Feldman auction will be held October 2-6, 2008 and will close by the middle of July. David Feldman SA is known for its tradition of innovation, friendly and knowledgeable staff and flexible arrangements with vendors - all of which contribute to strong results in the auctions held twice a year. For more information, visit our web site, 

DAVID FELDMAN SA Tel: + 41 (22) 727 0777 Fax: + 41 (22) 727 0778 E-mail:  Site:

Collecta in Lubljana has successfully come to an end! (04/03/2008)

Collecta has successfully come to an end!

The International Collectors Fair Collecta that took place from 28 to 30 March 2008 at Gospodarsko razstavišče in Ljubljana has come to an end. In three days more than 10,000 visitors have come to admire the collections of 153 collectors and traders from 20 European countries.

On the first day we have taken the press and the visitors on the guided tour of the thematic exhibition Slovenika where the selected exhibits were exposed. The exhibition was prepared in collaboration with numerous experts from various fields. The tinplate containers dating from before the Second World War that were made by well-known and reputable Slovenian artists, Slovenian devotional pictures, and three-dimensional greeting cards were quite popular. However, most of the visitors were fascinated by the interesting and unusual collections built by Tone Simončič. He exhibited part of his collection of banana labels, cigar bands, sugar bags, stamps with crystals, Gibraltar sand and laces, and much more.

Mag. Bojan Bračič from the Filatelistična zveza Slovenije (Slovenian Philatelic Association) has presented all the Slovenian stamps through the exhibits, Miran Trontelj from the Numizmatična zveza Slovenije (Slovenian Numismatic Society) has put on display moneyboxes and coins with animal motifs. Zmago Tančič and Miloš Mikolič have presented the city of Ljubljana in the period of the First World War through postcards, Rok Glavan from the antique shop Antikvariat Glavan has remembered the 500th anniversary of Primož Trubar’s birth with their collection.

What is more, phone cards with the motifs of Slovenian castles and a number of military objects, the most popular among which were the combat badges used to award the direct contact with the enemy, were put on display.

Miocene crab fossils from Tunjiško gričevje near Kamnik, fish fossils from various Slovene sites, flint, illustrations of Slovene minerals by illustrator Marija Nabernik, and the minerals from the Idrija Mercury Mine and the Lead and Zinc Mine of Mežica have occupied a special place in the framework of the thematic exhibition Slovenika.

The sales area and the exhibition spaces have offered numerous collections of banknotes and coins, stamps, postcards, medals, comics, matchboxes, Pez and Kinder sweets figurines, great examples of fluorite, Chinese minerals, fossils, jewels, antiques and other valuable material. Besides the exhibitors there were also shops which offered equipment for collectors. The traders with gold and silver put on display a 10-kilogram silver coin from the Austrian Mint. Visitors were able to admire for the first time the Silver Vienna Philharmonics made of pure silver that have joined the world-famous Gold Vienna Philharmonics which are best-sellers in Slovenia.

On Saturday we have organized two interesting lectures. Philatelists interested in competition exhibiting could enjoy the lecture Philatelic Stories by mag. Bojan Bračič, while jewels and antiques enthusiasts listened to gemmologist dr. Miha Jeršek, who gave a lecture on jewels in antiques and how to recognize them.

This year’s edition was extremely successful, judging by both the number of visitors, collectors and traders, which has doubled from last year.


LONDON, FEBRUARY 27th, 2008 – Sotheby’s Evening Sale of Contemporary Art achieved £95,030,000 (03/08/2008)

LONDON, FEBRUARY 27th, 2008 – Sotheby’s Evening Sale of Contemporary Art achieved £95,030,000 ($189,424,299), the highest total ever for any sale of Contemporary Art held in Europe, against a pre-sale estimate of £72,025,000-£102,855,000. Records were set for six artists.

Francis Outred, Head of Evening Auctions, Contemporary Art, said: “We are absolutely thrilled with tonight’s total – the highest ever for a sale of Contemporary Art in Europe and indeed the second highest total for any auction held by Sotheby’s in Europe, a record established just three weeks ago. The continued strength of the market allowed us to source a group of works which included a number of masterpieces, and our clients responded with appropriate enthusiasm. Pre-sale interest was extremely high and our exhibition was attended by collectors from around the world. We saw frenetic bidding for both figural and abstract works by Gerhard Richter and achieved a triumph for the work of Lucio Fontana – a European abstract artist finally entering the big league.”

Coming so soon after the success of The (RED) Auction at Sotheby’s New York on 14th February 2008, which totalled $42 million, tonight’s record results further demonstrate the appetite for great works of art in today’s market.

