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Collecting Old Postcards with Art and Kitsch Motives

A collection of nice art and kitsch postcards

"My darling"

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"O tender longing, sweet hoping"

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Information about Collecting Kitsch - Postcards

The first picture postcards were published about 120 - 130 years ago. Soon the first art postcard were issued. Since the transition from art fo "kitsch" is flowing soon the first postcards with kitsch motives appeared. Especially during the time shortly before World War I the most kitsch cards were printed.
They are not only historically interesting, since they reflect the spirit of their time and their people, but also they are often showing nice and interesting motives.

They have for collectors the advantage that in fact that most of these postcards from the time of 1895 - 1920 could still be acquired inexpensive. Often they are already available for 0.50 - 2.00 $ the piece. So I would like to give you a first view of these nice postcards ...

:-) Much fun thereby

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Woman with roses


Kitsch Postcard

Greeting Cards

Birthday greetings

New Year greetings


Postcard for a Happy New Year

Emperors and Kings


German Kaiser Wilhelm II. is playing with kids

Sweet Heart

"The misunderstanding"

"Lost a faithful...
Who found it receives as reward 1000 kisses "


Bed games

The Cigar Man


Poor man!

Kids and other Angels

"Prosit New Year!"

Patriotic Cards from War and Military

"Cordial greeting from this place,
I have now another darling ""

(More postcards of WWI)



French WWI postcard

Art / Painting

"He is coming!"


"we looked ourselves quietly in the eye ..."

"sweet feelings at shining moon ..."


"Mein Himmel auf der Erde"


"Es küsst der Wind die Rosen
O komm' und lass uns kosen!"

People and Folks


"Gruselkabinett" of old postcards

:-) Oliver Klimek shows some funny horrible old postcards


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