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Chewing Gum

Other Collectibles

Information about different old and new collectibles and rarities for collectors

Chewing Gum

German Page of other Collectibles

Deutsche Seite der sonstigen Sammelgebiete

At this page you find letters of collectors of partly vary curious things. We wish you a lot of fun!
You can also add a description of your collection!

Mails of Collectors

Have you any football tickets for exchange? (06/01/2011)

Hi I am Robert from Poland have you any football tickets for exchange? I can offer o lot of transport tickets from Poland.


I'd like to sell!: 1975 Reader's Digest multi band receiver (09/04/2007)

I have a 1975 Reader's Digest multi band receiver I would like to auction off to a collector who'd appreciate it. You may contact here or call me @ 702-639-0005


Greenland (08/26/2005)

Reading the DAKA GF7 Cinderella Greenland catalogue, I view a range of saving, charity and promotional labels which do not cost a fortune - can anyone assist me with dealer names so I can start a collection? Thanks


Collection of dot-com collectibles (10/22/2004)

i am selling my entire collection of dot-com collectibles consisting of about 1200 t-shirts (linux,microsoft,sun microsystem,cisco,delano,symantec,,etc) and about1000 assorted mouse pads. will accept orders from boutigue owners, computer stores and computer geeks


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