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Mercury dime
Mercury Dime

Information, news, values of coins for coin collectors and collecting of coins.

Prussia 2 Mark 1901

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Collecting of US and world coins is a very interesting hobby. If you collect coins you will learn a lot about different countries, cultures and history and so you will have much fun with these collectibles.
Therefore we want to give collector of coins
news, information messages about collecting of coins on this page. You will find also information about the values of coins.

If you have a question or you want send us a message about collecting of banknotes and scripophily be published here then send an email to us.


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What to Consider when Collecting Coins

When collecting coins, there are several important factors to consider. Here are some key considerations for coin collectors:

  • Coin Authenticity: Ensure the authenticity of the coins you collect. Familiarize yourself with the characteristics, markings, and minting techniques associated with the specific coins you're interested in. Learn to identify counterfeit coins by studying the genuine ones and consulting reputable reference materials or experts.

  • Coin Grading and Condition: Assess the condition or grade of the coins before acquiring them. Coin grading is a standardized method of evaluating a coin's condition, which affects its value. Look for coins in the best condition possible, with minimal wear, damage, or cleaning. Graded coins, certified by reputable grading services, can provide additional assurance of authenticity and condition.

  • Rarity and Mintage: Coins that are rare or have low mintage numbers tend to be more valuable. Research the mintage figures for the specific coins you collect and consider coins from limited editions or specific years with lower production numbers. Rarity can significantly impact a coin's desirability and potential appreciation in value over time.

  • Historical Significance: Consider the historical significance of the coins you collect. Some coins may have ties to significant historical events, important figures, or represent specific eras in history. Understanding the historical context of a coin can enhance its value and appeal among collectors.

  • Coin Series and Sets: Collecting coins within a series or as part of a complete set can be a rewarding approach. Some collectors focus on acquiring every coin from a specific series, such as a particular country's coinage, commemorative series, or coins featuring a specific theme. Collecting complete sets can add depth and completeness to your collection.

  • Numismatic Value: Numismatic value refers to the collectible value of a coin beyond its intrinsic metal value. Factors such as rarity, condition, historical significance, and demand among collectors influence the numismatic value of a coin. Stay informed about current numismatic trends, market prices, and the overall demand for specific coins or series.

  • Coin Materials and Precious Metals: Consider the materials and composition of the coins. Some coins are made from precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum, which adds intrinsic value beyond their numismatic worth. The market value of precious metals can influence the value of these coins, so stay informed about metal prices if you collect coins primarily for their bullion value.

  • Storage and Preservation: Proper storage and preservation are crucial for maintaining the condition and value of your coin collection. Use coin holders, capsules, or albums designed specifically for coins to protect them from physical damage, oxidation, and environmental factors. Handle coins with clean hands and minimize direct contact with their surfaces.


It's important to conduct thorough research, consult with experts, and engage with the numismatic community to enhance your knowledge and understanding of coins. Consider joining coin collecting societies or attending coin shows and auctions to expand your network and access a wider range of coins. Enjoy the process of collecting coins and focus on acquiring pieces that align with your personal interests and collecting goals.

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German golden coin - Value? (03/29/2022)

Good day I have a Germany commemorative 1954/1974/1994 WORLDCUP USA coin. How much is it worth today.


Values of Coins? (01/04/2022)

Hi, my names is Charles Kuhlmann. I have a coin collection with a variety of German, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, etc. Coins just curious if you can give me call to find the value out on my collection. Thank you


One penny George 1936 - Value? (11/26/2021)

Hi A One Penny Coin George 1936 VF Grade. what is it worth. and 1912 1918 1918 George Heaton One pennys VF Grade but worn on date side what are they worth and George V One penny 1919 EF Grade please from peter


Silver Looking Penny - Value (05/15/2018)

I have a 2001 penny that is almost silver looking and very shiny and can be picked up with a magnet. Any info you can give me on this penny?


Is there a market for 1 pfennig coins? (02/19/2018)

Is there a market for 1 pfennig coins. A friend of mine has probably 25 rolls of them and we are wondering if they are worth anything. Any info you could give me would be helpful. Kathy


Coin with an Error - Value? (01/10/2018)

Hi ! Can I get any information about this coin with a error ? 10 rentenpfennig 1924 E Weight : 4.09 grams Diametar: 21 mm Edge : 20 % reeded/grained 1 picture : the edge of the coin is narrower ( on the right side ) 2 picture : the edge of the coin itself is elevated in relation to the rest of the coin (on the right side ) 3 picture : the edge of the coin is mostly smooth Thanks and regards from Croatia ! Denis!


