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Different Stamp links like Stamp Dealers

Links about stamp dealers and more

Stamp Links Main Page

Stamp of Belgian Congo

Books and catalogs about stamps at

Please mail us if you know an URL about stamp collecting. We will publish the link.

Different Stamp links like Dealers

Stampworld STAMP LINK with a lot information and links about stamps
Joseph Luft: Collection of Stamp Links Post Office of Switzerland
Stamps of Germany Baltic States Philatelic Page
This page is intended to be a central resource for all philatelic information related to the Baltic States
Publisher of the Michel Stamp Catalogues Censor Collectors Homepage
Philatelic Link ATM Seitz AG Machine stamps worldwide 
Mr. Schmidtkonz a collector of stamps AB Philea is a stamp company in Stockholm, Sweden. We specialize in selling collections and accumulations from all countries. (1/17/98)
Stamp Collection Sweden Postal Museum
German Philathelic Service Wermsdorf United States National Postal Museum
Stamps of Australia and the South Sea Navicula, ships on stamps, Arge im BDPh, Berlin
Stamps Trader List 
More than 6000 stamps online with images and shopping system
Icelandic Postal Authority The Stamp Trader List
Stamps of Austria Stamps of Croatia Stamps from the Republic of Croatia
UNO (UNPA) Post Office of France
Post Office of Australia Stamps on the Net, Switzerland
Post Office of Finland French Catalog Yvert & Tellier - France
Mimir HB Search among approx. 150000 different stamps, FDC´s and more in the “Special Motive” database. Find any COUNTRY or TOPIC and order easily at low prices. Finland Europa-Cept, kiloware on paper, single stamps, FDC:s etc


Skilling Online 

Amazing website for covers and postcards. There is covers from whole world but main part is from Scandinavia. There is also Frimærkepenge - Encapsulated Postage Stamps.


Stamps of India

Hustadvika Post
Trade and want ads are FREE

Extensive stamp/briefmarken price lists posted on site.  Featuring stamps of Germany, Japan, Ryukyu Islands, British Commonwealth, Western Europe and Topicals.
Molnar Stamp & Coin
Full service stamp and coin shop in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Large inventory with lists posted on-line. Current listings include British Commonweath and Portugal. 
Philately and Education

Brussels - To support the efforts of philatelists in schools around the world and of all those who believe in the educational value of stamp collecting, Education International has developed a new section on its web site linking education and philately:

Konrad's Premium Stamps

Website with approximately 50,000 different stamps  listed with nearly 30,000 scans.  

Harvey Amagerbro - Copenhagen Stamp Shop

Welcome to stamps, kiloware, stamp albums, 
stamp mixtures, topicals, stockbooks, 
phonecard-coin albums, cd-rom and more. 

Hundertwasser Philately 

Stamps with works of the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser


Postal history from World War 2

Stamps printing

"I want to show you the following pages on my site I'm designed over 142 postal stamps and I show a lot of them on my site.
Also there are pages where I explain how to design a stamp and also how they will be printed. ", John Baselmans


The Cyprus Study Circle

The Cyprus Study Circle is a philatelic organisation who study the stamps, postal history, and postal markings of Cyprus. 
The society has meetings in the UK with Auctions of material relating to the above. The auction list is published on the Web.

We are the worlds largest insurance
broker for philatelic insurances, with offices in USA, Canada, UK, France,
Spain, Holland, Germany and Australia we are able to meet every requirement
of our clients.  Our clients are in over 80 countries in the world, and for
whom we have arranged insurances, including for Organisers, Auctioneers,
Dealers to Collectors.  We are also the official insurance broker for the
America Philatelic Society (APS).

Feel free to visit our web-site:

Croatian Post Inc. 

"The best and OFFICIAL site with all croatian stamps issued from their independence 1991-2001, updated daily"

Collect Stamps From Malaysia

"The web site that provides full list of stamps issued in Malaysia with images included new and old stamps services; free advertisements, web links corner to collectors for worldwide stamp exchange."

