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Information and news for collectors of arts, pictures, paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings. With values of arts.


Old Oil Painting




It is a very interesting hobby to collect paintings, prints, sculptures and other arts.
Here you will find an overview of interesting links about art in the Internet and you can publish your own question or message about art.

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What to Consider when Collecting Art

When collecting art, there are several important factors to consider. Here are some key considerations for art collectors:

  • Personal Taste and Connection: Collect art that resonates with you on a personal level. Your collection should reflect your individual taste, preferences, and emotional connection to the artworks. Explore different genres, styles, and mediums to discover what truly speaks to you.

  • Research and Knowledge: Educate yourself about art history, different art movements, notable artists, and the art market. Attend art exhibitions, visit museums, read books, and engage with the art community to expand your knowledge. Research the artists you're interested in and understand their artistic journey, influences, and significance within the art world.

  • Authenticity and Provenance: Ensure the authenticity of the artworks you collect. Research and verify the authenticity of the artist's signature, certificates of authenticity, and any supporting documentation. Additionally, consider the provenance, which refers to the history of ownership and exhibition of the artwork. A strong provenance can enhance the value and desirability of the artwork.

  • Condition and Conservation: Assess the condition of the artwork before acquiring it. Minor wear is common in older pieces, but extensive damage can significantly impact value. Consult with art conservators or experts if necessary to evaluate the condition and potential restoration needs of the artwork. Proper conservation and maintenance are crucial to preserving the artwork's integrity and value.

  • Artist Reputation and Market Demand: Consider the reputation and recognition of the artist within the art world. Artists with established careers, critical acclaim, and a strong market demand generally have higher values. Stay informed about current trends and market dynamics to make informed decisions about which artists to collect.

  • Investment Potential and Long-Term Value: While collecting art should primarily be driven by personal enjoyment, it's worth considering the investment potential and long-term value of artworks. Research the performance of artists in the art market, consult with art advisors or dealers, and monitor auction results to assess the potential for appreciation over time.

  • Budget and Authenticity: Establish a budget for your art collecting endeavors and be mindful of your financial limitations. Allocate resources for art purchases, framing, insurance, and any additional costs associated with collecting. Prioritize authenticity and quality over quantity, focusing on acquiring fewer high-quality pieces rather than numerous lower-quality works.

  • Building Relationships and Expert Advice: Engage with galleries, art dealers, and other collectors to build relationships within the art community. Seek expert advice when necessary, whether from art consultants, appraisers, or curators. Networking with knowledgeable individuals can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout your collecting journey.


Remember, collecting art is a personal and subjective pursuit. Enjoy the process of discovering and acquiring artworks that inspire and enrich your life. It's a lifelong journey of learning, appreciation, and aesthetic fulfillment.

Particularly Valuable Art for Collectors

The world of art collecting is vast and diverse, encompassing a wide range of styles, artists, and periods. The value of art is influenced by factors such as the artist's reputation, historical significance, provenance, condition, and current market trends.

Here are some categories of art that are often particularly valuable for collectors:

Old Masters: Artworks from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, created by masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Michelangelo, are highly sought after and can command astronomical prices at auction.

Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Art: Works by artists such as Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and Paul Cézanne are considered cornerstones of modern art and are immensely valuable.

Claude Monet: Impression, soleil levant, 1872, Musée Marmottan, Paris

Claude Monet: Impression, soleil levant, 1872, Musée Marmottan, Paris

Modern and Contemporary Art: Art from the 20th and 21st centuries features a wide range of styles, including Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Conceptual Art. Works by artists like Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat are highly collectible.

Renaissance and Baroque Sculpture: Sculptures from the Renaissance and Baroque eras, including pieces by Michelangelo and Gian Lorenzo Bernini, are valued for their artistic mastery and historical significance.

Chinese and Asian Art: Chinese ceramics, porcelain, jade carvings, and classical paintings have a dedicated global following. Rare and exquisite pieces from imperial dynasties can be incredibly valuable.