Is this classed as error coin please? (06/13/2017)

Hi I have picture 2 2015 two pence coins with one appearing to have error. Kind regards Wendy Payne.


Weird coin (06/01/2017)

I don't even know if this is some kind of coin. It's a light weight metal. Here's a pic. It's the same on both sides. Thanks.


To seek information about an gold coin (05/02/2017)

Hi, i am from India . I would like to seek information about an antique gold coin that i have, it is a Royal mint made coin that was made in the year 1871, its a gold coin which has an embossed picture of Queen Victoria on the front side and the back has an embossed picture of a man riding horse which is an error made while the coin was being embossed by the Royal mint. The back side of the coin which includes the man riding a horse is actually printed upside down, which is actually an error when the coin is flipped .The coin weights 8 grams. According to what all i have searched about this coin , it has not been auctioned till now and is the only coin that has an error on it. So i would like to know more about this coin , the cost and the history of the coin.


1772 1 PFENNIG Coin - Value? (09/27/2016)

I have numerous coins, but one is a 1772 1 PFENNIG and was wondering what the value is to sell it? Thank you. I have numerous other coins if interested. I received them from a friend when he purchased them in Greece when he was in the Navy and I would like a collector to have them to appreciate them more than me.
Geoffrey Smith


Value of Coins? (05/30/2016)

Hi, how are u sir, i would to the value of the following coins is worth how much, Georgevis 1941,1952, 1950,1948,1933,1949 east Africa, queen Elizabeth 2nd 50cents 1954, ten cents east africa 1952, 1936, 1956, 1942 and 5cents 1954,1959, 1967, 1941,
yours stephen.


Sacagawea 1 dollar coin (05/04/2016)

I have a 1 dollar sacagawea coin it has no date on it and instead of the eagle it has a Indian/human on it


Bronze Medal - Value? (04/07/2016)

Hi I live in San Diego California USA. I got a heavy medal diameter 6 inches very dark bronze. . Avers - Romano Rex Frederic us Dei GR-A First motive October 1972, number 2 of 2000 Made in Germany, founded 1708 Revers - In the foundry of his highness the Prince of Hohenzollern Can you please let me know how valuable is this medal and what is its price on market. I really do not need it, because I am 88 y.o. and need food and clothes
Thanks, my name Vram


Mandela 5 Rand coin 90th birthday. Still in box. Vlaue? (02/26/2016)

Hi good day, can you please assist me with the value of this coin. South Africans do not have an idea. Kind regards Sybie


Coin Set with Gold Coins (02/04/2016)

I have a coin set with 18 heads of state of gold coins from 1939 to 1945. They are in a blue velvet box with blue velvet inside and protected with glass and a blue velvet padding. It has a certificate paper in plastic that says Garanzia serie in oro 900/1000 . I could take picture and try and send as well.


Harry Potter coins set 2001 Isle of Man - Value? (01/28/2016)

Hello!! My name is Giovanni Maria Di Marco and I am a coin collector!! I am really interested in buying Harry Potter coins set 2001 Isle of Man Silver Proof!! Can you help me? Waiting for your reply.
Best regards Thank you Giovanni


What kind of coin? Value? (01/15/2016)

I found that coin which photo attached. Plz help me to find what is this.


Coins, how much they are worth? (10/21/2015)

Hello, I found your website about german coins and I have aout 15-30 coins that I believe are from Germany. one says (ALS DANK DES DEUTSCHEN SCHIFFAHRTSMUSEUMS) -(juni-1975) and I was wondering how much they are worth. one could guess a lot if a right collecter found them. so get back with me and I can send pictures if you like thank you.


Value and Origion of old Arabian Coin? (08/26/2015)

Hello, I was given a gold coin as a gift by my late grandfather. I don't know its origin or the inscription on it. I would like to understand it. I have attached pictures of it. I was hoping you could help. Thanks Tejus . M . Vyas


Penny Errors (08/11/2015)

Dear Sir or Madam, I am a simple coin collector, just Lincoln pennies. If I had the money I would collect them all. I love currency, nothing quite like penny. Anyways, I was wondering where I can send penny errors to be certified and encased. I have found a hopefully new diebreak. I looked online forever to find a photo of it, but never have. I have seven of them now, all identical, only took four years of searching. There was a two year lull with none, and than three in three months. Thanks you for your time and your cool website. Sincerely, Tristan J Wagner


Estimation of my Prussian Coin (07/15/2015)

I would like an estimation of this coin:
What is pictured on the coin? A LADY WITH A SCALE AND SWORD
What year and mint mark can be seen? MDCCXI How is the grade of our coin?