The top lot in tonight’s sale was Francis Bacon’s Study of Nude with Figure in a Mirror, 1969, a rare full-length portrait of the artist’s close friend Henrietta Moraes, which achieved £19,956,500 ($39,779,291) selling to a European private collector bidding on the telephone. This remarkable price follows last year’s record $52,680,000 (£26,581,895) for the artist at auction, achieved for Study From Innocent X at Sotheby’s New York in May 2007.

The saleroom broke into applause when Gerhard Richter’s sublime Photo Painting Kerze (Candle), from 1983, sold for the spectacular price of £7,972,500 ($15,891,584) – more than three times its presale high estimate of £2,500,000.

This remarkable price came after eleven bidders competed for the work. The result immediately followed another success for the artist, when Struktur (1979) achieved £4,612,500 ($9,194,096), after pursuit by eight bidders and gasps from the audience.

A work widely regarded as one of Lucio Fontana’s masterpieces, Concetto Spaziale, La Fine di Dio dating from 1963, achieved a record £10,324,500 ($20,579,826) for a work by the artist at auction. The result was significantly in excess of its pre-sale low-estimate of £4,000,000. The egg-shaped canvas was one of only two gold works in this series. Pursued by five bidders, its price saw the saleroom once again erupt into applause. The phenomenal result saw Fontana become the second European Post War artist, after Francis Bacon, to break the £10 million barrier at auction.

Three Self Portraits (1986) by Andy Warhol achieved £11,444,500 ($22,812,322). This rare trinity of canvases in the colours of the American flag, came from the artist’s only ever exhibition devoted to selfportraits, held at the Anthony d’Offay Gallery, London in 1986. In tonight's sale, Chinese Contemporary Art of the highest quality by some of the most important artists living and working in China today, achieved a total of £5,978,700 ($11,917,343).

Zhang Xiaogang’s Big Family No. 1, executed in 2001 - by far the largest work by the artist to come to auction to date and the culmination of the artist’s ‘Bloodlines’ series - was the top selling lot of the section, selling for £1,700,500 ($3,389,607) against an estimate of £1,500,000-2,000,000.

Other works in the section that also performed well include Comrades by Zhang Xiaogang, which commanded £1,140,500 ($2,273,359), Yan Pei-Ming's Silver Bruce Lee - the first image of the Kung Fu icon ever to appear at auction - which brought £692,500 ($1,380,360) and Fools in the Night by Yue Minjun, which sold for £916,500 ($1,826,859).

New dealers join MA-SHOPS and expand its extensive offering (02/15/2008)

New dealers join MA-SHOPS and expand its extensive offering Classical Numismatic Group (CNG) offers antique rarities
MA-SHOPS recently expanded their range of offerings. Last week the well-known specialist in the the fields of ancient, medieval and British numismatics, the “Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.” (CNG) joined the shop platform.

In the new "CNG MA-SHOP" coin collectors of antique coins and medals get their money worth. In the selection of about 650 different offerings, lots of true treasures are waiting for the friends of numismatics. Among the top offers which you can now find at MA-SHOPS is for example an extremely rare Greek AR Stater from the ancient Boeotia dated around 440 to 425 BC. Another very rare and outstanding piece is the Roman Imperial Solidus (AD 455-456) of the Western Roman Emperor Avitus. Besides the ancient Greek and Roman rarities CNG offers many interesting items from the early Middle Ages and the Migration Period. Particularly remarkeble is a very valuable follis showing the countenance of Ostrogoths King Theodahad (about 534 to 536 AD). This extremely rare coin is one of only four known (the second is in Berlin, and the third and fourth are in St. Petersburg), and the only one currently in private hands.

In addition to CNG the Swedish Coin-Dealer Wallin Mynt, Philippe Saive from France, the Darmstaedter Münzhandlung e.K. and the dealer Dirk Loebbers also joined MA-SHOPS.
About 100 dealers offer 150,000 coins, medals, bank notes and orders under
The site is updated every hour and with a single search form customers can look through the whole offerings of each participating shop. Especially for regular customers a newly integrated function is a longed for feature: With one click only, you are able to limit the range of search results to new entries from the last 3, 7 or 14 days. By this the customers can focus on the latest update and easily discover interesting items for their own collection.

Info & Contact:
MA-SHOPS - Schwiening
Kurfürstenstraße 38
46399 Bocholt Germany 
Tel: (+49) 02871 / 2393 - 415 Fax.: (+49) 02871 / 2393 - 414


Coin of the Year at the World Money Fair in Berlin (02/05/2008)

Press Release by Maggie Pahl

Canada’s destiny was in the stars as it won the 2008 Coin of the Year Award sponsored by World Coin News, a monthly periodical dedicated to collectors of world coins.