African and Oceanic Art: Tribal art and artifacts from Africa and the Pacific Islands are highly collectible. Masks, sculptures, and ritual objects are valued for their cultural and aesthetic significance.

Islamic Art and Manuscripts: Islamic art, including calligraphy, ceramics, textiles, and manuscripts, is esteemed for its intricate designs and cultural importance.

American Art: Works by American artists like Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Edward Hopper have gained prominence in the art market and are valuable to collectors.

Latin American Art: Latin American artists like Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Fernando Botero have attracted significant attention from collectors in recent years.

Photography: Fine art photography by renowned photographers like Ansel Adams, Cindy Sherman, and Andreas Gursky is collectible, with limited edition prints often commanding high prices.

Contemporary Art Installations: Large-scale contemporary art installations and immersive artworks by artists like Olafur Eliasson and Yayoi Kusama have gained popularity and value.

Street Art and Graffiti: Street art and graffiti, particularly works by artists like Banksy, have transitioned from urban walls to galleries and collectors' homes, with some pieces selling for substantial sums.

Ceramics and Pottery: Studio ceramics and pottery by renowned artists like Peter Voulkos and Lucie Rie are appreciated for their craftsmanship and artistic expression.

Antiquities: Ancient artifacts and antiquities from civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome are prized for their historical significance and rarity.

Artifacts from Famous Figures: Personal artifacts, letters, and memorabilia associated with famous historical figures, artists, or cultural icons can be valuable collectibles.


Art collecting is a nuanced and evolving field, and the value of artworks can fluctuate based on various factors. It's essential for collectors to conduct thorough research, consult experts, and keep abreast of market trends to make informed decisions when building their collections. Additionally, collecting should be driven by a genuine passion for art and a desire to appreciate and preserve cultural heritage.


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Framed Prints - Value? (04/10/2017)

I found two “older” frames prints. On the back of the frame is a label from your company and it reads as follows: 1966 Old Woman of Capri, and another 1966 Old Man of Capri. Are these worth anything, what can I do with them? I appreciate your anticipated attention to this matter.
Thank you. Kim


Who is the Painter of this Painting? (01/13/2017)

I need help . I bought this painting with real state and I don't know the author or aproxemitly value of this painting. Painted ares is 40" x 30" but overall size is 50" x 40". I attaching a photos of painting and signature, Thanks for any help. Robert


Water color painting by FrankNevill - Value? (10/12/2016)

I have a water color painting by FrankNevill . On the back Of the painting it says VILAS-MAGES CO. CHICAGO. 2710. H. 1260 ROMAN BRIDGE. Any infrmation would be appreciated. Elizabeth Burcio


Painting (10/12/2016)

Would you be able to provide me with any information on the attached picture that I recently found in our families archives? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Esther McCarthy


Old canvas painting - what was the name of the artist? (03/30/2016)

Where could I try to get information about a painting that is said to be from Germany and given to us as the 3rd generation? I'll attach a few pictures showing the artists signature in the lower left corner. Thanks for any help that you could provide, Doyle


Painting - who is the artist? (07/06/2015)

I have a painting, which I think is by a German artist from the 1920s`. Oil on cardboard, roughly 50x50cm. It is unsigned, but probably by an accomplished artist. I also think it's what is regarded as "Lost Art", but could not find it on the German database. I was wondering whether you would be able to help me regarding the artist - who it is. Your help would be much appreciated. Sincerely yours, Sagi Cooper Rosh Ha'ayin Israel


Unknown German or Austrian Artist (06/05/2015)

Hello, my name is Lubos Jancek, I am from Slovakia. I have the old etching signed by unknown German or Austrina artist. Can you help me with his identification? Photos of etching and signature are attached.
Thank you very much Lubos Jancek


Japanese Paintings - Value? (01/30/2015)

Could you please tell me if any of these are familiar?
Many thanks Rhonda radcliffe


Unknown Painting of Harlekin by Becker (12/30/2014)

Any info on this I would love to know thanks


American political caricatures - Values? (12/10/2014)

Hi, I have about 250 original American political caricatures which were published in the 40-ies 50-ies 60-ies and 70-ties from Senich, Ed, Bill Crawford, Draper Hill and many others. I would like to sell them. Could you give me some advice, which is the best way to realize this?
Best regards Gabriel Hoffmann


A. Curtis Painting (07/21/2014)

I have this painting the person that sign this is A. Curtis do you know anything about him?