Sidney Fenemore Postal History and Postcards

Dealer in Worldwide Postal History and Postcards
4A Dalton Road, Wallasey, CH45 1HL, Merseyside, England, UK

Simon's Stamps Exchanging Page
RTP Stamps

Site dedicated to stamps on the running subject.
Contribute to it if you have any stamp not yet featured in our collection

The Stamp Trader List

The Stamp Trader List (STL) contains the names & e-mail addresses
of stamp collectors who wish to establish connections & trade
stamps with other people on the Internet.

Target Auctions


Malaysia Stamp Home Page

Malaysia Stamp, Internet's Premier Multi-Dealer that provides
full list about stamps issued in the world for both new and old issues
included images for recent issues.

Petroleum: The Black Gold 

Stamps with the subject OIL (PETROLEUM):: "Petroleum: The Black Gold"
OIL (PETROLEUM): geological origin, prospecting, perforation in ground and in sea, refinary, petrochemistry, oil terminal, pipeline, oil tanker, enterprises of petroleum (Esso, Texaco, Chevron, Mobil, Shell, Exxon, Gulf Oil, British Petroleum, Pemex, Petrobras,...) and others

Dealer in Worldwide Postal History and Postcards
Wallasey, CH45 1HL,  Merseyside, England, UK


Modern Philatelic - Moderne Filatelie

Visit Roger's Philatelic Links your gateway to stamps on the WWW
Studie koninklijke beeltenis van Z.M. koning Boudewijn - type Elström

Hundertwasser Stamp Resource

The World Wide Stamp Exchange Club 

Find collectors around the world to exchange stamps. Over 75
swappers listed by country! Lot of links and pictures.
Location: Canada 
Simon Andrews Stamps

"We are London's oldest Stamp Shop specialising in Asia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand."

Philatelic homepage over AMERICA-UPAEP,informations over all issues,my
want-list on circulated covers;my cover'collection,my reply-coupon UPAE;
links and guestbook 

Vijay Shah's Philately Collection


Northwind - the Scandinavian Specialists, Quebec Canada

Estonian Stamps & Kiloware

Stamps of China including stamp images and related information.

Croatian post Mostar, one of the three equally righted postal operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina  

Buy and Sell stamps the easy way. 

"Lowest prices on collectible stamps. Free shipping on all orders!"

Knottywood Treasures - US first day covers

1000's of pictured Colorano and Collins U.S. first day covers. Beginner tutorials. Bi-monthly newsletter featuring new issues and discounts. Affiliations: AFDCS Life Member #275, APS, IFSDA, and NSDA.  - Ali Philatelic Traders

Deal in Topical Stamps Coins Banknotes Phonecards From Pakistan & Worldwide at Low Prices. - The complete resource for
soccer stamp collectors.

Namib Stamps dealers in fine African and Colonial stamps with a monthly auction

Welcome to INDONESIA STAMPS FOR SALE. You will find selection of interesting philatelic materials for your collection. Indonesia, WWF, animal, football, sport stamps, S/S, FDC, etc.

Over 100,000 stamps online

Pictures of stamps

Stamp and Philatelic Links - Free resource for Stamp and Philatelic collectors

Official site of St. Pierre and Miquelon Philately

Philatelic Bureau of the General Council
Secured online sales of stamps, first day covers, maximum
cards and philatelic documents. History illustrated by the stamps. Portraits of the Artistic Adviser, of artists and engravers.


with the largest selection of Thematics in Europe
with over 55,000 stock items, most with images. 100% safe on-line
shopping from a firm withy over 50 years experience in philately.


For the traditional stamp collector, this site is populated with over 20,000 items priced around half catalogue and all available on a 'buy it now' basis. 100% safe on-line shopping with Phoenix International, the well known UK based auction house.

At “” you will find high quality, unpicked kiloware collections split into categories by type, place of origin and quantity.

Ali Philatelic Traders, GPO Box 2459, Lahore Pakistan  - Stamp and Philatelic Links

Free resource for stamp and philatelic collectors

Interesting news, articles, links and resources about stamps, stamp
collecting and postal operations 

Weblog with interesting information about Luxembourgian Philately

International Philatery site and stamps collections galery, forum stamps and buy and sell stamps

Postal history, stamps and philately of the Cape of Good Hope and southern Africa

Philately site with stamp collection galery, forum and buy and sell stamp collections.