Value of antique roman gold coin? (07/01/2015)

I have a very ancient roman gold coin What is the maximum price of this coin? Both side of this coin are below


Dime from 1985 or 1988 part of the last number didn't print - value? (06/15/2015)

I have a dime from 1985 or 1988 part of the last number didn't print it also looks like the outer edge was done in copper. A friend said it was worth 600 I can't believe it. What do you think? Thanks


Lincoln Memorial Penny Collection 1959-1986 - Value? (06/10/2015)

I have a set of Lincoln Memorial Penny Collection 1959-1986 that II want to sell and trying to fine the value so I know what to ask for. Can you provide me any information of approximate value?


Value of old islamic coin? (04/27/2015)

Hi I want to know about this coin that how the price of that and how much please kindly tell me hurry up.


Old and rare coin (03/07/2015)

Hi I have this rare coin id like a value putting to and would you be interested in buying it at all. I no its a old one but im not sure about coins.


Pfennig Coins (03/02/2015)

I have acumalated Deutschland Bundesrepublik Pfennig 10 coins over more than 25 years. I need to sell! I have over 500 coins eg: 50 of 1950, 3 of 1949, balance dates ranging from 1950 to 1991 any offers out there?


Wheat straw pennies (02/25/2015)

Hello Thomas, I probably have an odd question. My Father left me some old coins both U S & German. He also left me 28,000 wheat straw pennies. Is there some way of putting a value on them without going thru them all?
Thanks Jimi


1949G Double Die reverse 50 Pfennig (02/13/2015)

Hi, I am looking for information on a 1949G Double Die reverse 50 Pfennig that I have. Looking at your site, you have provided interesting information on various German error coins. Any information will be helpful. This coin I have just had graded by ICG in the US. Thanks for your time Walter


1958 wheat penny (01/12/2015)

I have a 1958 wheat penny and the penny is in great condition, hardly any wear at all. However, the 8 is just barely visible. Is this a common error?


Values of coins? (12/18/2014)

Hi , could you perhaps help with values on the following coins please?
1penny 1936. 1penny 1961. Rsa half cent 1961 Half franc 1973 Half New shegel Rsa 2cents 1990 “. “. 1986 Rhodesia. 5c 1976 Australia 10c 2002 Belgie 5 fr 1949 1 phennig 1971 2 phennig 1966 2 meticais 2006 Rsa 1Rand 1983 “. “. 1986 “. “. 1977 “. “. 1987 Rsa 50 cents 1968 “. “. 1966 Rsa 5 cents 1984 “. “. 1982 Rsa 1 cents 1965 “. “. 1970 “. “. 1968 Rsa 20 cents 1965 10 new pence 1969 5p eire 1996 1 dime 1967
Thank you. Would greatly appreciate your help.


New Zealand one penny Queen Elizabeth the 2nd - Value? (11/18/2014)

Hi I am wanting to know if this coin is worth anything - New Zealand one penny Queen Elizabeth the 2nd


Coin error 1936 (10/22/2014)

I have a 1936 penny in great shape. The coin when it was minted has a place on the edge where it was bent on the word GOD where the word God it visible only at an angle to the coin. What is an estimate value? I have never found one like it in any coin book.
Thank you Bryan Swope



I have an old coin EAST AFRICA 1 SHILLING with a FULL CROWN GEORGIVS VI REX ET INDIAE IMPARATOR-1946 with 3 MOUNTAINS AND A LION WALKING TO THE RIGHT. Please tell me its cost and if you want to buy it contact me.


Value of these coins? (06/27/2014)

South African 50 Cents 1966 South African 20 Cents 1965 Georgivs V Dei Gra:Britt:OMN:Rex Fid:Def:IND:IMP: ONE Penny 1921 How much do they worth, value in Rands please.


Coins for sale (09/11/2013)

I have few collection coins that I wanna sell.


Indian head and buffallo nickle (07/02/2013)

Hi,my name is Louis,and I have an Indian head and buffallo nickle,and you can't see the year cuz it's worn out,but on the back, instead of having a D or an S, it has an E and I can't find it on the chart ,so can you tell me why it not on the chart, and valued if any,it has? Thank you and to hear from you.


Pennies and nickels for sale (07/03/2012)

I have all kinds of pennies and nickels for sale but don't know where to turn to. I live in Louisiana. Please email me back if you can help. Thanks.