Oil painting by Mariam Sommurt (07/21/2014)

I have an original oil painting by Mariam Sommurt or something like that. Found him years ago but now I can't goggle him. The painting is of a woman in a green dress sitting/reading. I recall that he was an apprentice to a more recognized artist. When I goggled most everything came up in German I believe. I saw his work one that looked like mine and another similar woman. I think there was also a picture of the outdoors with a building or something. I would like to sell the painting and was thinking there would be more of a market in Europe but I can't seem to get back on that website. It took me forever to get the name and now I wonder if I am misspelling it? Spellcheck always spelled for me before. Where is spellcheck now? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Oil Painting by Aileen Hamilton of Barbados and "Samy" - Value? (07/02/2014)

Hi, I have an original oil by Aileen Hamilton of Barbados, purchased sometime in 1960’s by my mom. I have info on her being one of the pioneers of artists in Barbados, but have no idea what this painting is worth. Also, I have passed down from my mom, a painting signed by “Samy”, that I know nothing about. I know it is also from the Caribbean but don’t know what island. Jamacia ? Haiti?, they traveled all over. Can you tell me where this one is from, a little about SAMY and it’s worth?
Thanks so much.


Value and Information about a Colazzi Painting? (12/11/2012)

im just curious if you know anything about this painting


Value of painting on canvas by W. Richter? (07/18/2012)

I have painting on canvas by W. Richter it is the one with the sail boats think it is original trying to find its value and where to sell it. I am near Dodge City, Kansas my phone number is 785 466 1067 any info you could give me would be appreciated very much also have other paintings. Thanks Marion Word


W. Richter art do you have any info? (05/30/2012)

W. Richter art do you have any info?


Values of J. Collazzi Oil Paintings? (05/23/2012)

I have come to own 2 - 8" X 10" J. Collazzi oil paintings. I am attaching the photos of one for review. Because of the age of these paintings, there is some damage to the paint in the trees. I have taken pictures of the areas where the damage seems to be the most severe. If you know anything of the value of these paintings, would you please let me know? In an effort to keep from confusing the issue, I have only sent the group of photos of the first painting. Thank you, Beth Byce South Carolina


Joseph Collazzi painting of an Italian streetway (10/07/2011)

Good afternoon, I have a Joseph Collazzi painting of an Italian streetway (I can send you a picture of it tomorrow). I have been trying to find out more information about the artist and today I found out that the artist always signs on the bottom left of his paintings BUT my painting is signed on the bottom right. The painting is framed and approximately 8.5" x 11". I was wondering what my painting was worth but I guess it would be better if I were to send you a picture of it first. If you could give me a guestimate that would be great if not I will wait until tomorrow after you have seen a picture of the painting. Also, if there are any art appraisers in the midtown NYC area that you know of that I could take the painting to get appraised that would be very helpful. Thank you very much for your time.
Margaret Tringle


Unknown Painting (09/12/2011)

I have this painting and was wondering if you could help identify it. Im willing to pay for any help. The painting is ruffly 2'*3'.


Rothenberg Art? (09/12/2011)

Greetings, I have recently acquired some unique pieces from an estate auction in Canada. I was wondering if you would be able to help identify the pieces. I have done quite a bit of research and the estate was from a retired Canadian military man stationed in Rothenberg. Any additional information on these pieces would be greatly appreciated. I have found information regarding his prints however these seem to be a bit unique because of the size which is very small 2 inches and the pieces are on fabric. Once again thank you for your time. Sincerely, Kelly Toth Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

E-Mail Yes, these are pictures that show buildings of the city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber!