Stamp and Philatelic Links - Free resource for Stamp and Philatelic collectors

Sydney Philatelics (Australia) On Line Stamp Shop - Specializing in Australasia, British Commonwealth, Booklets, Established 27 Years, Member of APTA

Multilingual scientific encyclopedia in four sections: Personages,
Fauna, Flora, Geographia. Worldwide stamps.

Online stamp catalogue, stamp trader list, North Cyprus stamp values -Stamp Errors of Great Britain

We are dealers in stamps and postal history of Great Britain. We sell a wide range of GB stamps weekly by auction on eBay, including Queen Victoria, Errors Varieties and Booklets. We are based in the UK and members of The Philatelic Traders' Society. The Postpillar Forum for Stamp and Philatelic collectors Onlineshop based near Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, in Australia. The geographical areas that feature most in the stockholding are:
Australia, Australian Antarctic Territory, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Nauru, New Zealand (1967 onwards), Norfolk Island, Papua New Guinea Blog about stamps with collection of stamp links Information about Yugoslavia and ex-Yugoslavian states post stamp issue and related to it Information about post stamps from Serbia Poppe Stamps offers thousands of stamps for sale by theme or country. Every week we add new stamps online. Philatelie Marine presents maritime histories with stamps and philatelic items: LINERS IN THE WAR , the fast ferries, the America's cup, ships in Antarctic,... - Stamp collecting County Stamp Center is an online guide to the world of stamps with wonderful topical collections that you won't want to miss.   Website about stamps from India Illustrated Stamp Collecting News from every corner of the Stamp World "The Ten O'Clock Show" are UK wholesale auctioneers of stamps and collectables Stamps from France, Scandinavia, North Europa and Topical ones Website with modern Israeli stamps Military post of Italian military contingent in the peace mission to 'foreign from 1956 to the present is an online store for all your stamp collecting desires. It is a subsidiary of the Stamp Gallery and is one of the world's leading philatelic companies offering official legal tender postage stamps and collectible coins, banknotes, medallion and many other collectibles. African Stamps and Postal History. Seller of Union of South Africa stamps and the Republic of South Africa stamps
Postage stamps directory site - 2 Clicks stamps directory for philatelists. Features lists of stamp links resources & guides for stamps collectors worldwide. This Indonesia Stamps webpage is introducing Indonesian Stamps French Onlineshop with a lot of interesting classical stamps of the whole world and especially from France and French Colonies. Stamp investment advice. What to buy, how to invest, when to sell and much more. The most comprehensive resource on the web for information on investing in stamps. Stamp Supplies - FREE UK Delivery on All Orders Philatelic dealer specializing in first day covers
Joystamps - stamp exchange Website designed for stamp exchange, sell and buy. Users may upload images of their stamps and order them into all world stamp catalogue. Online shop of World Class Stamps Numistamp - the place for collectibles
Stamps First Day Covers Postal History Philatelics Currency Banknotes Coins Numismatics Books Phone Cards Collectibles Portal da Filatelia Tematica - Topical Philately
UK First Day Cover Dealer specializing in low priced, good quality covers. This site catalogues and describes all the postage stamps ever issued by Nyassa and the Nyassa Company. Online shop for stamps and more.
Stamp dealer who has been selling stamps and revenue stamps of Indonesia at Delcampe for over 5 years Online shop for stamps Online auction. Online shop. Stamps, covers, old postcards, phonecards more 100000 items in auction Online shop with GB and Commonwealth Stamps Sells Genuine China stamps, covering Qing Dynasty, Republic of China, the People's Revolutionary Period and the People's Republic of China. PHILAIMPERIA - Russian Postal History Shop , sells Imperial Russian post. Offices in China , in the Turkish Empire , Central ASIA , Railway post . Online shop. Albany Stamps supplies a large choice of all types of Great Britain stamps.


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