Value of old German coins? (11/09/2011)

My name is David Bartron and I have 2 old German coins that I would like to know their value.I have a 1 silber groschen dated 1857 and the other is a 1 pfening dated 1836 . If these coins have any value, I would be interested in selling them. Thank you David


1952 Wheat Penny D over S (08/26/2011)

While going through some of the 7500 wheat pennies that I have from my uncle I went online to see what some of the rare pennies were and started looking for those particular ones. I found a 1952 Wheat Penny with the D over the S. The back of the S can be seen under the D. I was wondering how much it would be worth. The edges on the coin are still crisp and you can see all of the details still. Thank You, Jon Kuc


Value of a Bronze 1974 penny? (08/09/2011)

Hello Can you tell me the value of a Bronze 1974 penny. He says it is real but I think it is bronze coated. Tom Bates Alabama


Golden 2004 German 1 cent coin (07/08/2011)

Hi. I live in Germany and found the coin on the left in my change yesterday. It looks as though it is made from the same metal as the 10,20 and 50 cent coins. Have you ever seen one before or is it rare? Regards Graham


Susan B. Anthony B. Dollar without year on it (06/01/2011)

Hi, I have a Susan B. Anthony B. Dollar and it does not have a year stamped on it. Does this make the coin rare or increase the value of the coin?


1941 german coin (05/04/2011)

hello, i was looking on your website trying to find out about a german coin my father brought back from germany to usa. i did not see this particular one on your website. it says 1941 and a branch with leaves with a big 1 on one side and the other side has bohmen und mahren, cechy a morava. was this equivalent to a penny in the usa? i also have franc paper money from 1944 that have no clue about, if you could tell me about the coin, i would appreciate it, thank you. marilyn byrd


Old German silver coin (05/04/2011)

Sir, i found a coin today while metal detecting along the yellowstone river in prairie county, montana, u.s.a. it is a 1881 "ee" one mark coin in very nice condition. it was found in an area used by the u.s. army cavalry during the indian wars up until 1892. do you know of anyone that might be interested in buying this coin? thank you very much. jim burdette


Clover silver dollar (03/05/2011)

I have a coin from my deceased Grandmother’s collection that I’m trying to research. I’m now wondering if it is a mistake or had been altered. It is a 1974 silver dollar but has a clover over the face/ear on the front of the coin in green – it is partially worn. Would you have any information on such a coin. My regular Email is I can send a scan if that would help.


Rare German coin (01/26/2011)

A couple of days ago I stubled across what appears to be a German coin but im not sure. The coin is gold and on the front has a picture of a man with a largre beard and reads " Karl Koenig Von Wuerttemberg." and has a EXTREMELY small "F" under the portrait of the man. On the back of the coin it says "Deutsches Reich 1890" and also "10 Mark" The back also has a portrait of an eagle of some sort with a crown. I hope you will be able to help me identify the coin so that i will be able to find the prospected value. Thanks a Lot, Gus


1940 lincoln wheat penny (12/23/2010)

I have a 1940 lincoln wheat penny that the backside is upside down from the front. is this the way it should be? or is it a boo-boo? any info would be helpful. jim


Johann Jacob Rechenpfennig (11/17/2010)

I have a Johann Jacob Rechenpfennig. It has a dent on the face and worn can you give me indication of approx value.
Thank You Bill McGregor


1807 Canadian Half Penny (09/27/2010)

I have a Canadian Bank Half Penny and was wondering if you could tell me its' value? Thank You


Prussian coin, 1794 (07/27/2010)

I have a coin that I think is a Prussian coin and have not been able to find more info,any help would be appreciated. It says Fridericus Wilhelm Boruss Rex it has a figure on one side with eagle in a shield on the reverse .Dated 1797 4Gr Pura Colon 84 Exmaica Grochen A. Any information and a possible value in good condition would be appreciated. Thank You for your time. Forrest Hoyt


Can you tell me the year of minting of an Ethiopian coin? (06/18/2010)

Hello, I have an Ethiopian coin. Can you tell me the year of minting? Before 1990 or after? I have only this important. Thank you in advance. Best regards Ferenc Szedlak


Medal inquiry (06/18/2010)