Small framed picture signed by Countess Zichy (07/22/2011)

I am hoping you can provide some information on a print I bought this past week-end at a used book store. It is a small framed picture signed by Countess Zichy. the brown paper on the back reads Publication of G E Co New York “Yellow Tulips (Z40)” and on the bottom of the brown paper back is a penciled number 58717H. Anything you can tell me about the artist, the picture, the company who produced it, value, etc. will be most appreciated. Thank you. Jodi Russell


Anheuser busch marble etchings (04/01/2011)

I have 2 anheuser busch marble etchings that I would like to sell. One is the 100th anniversary of the king of beers numbered 1249 of 1500. The other is the 50th anniversary of the budweiser clydesdales numbered 1050 of 5000. They both have letters of authenticity and were bought at a budweiser wholesaler who was remodeling. Email me at Thanks Eric VanVorst


Two unidentified paintings (04/01/2011)

Can you help? I have 2 old paintings I have been researching with no luck. The 1st is a seascape with a woosh on the left side that resembles a sailboat. It is signed but I don't recognize the name. It reads A. A D * * i ?? It is mounted in a AncoBilt frame and stamped, original oil painting, made in Italy. It measures 20" X 16". Can you identify the artist and possibly its value? The second is unsigned. It is of a young blond girl with 2 puppies at her side. She is wearing a blue dress. Her right index finger is touching her lips and her left hand is holding the bottom of her dress. Again, can you identify the artist and possibly its value? Thank You, Mike Zinko


Very lovely etching of a field by M. Preksth (07/12/2010)

Hello, I have a very lovely etching of a field with trees in the foreground and background. It is signed in the plate MP, 1910 and in pencil it is signed more fully: M. Preksth. I believe he may have been British, as once I did find him through internet, but lost the site and for years have not been able to locate that name or any information on him again. His work seems of a very high quality and there is a sort of Arts and Crafts look to his signature in the plate. Thanks for any information you may have on this artist. Vic Hoffman


Who knows something about the German artist Julius Kahrer? (03/05/2010)

Hello ... I'm needing to obtain information on a German artist by the name of Julius Kahrer. All I've been able to find are is dates of the artist's birth and death, but have not been able to locate any other biographical information. Thank you for any assistance you can give me. Donna Dawson


Morris and Bendier Litho (12/31/2009)

I am looking for information about an artist named Guy. I have a picture titled " Des Bubles by Guy" and would like more information.


OLD WATER MILL (11/10/2009)

I have an old framed print titled "Old Water Mill" with a tag number 1590-A-3914 and Vilas-Mages Co. Chicago. The print also has "@3914" at the low right side area. It appears to be Dutch with the two walking ladies dressed in Dutch hats. Any information concerning the original artist, type of print, how old and value will be appreciated. Thanks


Old picture-Fountain of St. George (10/19/2009)

I was hoping that you may be able to help me to identify who signed the picture. My father got the picture several years ago ( I am now 62) and it looked to be very old at that time. It is approx. 8 1/2" x 11" and I have it in a protective document holder. Can you shed any light on this picture? Thank you, Larry Braden


About my Collazzis (10/19/2009)

a lady named liz called me about buying my paintings by joseph collazzi. i gave her your email address so that she could call you.seams like there is a small gathering of joes fans about. i hope so. he is to wonderful to go to by. catherine dunbar.


Art by Frank Neville (09/10/2009)

I have two of his works,the subject's are farming scenes they are done in soft browns and beige if you find out any information please let me know. I thank you for any aid in gathering information about the aforementioned artist.