A four-piece set of $50 palladium coins showing the Big Bear and Little Bear constellations in changing seasonal positions was voted the winner in the second round of balloting by an international panel of judges. They are KM-672-675 in the Standard Catalog of World Coins identification system.

This year for the first time a People’s Choice Award was selected by more than 100,000 coin enthusiasts worldwide, who voted online at The award goes to the Hungarian Mint for its copper-nickel 50-forint that commemorates the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian revolution. It is KM-789.

“The COTY award recognizes the artistic and historic significance of coins worldwide,“ said David C. Harper, editor of World Coin News. “Each coin honored tells a unique story that will be shared for generations to come.”

COTY Canada: Royal Canadian Mint president Ian Bennett (right) accepts the award for Most Innovative Coinage Concept. World Coin News editor Dave Harper (left) serves as master of ceremonies.

Harper also noted the involvement of coin enthusiasts who were asked to vote for the first People’s Choice Award.

“We saw a lot of national pride exhibited as the votes came in,” Harper said.

The 2008 Coin of the Year award program recognizes coins dated from the year 2006.

It also honors a winning coin in each of 10 subsidiary classes. Where the United States shone was in the Most Historically Significant category where a commemorative silver dollar depicting Benjamin Franklin as an old diplomat and struck to mark the 300th anniversary of his birth, won the vote. It is cataloged as KM-388.

The U.S. Mint also topped two other categories with the Nevada state quarter, KM-382, showing galloping mustangs, the wild horses of the area. The copper-nickel coin was named by the judges to be the Best Trade coin, meaning that it circulates, and Most Popular, which often boils down to sheer mintage numbers.

Canada’s winning entry for the COTY also won in the Most Innovative Coin category.
A tie in the Most Inspirational category gave the Royal Canadian Mint its other honor with its silver $5 coin with a colorized pink ribbon called “Imagining a World without Breast Cancer,” KM-658.
Finland joined in the tie with a Nordic gold 5-euro coin, KM-123, that celebrates the 150th anniversary of the demilitarization of Aland Island.
Austria maintains its competitive run with a successful category winner in Best Gold. The 100-euro coin, KM-3136, depicts the Vienna River Gate.

The Best Silver Coin honor was taken by Japan for its commemorative marking the 50th anniversary of the country being admitted as a full voting member of the United Nations. The colorized silver coin has a denomination of 1,000 yen. It is cataloged as Y-138.

France triumphed in the Best Crown field with a gold 10-euro commemorating author Jules Verne’s “Five Weeks in a Balloon.” The coin, KM-1450, marks the 100th anniversary of the death of the popular writer.

Latvia’s fight for freedom from the Russian state in 1918 is the theme of the winning silver 1 lats coin, KM-82, that took the top spot in the Best Contemporary Event category. This covers events of the past 99 years.

Most Artistic honors went to Denmark and its 10 kroner commemorating Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen.” The aluminum-bronze coin is KM-903.

With the advent of the People’s Choice Award, these 10 coins and an additional five were put online at for voting. The extra five coins, which registered well in the judges’ voting but did not win their categories, are a silver 15,000-kip coin of Laos called the Laos Mazu, the goddess of safe sea travel, KM-98; Australia’s silver $1 coin showing “Australia on the Map,” KM-839; Hungary’s copper-nickel 50-forint marking the 50th anniversary of the 1956 uprising, KM-789; Poland’s silver 20 zlotych, Y-533, which shows a multicolored holographic spider web; and Germany’s Schleswig-Holstein 2 euro, KM-253.

The awards were presented Saturday, Feb. 2, during a ceremony at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany.

About Krause Publications

Krause Publications, based in Iola, Wis., is the world’s largest publisher of leisure-time periodicals and books on collectibles, sewing and quilting, hunting, and fishing. Chet Krause, a long-time collector of coins, published the first issue of Numismatic News on Oct. 13, 1952, with nearly 1,000 readers. Today, Krause Publications, owned by F+W Publications, offers over 40 periodicals, 10 hobby shows, 750 reference and how-to books, and web properties such as, the online coin price database. F+W Publications, and ARBY Partners, LLC Company, also operates book clubs, conferences, trade shows, interactive media and education programs.

Christ-Stamps Zeppelin and aviation specialized auction sale - Live online auction sale on March 1-2, 2008  (01/18/2008)

Over 3100 lots. Including specialized section Zeppelin mail, airship postcards and memorabilia (inclduding section. dining in the airship). The aviaition section includes a large selection of airmail covers, postcard and photos from the pioneer days, first flights, DO-X, Catapult mail, rocket mail, glider mail, balloon mail and much more.


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