Dear Sir, I have several medals with inscriptions in Latin but of German and Austrian subject. I would be very grateful if you can tell me what they are.
1. Round ( 50mm in diameter) medal with a bust on one side and a monument of a figure on horseback on the other. Inscription around the bust reads: Fridericus II Borrusorum Rex Incipid Regnare XXXI Mai MDCCXL Magnus Ab Integro safclorum Nascitur Ordo. The obverse: Manet Mansurusque Est In Animus Hominum in Afternitate Temporum Friderici Magni Saecularia Regni initi XXXI Mai MDCCCXI.
2. Round medal ( 75mm in diameter) Face: A bust :Fridericus D G Badarum M Dux Rector Heid Perp Obverse: Figure of a woman with scroll in either oustretched hand over 2 medalion busts of 2 men Universitas Heldelbergensis A Ruperto Condita A Carolo Friderico Instaurata Saeculum Sextum Pie Auspicatur A D MDCCCLXXXVI
3. Round medal ( 50mm in diameter) Face : A bust of a man Michael Fischhoff Vorsitzender der Austria zu Breslau Obverse: Figure of a lady sitting looking over a city in a distance In Dank Barkeit Gewidmet 1874-1897 Dem Mitbegrunder des Oester Ungar: Hilfsvereins Austria zu Breslau
4. Rectangular, (55mm/75mm) thin, with ornate writing which is very hard to decifer. Looks like a 50th anniversary of something...A figure of a monk or nun or a prince and a scribe with a scroll is meeting a figure of a messenger (?) or an artist with a lyre or similar musical instrument, 2 feathers in a headband, v.short skirt and jacket. Date 1861-1911 starts with Zum.. or Sum Obverse: written in script Rigaer Mannergesang Verein semms to have something to do with choirs or music...
These have been in my family for years (at least 60) but we have no connection with Germany or Austria. I think they were collected by my grandfather...
With thanks in anticipation of your comments Best regards Krystyna Winslow


Sacagawea For all Seasons coins (06/18/2010)

I have Sacagawea For all Seasons coins and would like to know the worth. I have J. F. Half dollars collections and some statehood quarters collection. Can you share with me about how much they are worth? Rose


Karl Koenig 25th Regierungsjubilaeum Coin (04/27/2010)

I cannot find the value of a coin that was made for Karl Koenig von Wuerttemberg zum 25 jaehrigen Regierungsjubilaeum 25 Juni 1864-1889. The silver coin is in it's original box and in excellent condition. The coin shows the bust of Karl Koenig von Wuerttemberg. Can you help me? Sigrid Forney


Foreign coins and currency for sale (03/24/2010)

Hello my name is Gary Krajewski. I have a number of foreign coins and currency (WWII) mainly and was wondering how I might sell these items. Are you interested in seeing my list for purchase? If not, what is the best way. Thank You! Gary Krajewski


Metal looking Wheat Penny, 1956 D (03/24/2010)

I have a 1956 D Wheat Penny that looks like a steel war penny. I read on your site, this penny should mostly be copper and this penny does not look like it has any copper in it. Do you have any idea why it would look like a steel penny? I have included a picture, sorry, my camera could not get it more clear. Thanks, Sherrie Brunk


1925 penny with die error? (02/11/2010)

Please look at the 2 on this penny. A die error? Never saw this on any other 1925 I' ve had. Thanks, Mike


Austrian Siver coins 25,- and 50,- Schillings (02/10/2010)

I have the whole serie of Austrian 25,. Schilling silver coins and nearly the whole serie auf 50,- schillings printed until1973. Kindly tell me of some of these coins have any value for collectors, mean more than their silver value. Best regrds, Christine Kriz


Susan B Anthony Blank (01/26/2010)

I have a Susan B Anthony Blank. Could you tell me it's value ? Thanks... Larry


1898 Indian Head Penny question (01/25/2010)

I have an Indian Head penny dated 1898. Nothing out of the ordinary, except that on the wreath side it has a round indentation in the center of the striped emblem at the top center of the wreath...almost looks like a gem set... any ideas about what the indentation is? The indentation definitely looks machine tooled. Thank you, Lynn Stakler


1917 US penny with a dot below the year (01/22/2010)

Hello, How are you? I have a 1917 US penny with a dot below the year. Would you know what is the significance of the dot and the value of the coin? Thank you for your insight. Lenka





Odd Coin (01/05/2010)

i found an odd penny medal detecting 1916 penny with no back do you know it vaule? richard whittington


1997-S silver proof dime (12/31/2009)

Sir: I'm in meed of the above coin for my collection. Please send quote for coin and S&H. Patrick J. Hogan


Question on coins (12/31/2009)