I have info on J. Collazzi ... (08/14/2009)

... would love to share it with you. Also have two beautiful paintings i bought 25 to 30 years ago from the Mystic arts festival. paintings are famous italian street scenes. they are not for sale. have crippled arm so find it difficult to write Collazzi history but will copy and mail it to you could you. send address to c dunbar 329 pumpkin hill rd ledyard ct. 06339. area code 860 536 7076. i am new to internet, hope you get my messages.


T. Collazzi painting on bamboo (03/16/2009)

Hi, Do you have any info on the attached painting or artist. It belonged to my parents and I believe they purchased it in the late 1930's. Value? I would appreciate any info or links. Thanks very much, Marty Friedman


Frank m Bennett painting called Hunt Breakfast (03/06/2009)

I have a painting that has been signed in the lower left corner f m bennett 1930 the picture is of 4 men in red coats, tan pants and black boots. There are 3 men sitting around the table all looking at the man standing in front of the fireplace smoking a pipe and holding some kind of a net. The fireplace has 2 guns facing each other on the wall and the mantle has 4 plates and 2 candle sconces. The frame has a brass plate on it with his signature and the title of the picture Hunt Breakfast. Could you please send me some info on this painting and the value also. Thank You for your time. P Salter


Oil painting bt f m Bennett (02/17/2009)

We have an oil painting by what we believe to be f m Bennett On the back of the old wooden frame someone has written f. M. Bennett 1928 and The Landlord's Story But there are only three men in the picture in front of the fireplace not the usual Landlord's story that I find on the web Can you give me any info on this painting Thanks


Laurent Paintings (01/22/2009)

I have a set of 2 original paintings on canvas. They look very old, the paint is cracking, and there are a few minor rips in the canvas. The paintings are of street shops, and and a cafe. They are both signed "Laurent" or it could be "Laurant". The canvas stretcher bars are stamped with "ANCO bilt, Glendale, NY". The canvas is also framed. Is it possible to find out more about the artist, and where these might have came from...other than I found them in a yard sale? Thanks! Shannon


Frank Neville watercolor painting (10/27/2008)

I purchased a Frank Neville watercolor at a thrift store. It has the painter's signature printed in pencil on right bottom. It looks like a fishing village with 2 sailboats in the foreground. Colors are very soft, boats are white w light blue stripe and creamy orange w a darker stripe. The houses in the background are grey and whites and there is a grassy hillehind them. Is this an original? And how would I know the title and history of his paintings? Thank you G


Two paintings or prints by F M Bennett (10/21/2008)

I have two paintings or prints by F M Bennett signed and dated 1929 one of an old man and one of an old woman. Could these be worth anything and who are the people? Thanks for anything you can help with


Oil painting with George Washington (09/13/2008)

Hi, I was recently given an oil painting that seems to have George Washington serving tea to several other founding fathers, including alexander Hamilton, who are all dressed as patriots. While Thomas Jefferson is sitting down talking with John Adams, who is standing tall with a pipe in his hand, by the fireplace. Above the fireplace is a picture of George Washington on a white horse. It is signed F M Bennett. Could you tell me more about the painting and it's value? Aileen Feliberty


Original oil: FM Bennett (08/28/2008)

Hi, I just purchased at an auction sale a FM Bennett 1936 oil on canvas 10"x14" titled Before The Start. Could you please give me a ball park price for this painting . It is in good condition and in a heavy gold gilted frame. Thank you Heather


Large print framed by the Franklin Picture Company (07/31/2008)

I have a large print framed by the Franklin Picture Company, #FA 731, Inspector 731, not signed. It appears to be a Chinese or Ming Dynasty War Patrol among mountains. Can you tell me anything about the painting and any idea of its value? It is very dark with few colors. Anything you can tell me would be helpful. Thank You. Brenda Mohlere


Print with Little Boy (07/12/2008)

I have a print glass frame of ( Its a little boy wearing a red jacket with a white collar. The Little Boy Is holding a dog and there is a top hat on the ground My mom has had it I know for 48 years that's how old iam . Can you tell me something about it. thanks, donna


