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If you want to sell collectibles send us an E-Mail and describe what you want to sell. We will show your announcement for three months
This service is free until up to 300 letters!

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Messages for selling collectibles

If you want to sell collectibles send us an E-Mail and describe what you want to sell. We will show your announcement for three months
This service is free until up to 300 letters!
The price for an announcement with more than  300 letters and with a picture (max. size 15,000 Byte) is 6 $ US.
The price for publishing additional pictures is 2 $ US per picture.
We accept paypal.

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Collectibles and Books about Collectibles (11/20/2009)

Collectors will find in this news shop at interesting books and collectibles about collecting things like coins, stamps, miltary, dolls, toys, antiques, porcelain, arts, and much more.

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Post WWI German Inflation note collection (09/04/2007)

I need to get a post WWI German Inflation note collection appraised, preferably by someone in the United States. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you, Nina Schloesser McKenna


I'd like to sell!: 1975 Reader's Digest multi band receiver (09/04/2007)

I have a 1975 Reader's Digest multi band receiver I would like to auction off to a collector who'd appreciate it. You may contact here or call me @ 702-639-0005


Small collection of very old postcards (06/11/2007)

I'm offering a small collection of very old postcards, Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Russia, all of them from the first two 20th century decades. One of them is a very interesting and rare German postcard "Das Zeppelin'sche lenkbare Luftschiff - Ausfahrt aus der Halle" stamped 19.09.1908. Berlin S.W. Also, more postcards from before and after the II. WW. from various countries. Can you help me to evaluate them Thank you. Vinko Stojic



Dear sir, i sale the following collectibles items, such as BREWERIANA ITEMS, WORLD AUTOMOBILE LICENSE PLATES ITEMS, WORLD HONECARDS ITEMS, BANKNOTES, COINS, STAMPS. Other worldwide collectibles items. Please write me, so that i can send you my trade list/ my price list. thank, God bless. I wait your mail soonest. Yours faithfully, mr, Gibert Bell. shoptele:0022508471632


Trading stamps! (05/12/2007)

Dear Collector, Nice to meet you. I would like to trade Mint and used stamps from worldwide. I can offer you Mint and Used stamps, FDC's, Maxicard, blocs from Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, India, Laos, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Liban, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Quatar and other asian countries that issue from 1890 to now. They include some topics: Fauna, Flora, Football, Transport, Nature, WWF, Commemoratives, etc… I want Mint and Used stamps, FDC, MC, blocs, from USA, UK, European, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Russia, France, Italia and other countries from 1890 to now. I also collect banknote from worldwide. Best wishes, Dong Linh


Stamps for sale (04/27/2007)

My name is Leonid Kalinin. I am a private person from third largest city in Russia Ekaterinburg. These are just few descriptions of the available pieces, please contact us for the detailed pictures of all pieces in the collection - posters, postcards, stamps and etc and I will be glad to send the pictures. I will be glad to send you the pictures of these works. Thank you in advance for your help. Leonid
1. Large collection of stamps of the Russian Empire 1857 - 1917 Including the following stamps according Michel catalogue: Mi 1 - 15 2500 - 3000 USD
2. Russia, Certified stamp Soloviev # 3, 1400 Euros
3. Russia, Certified stamp Soloviev # 4, 900 Euros
1. Marked post card, signed by Konstantin Tsiolkovskii 500 USD
2. Envelope with Mi 1 stamp 1858 300 USD
3. Yvert # 128a 1917, 800 Euros
Thank you in advance for your attention, Leonid


Iraqi philatelic & numismatic Dealer (03/18/2007)

I am an Iraqi philatelic & numismatic Dealer , I deal with Iraq stamps, coins , FDCS & banknotes ,I offer the new issues of the Iraqi stamps. I have my own shop called (East Stamps & banknotes House) located in Mosul , Iraq. So if you are interested in any of these items , please feel free to contact me at my email address'.
Yours Mr. Shamil Mhedy salih Philatelic & Numismatic Dealer Member of IBNS , LANSA , ATA ,APS & IPCS East Stamps & Banknotes House Mosul , Iraq

Mobile ( 00-964-7701660458 ) 

Worldwide stamps before 1950 (02/23/2007)

Hello, I have Worldwide stamps before 1950. If yours are interested please respond my e-mail. I sell stamps. Best Regards Andrey Estonia.


Coins and more (03/02/2007)

We would like to inform you that our clients would like to offer for your attention:
1. The collections of stamps and postal history of Europe and the USA.
2. The collection of gold coins of USA and Switzerland and Ancient States.
3. The collection of USA and World rare paper money
4. The collection of interesting autographs of World and USA history.
5. The collection of art.
Please contact us for a full catalogue. Sincerely yours, Vincent


Wheat Pennies for sale (02/16/2007)



Stamps from Iran (02/02/2007)

Hi, I'm Hossein from Iran. I saw your site. tell me that what do u need from iran? I can provide you mint stamp,bank note and other philatelic materials. I need mint stamp,can you exchange with me? I can sell also. I hope to hear from you, best regards, Hossein,


OLD BILLS (12/22/2006)

I have around 1600 old bills, most of which are Russian bills from 1898 to 1919. I would like to sell them as a package all at once. Do you know any institution that might be interested to have a look at them. I live in Berlin and it will be easier for me to sell them in Germany. I will be glad, if you can please direct me. Jean-Pierre Zahar


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