I have a 1971 half dollar in decent shape. It appears to have a double stamp, but not on the numbers only on the round ring. Do you know how much this may be worth, cause I can not find anything about it and live in a small town. Plus how do you find out if a 1944 wheat pennie is worth anything? I have two of them.I am to understand that some 1944 wheat pennies are worth much more but unsure of how to tell really. Do they have two minting marks? I am enclosing a picture and I hope you can make it out clearly as my camera is quite cheap. But if you enlarge the picture and look on the top left of the coin as it has two circles. What does that mean? Was it stamped twice? But only the round stamp is stamped twice and not the letters or numbers. Please let me know. Sincerely, Jimmie Stansberry, Jr


German Medal (12/29/2009)

Hello, My grandfather came over to the US from Germany in 1929. I have some kind of medal/coin that I would like to know the value of in US dollars - on the front it has a picture of an man with a tall hat with "WILHELM KRONPREINZ D.DEUTSCH.REICHES U.V.PREUSSEN" inscribed - on the back it has a picture of a soldier with a sword and shield with the inscription of "DEM SIEGER VON LONGWY" and a date 22 AUG 1914. Could you tell me what it is? Thank you. Michele Beith - USA


British 3d Coin (12/06/2009)

Hi i have a 1921 coin, on the front it has leaves going up the side and a big 3 in the middle. Ontop of the 3 is a crown. At the back is a left facing face with the words georgivis v d.g. Britt: omn: rex f.d. Ind: imp: i just would like to know what its worth. If u could let me know it would be much apriciated! Much thanx nico!


German Coin Sets (12/06/2009)

I'm looking for uncirculated or proof sets of East and West German Coins from 1973. Also Austria for 1973. Can you direct me? Thank you Dave Oswald


Old German Coins to Sell (11/10/2009)

Sir, I have Old German Coins (DM). I would like to sell them. Thank you.


1975 5 mark coin without any mintmark (10/19/2009)

Hello I have a 1975 5 mark coin without any mintmark. Is this a common error or a scarcity, and what might it's value be? The condition is VF. If required, I could send a scan. Thank you. Bill Russell


1858 small letter penny (10/07/2009)

Hi, I just wanted to say I also have an 1858 small letter penny .It looks in awesome condition.Still very bright color and I was just wondering if you could perhaps tell me more about it,if you hav e the time.My name is Ron.


Information on penny? (09/16/2009)

Hello, I have really no idea about this but I have a penny........1952 Lincoln wheat with a triple D stamp under the date. Is this rare? I have several coins that have been given to me and I have no idea of their worth or rarity.

Most are in pretty great condition, some are uncirculated. This penny is in great shape with all edges still raised. Can you help me or direct me to someone who can? Thank you, Roxane Adams


Double Die Obverse (09/16/2009)

I have done research and yet I still am not sure what to do with this. The research says in a majority that this can not be a double die, yet pictures have some saying, well maybe. Could you please help me determine the fate of this coin. I am attaching photos of this 2007 Idaho Quarter. The photos were taken with a Intel Play Mircroscope and then exported to photo scape. I embossed one of the photos to show the depth of the doubling. Please be kind enough as to at least tell this very new collector what to do with it. I am wary of coin dealer shops and would like to know if nothing else, if this should be graded. Thank you so much for your time. I understand you get many emails so I expect a more delayed response. I love your website. Thank You, Michelle Castleberry


Coin Values (08/30/2009)

Hi, I'm trying to find out the value of a few coins I have. 1: 1881 Farthing ( Good cond ) VICTORIA D:G: BRITT: REG:F:D: 2: 1902 Sovgn ,Small Gold ( very Good Cond ) IM: OF 1 SOVGN:L:CHR:LAUER:NURNBERG: MADE IN GERMANY. 3: 1862 Half Penny ( worn Cond ) VICTORIA D:G: BRITT: REG:F:D: 4: 1907 One Penny ( worn Cond ) EDWARDVS V11 DEI GRA:BRITT:REX FID: DEF:IND:IMP: I hope you can help me. Thanks Richard.


Taler of Saxony (08/30/2009)

Hello. I can't seem to locate the following German coin on your website for ID. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Silver, 1831 approx 37mm. Obverse: Anton V.G.G. Koenig Von Sachsen Reverse: Feine Mark, 1831 S (mintmark), Zehn Eine Condition: XF Thank you for any help! Scot Hurley Somerset, NJ


Coins for sale/values (06/19/2009)

My name is Debra Parsons, and I have a couple of items that I am interested in selling. 1. Uncirculated roll (original sealed roll from bank - week of issue) Delaware state quarters (with P mintmark) 2. 1964 Silver Quarter (with D mintmark) Please advise if you would be interested in either of these items. Thank you! Debbie


Question about a British India coin i found? (04/15/2009)

I found a coin on the front it has a picture of what i assume is King George. Stamped on the front it says: Emperor King George VI. on back it says: 1/4 rupee i believe. date is 1945. can you tell me anything about this coin. and its value if any. Thank you, Justin. will take a few pictures if you want to see it.