Picture signed by Countess Zichy (06/22/2008)

I have a small framed picture signed by Countess Zichy with a sticker on the back that reads Publication of E Co New York “Wild Roses and Bluebells Z31” on the bottom of the brown paper back is a penciled number 653D. Can you tell me anything about the picture, the company who produced it, value, artist, etc. Thank you, Shirlene DeHart


Print of the little boy (06/18/2008)

Hello! An e-mail was previously sent to you ( Its a little boy wearing a red jacket with a white collar. The Little Boy Is holding a dog and there is a top hat on the ground (12/04/2007) ...). My mother in-law recently passed away & I found the same print of the little boy w/red jacket holding the dog. Can you tell me if this is 1/2 of a set? Is there a matching print with a little girl? Is so, is there a way to order/purchase it? My husband seems to think there is.
Thank you, ANNE


Picture of the 1906 earthquake San Francisco (06/18/2008)

i have a genuine and excellent condition of a picture 13 1/2 X 13 of the 1906 earthquake in s.f looking over russian hill with my ancestors seconds after the quake . Q; could this be worth some money ? and yes its in excellent condition. please respond joseph bautista


Painting by Biliotti (06/10/2008)

I purchased a painting about ten years ago and cannot find out ANY information about it, nor the artist. Here's what I have: It is a cityscape, though I couldn't say the city. The back of the frame is tamped '10 Anco Bilt, Glendale, NY' on the long sides, and '8 Anco Bilt, Glendale, NY' on the short sides. Tucked into the back of the frame was a paper with a frame design on it, and inside the frame it reads:
BILIOTTI He was born in Naples, Italy, in 1921 and studied at the Academy in Naples and also in Rome under Professors Salvati and Mormone. He has had numerous exhibitions, both one-man and collective, and has been very popular in the Art Colony in Florence. He is very versatile and his fresh appealing style has been well accepted in Europe. He is currenly enjoying a rapidly growing popularity in the United States where his paintings are in private and public collections. I can't find out ANYTHING about the artist. Any help would be much appreciated.


Countess Zichy Print (06/10/2008)

I found a nice little framed print today, signed by Countess Zichy, and on the lower right hand corner, it has (c) E.G & Co. Inc. On the back there is a sticker that says "Publication of E G Co Wild Roses and Forget-Me_Nots (Z5)" Can you tell me anything about this print, what it might be worth - and the possible date of when this company existed and could have made the print? Thanks so much! Janelle


Lithograph - "the chess game" (05/21/2008)

My mother recently passed away and I found a large framed lithograph of "The Chess Game" by F.Beda. The frame is gold and gaudy and the lithograph is held in the frame with nails. In the lower left corner of the print it shows MORRIS & BENDIEN INC., N.Y, 1910. The print also looks like a signature is on it, but I dont think it is an original signature. I see posters of this print sold on the internet today and it doesnt appear that they have the signature of F Beda on it. Would you have any idea what the value of this might be?
Best Regards Debra


Hermann RUDISUHLI print (05/07/2008)

I have an original Hermann RUDISUHLI print in original frame, It is of a woman sitting on a larde trelace over looking an ocean has peacocks beautiful flowers, water fountain trees, large pillars, can you tell me the name it is I believe an original work. Thank you I can send photo if needed.


Sydney bell 1923 and tiffany globe (05/07/2008)

i have a Tiffany Favrille signed lamp/lighting fixture globe, about 18 " high, very good condition but no electric light base for the globe. Any idea of the price? I have been told it is genuine. I have Charlotte and Peter, Sydney Bell 1923 framed prints. Any thoughts on their value? I have a 1953 Men's Rolex Tudor Prince watch, working and being used daily, any value on this? I have a 36 " glass sail boat, signed Daum Nance, genuine also, Value?
Thank you for your efforts. Sandi


"The Cardinal's Move" by FM. Bennett (04/10/2008)

I have an old painting called "The Cardinal's Move" by FM. Bennett. It shows a Cardinal playing chess with with one gentleman while another watches. These two gentlemen are dressed in the time period of Charles I of England. It is signed FM Bennett and following the signature is what looks like "w3t or w35. Anybody know anything about this painting and the value if any. Thank you very much


FM Bennet Print (04/10/2008)

Hi I have a what I think is a large print that has brush strokes over it.It is signed by FM Bennet and the title on the back is called Good Companions.Just wondering if this is worth keeping. Regards Jenny


Watercolor painting by J. Collazzi (04/01/2008)

Hi-- I have (what I believe is done in watercolor medium) of two Japanese women in a garden setting, 28 x 22, signed J. Collazzi. It is painted on some sort of flexible board. I found this watercolor when I was reframing a huge picture of WC Fields depicting his role in a film while playing cards. I had purchased this picture many years ago in an antique shop in NYC. This watercolor by J. Collazzi was in-between WC Fields picture and the back mat. Can you give me any info as to its' worth, if any. Thank you Patricia


Unknown Oil Painting (03/25/2008)

I would appreciate if you could send me some information about this picture. Yours Truly H.Sch.


Artist J. Collazzi (03/14/2008)

Hi I am still looking for some information on artist J. Collazzi. I have 4 paintings all landscape. Thanks john aloia


Artist named “Hubert” (03/08/2008)

Do you have any information on an artist named “Hubert”. I have recently seen a work of his painted in Belgium and one from Versailles. I have three beautiful original water colors, which are Paris street scenes. On the left corner in pencil, he states what he is painting on the right he pencils EAU-FORTE ORIGINALE with his name Hubert underneath. The ones I have, I believe are from the 1940’s, by the dress of the people in one of the paintings, but can’t be for sure. Thank you, Steven Gibson


Old FM Bennett print (03/08/2008)

Hello, I have a old print FM Bennett in a plaster like frame on wood size 30" wide by 20" High approx, with 7 Men 5 red coats 2 green coats, 3 red coats and 1green coat sitting round the table 1 red coat with pipe in hand standing with back to fire, the other red coat sitting between the table and the one standing at fire,the other green coat serving coffee, or tea, in cups from tray,Floor tiled with mat in front of fire which I cant see, colours very good. Hoping you can help me with the details I have give you,and value Thanking You very much yours Faithfully Joan Boyd


Oil paintings signed by J. Collazzi (03/08/2008)

I have 4 oil paintings signed by J. Collazzi that are landscapes wondering what his paintings are worth. Please advise thank you Vickie Aloia



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Mails concerning Vilas Mages Co Chicago

Spitzweg Print by Vilas Mages

Mails concerning Vilas Mages Co

Help! Who knows something about then Vilas Mages Co Chicago? Please send a mail to
We will publish this information here

Mails concerning A.von Munchhausen

Mails concerning A.von Munchhausen

Help! Who knows something about A. von Munchhausen? Please send a mail to
We will publish this information here.

August von Munchhausen born in Germany lived in the 40s in New York City.
The main motives of his pictures were dancers and ballet drawings.

Mails concerning Ernst Geissendörfer

April 25,1908 Born in Rothenburg/Tauber
Until 1923 School-education
Until1927 Studies Art in Nuernburg; made his first etchings
1926 Took over the business (established in 1908) from his parents
1926-1930 Extensive travelling through Europe for study 
1931 First journey to the U.S.A.
1932 Established the first branch on Broadway in New York

More about Ernst Geissendörfer

Mails concerning Paul Geissler

Born June 25, 1881, Erfurt, Germany, where his father was a gardener. Studies drawing under the painter Sondermann.  Attends the Arts and Craft School in Erfurt for 4 years.  Studies at the Grand-Ducal School of Arts in Weimar, Germany, under Max Thedy, 1903. ...

More about Paul Geissler


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