1943 silver penny (04/15/2009)

Hi i have a 1943 silver penny i'm selling


1965 "silver quarters" and Lincoln memorial pennies (04/15/2009)

I recently read a book written by Scott Travers, One-Minute Coin Expert - Fifth Edition (2004), House of Collectilbes, Random House. Mr. Travers states, ..."In 1965, all dimes and quarters were supposed to be made of copper-nickel--but a very small number of quarters got minted by mistake." ..."Unlike 'clad' coins, it won't have a reddish line around the rim." I would like to know if this statement is true?

Question #2
With the use of my eye loupe, I was viewing some 2008 Lincoln memorial cents and noticed, on the obverse(?) (head side) obvious differences on Lincoln's ears, facial expressions (mouth, chin, and eyes (eyes appear to be more open and pupils more prominent or point of vision might be straight ahead or looking in a downwards direction. I was wondering if any of my observations are correct, and if so, how about value? Or perhaps I might need to change my eyeglass prescription?


Coins for sale (04/04/2009)

Hi, I have a collection of coins and I am interested in selling my collection.Presently I have a stock of copper coins from 19th century. These coins are minted during British rule in India and most of the coins is during the reign of King George V and King George VI. These are from 1911 - 1942. They are in Good condition and I have pleanty of them. I want to sell them all. These are colections of my grandfather and my father. Most of the denominations are one quarter anna.I am interesting in selling them and I am looking for a reliable and good buyer who is looking for long term business. If you are interested then I can sure send you the pictures. Sincerely, Fuzail


Lincoln head cent collection (03/06/2009)

I was given a lincoln head cent collection set...not do I complete it? is it worth anything? Regards with blessings, Sherry


Coins of Saxony and Prussia (03/06/2009)

Hello - I stumbled upon your sight while trying to determine the history of a very large silver coin I found in a box of my Mothers things after she died. On the front it says Johann V.G.GO. Koenig Von Sachsen It has the mans bust facing left with a tiny F under it. On the obverse is a crowned coat of arms with a tied back drape around it. The wording over the top are 2 Thaler VII Eine F?Mark 3 1/2 Gulden. Below says Vereins 1855 Munze. unfortunately someone drilled a tiny hole through it near one edge. Around the edge says Sachsen Gott Segne interspersed with crowns, stars and branches or antlers. Any help would be appreciated. I also found an 1805 coin with something like a Prussian eagle in what looks like 4 GB and Wilhelm III Borus on the front. If you can answer, thank you for your trouble. Larry Sutton


Coins and banknotes (03/06/2009)

I have a one penny 1862 victoria, five rand 2000 mandela, five rand 1994 inauguration, five rand 2008 madiba, and a cedis 1999 note 5000.00 of ghana.would you be interested reply this. Best wish. D.M.Lebelo.


German Coin from Prussia (02/17/2009)

Sirs, I am looking for the correct ID and value of a small silver coin. It is approx 17mm diam and has a wreathed head with the wording FRIDERICUS BORUSSUM REX. On the other side it is dated 1784 and has a crowned eagle with an orb under one wing and a sceptre in the other with MONETAARGENT above the eagle and a number 3 below the orb and sceptre. It is in fair condition. Can you help please. Bill W


1871 Wurttemberg 2 Taler Coin (02/17/2009)

Hi, I have a 1871 Wurttemberg 2 (Zwei) Taler (Thaler) that I bought about 25 yrs. ago. I can't find out any information about it. It appears to be in UNC. condition. I have started selling my coins, but don't where to offer this one or what it's worth today. If you could help, I would be grateful. Mimi


German Coin from Hamburg (02/17/2009)

My husband has a coin that we have been unable to find any information. The front has nvmvs-avrevs hambvrgensis 1863 this is on the side of the coin. Could you please help us find any information about this coin? Thank you Dianne Greene


Mai 5 Goetz Bronze Lusitania Medal (01/22/2009)

I have a bronze Luzitania medal, and have no idea if it is authentic or a reproduction for propoganda. How can I distinguish the difference, and what would the value be depending on that discovery? Thank-you, Carol Kushion


1954 SJ wheat penny (01/09/2009)

About 40 years ago I found 1954 wheat penny with the mint marking "SJ". I was about 10 years old at the time. My dad found a coin book at the time that listed it's value at $1.50. A few years ago I told a coin collector about it and he said it was worth a lot. I can not find any place that it is listed and I was told by one dealer that someone added the "J". It does not look that way to me. To you know anything Tom Paul


Would arabic coins from 1920 and 1930's be worth money? (01/09/2009)


Sacagawea Dollar (12/12/2008)

I have 4 Sacagawea Dollars and was wondering their value? All 4 are Uncirculated-60 in sealed plastic with bar code. 2000-P, 2003-P, 2004-D, 2006-P.
Thank You for your time, Doug Carter


Gold Coin (12/12/2008)



Buffalo nickels (11/24/2008)

Hi, I am writing because I have a bag of buffalo nickels that are stamped with F's - very clearly. I can't find anything on the internet about them? I thought that some of the worn ones were worn D's or possibly an error with a stamped P that was partially worn, but the clear ones are F's. Any answers? Thanks for your time.


Roosevelt Dime (11/24/2008)

Greetings. I was wondering if you would mind giving me a little information regarding a Roosevelt dime that I have - mint and date unknown. The coin has a strange blemish that appears to have been caused by the mint. There is a toothed arc nearly encircling Roosevelt's head. I am sorry about the poor quality of the photograph but I lack proper photographic equipment for such a tight shot. I have several collectors interested, may I please have your professional opinion. Thank you, Daniel H. Scharp


Unusual penny 1942 (11/24/2008)

I have a 1942 penny that has the first couple of the letters on America not there. AMER looks like there was some sort of smudge over it cannot see those letters. It almost looks like it was blemished when it was made. Curious Kathleen


George V Coin (10/22/2008)

I found a small coin [trippance] dated or 1919 on the one side 19 3 19 with crown above. Other side georg VS. VDG.BRITT OM; REX. F.D. IND. IMP. IF POSSIBLE, THE VALUE OF THIS COIN .


Your assistance on this penny oddity would be appreciated (10/21/2008)

I was recently rummaging through my childhood penny collection and I stumbled on a 1946 D with an odd flaw. Rather than a known striking error such a double image or strike over, it has a comma-shaped glob of extra copper on it at the right edge. It absolutely does not SEEM to be from wear or nicking. I could not find any reference to such a known error. If unique, does it add any numistic value? Your opinion is appreciated . Thank You. Holly Ptacek


Old US Silver Coins (10/04/2008)

Hello, I would like to see silver coins " THE THIRTEEN FIRST COLONIES" ( US COINS) but I do not have any idea of the price of this collection. Could you help me. Tha nks a lot A.Krecke


1953 D Steel Wheat Cent (10/02/2008)

Wondering if you can verify if what I found is genuine. Amongst the coins my grandfather left me I found a 1953 D Steel Wheat Cent. I used a magnet and yes it did stick to the magnet. I looked in the "United States Coins 2009" 62nd Edition...but no mention of this coin. Would really appreciate it if you can give me some info. on this coin. Jesse


I would like to get an 1847 Seated Liberty (09/13/2008)

I would like to get an 1847 Seated Liberty, I am not too particular about the grade as long as it does not look like it got ran over by a train. Can you guide me to some one who has this coin or do you have this one? Wayne F. Johnston


Old Coins (09/13/2008)

Good morning, I have a collection of old coins, mostly european, and I'd like to know the value of them and whether they might be worth selling. Among them are two Frankfurt coins. One is an 1853 6 Kreutzer coin, the other is a silver Frankfurt Freie Stadt 1860 Ein Vereinsthaler. Can you help in valuing these coins. Wallace Macnow


Elizabeth II Coins for Sale (08/28/2008)

Hello, i have coins to sell. can you buy them? These are for Elizabeth 11 (pences) and the onces with holes in between. im in Namibia, do have a market close to me? Waiting to hear from you. Best regards Fabian


1803 Indian face coin (08/28/2008)

I have a 1803 Indian face coin. It appears to be an Indian chief. It's about the size of a dime. It look like it has been stamped out , and the face comes through the back side. There is no writings on it except for 1803. Possibly made out of thin copper. The detail is very explicit on the coin. You must see this coin to believe it. Please email me back as soon as conveniently possible. I have surfed the Internet for this coin unsuccessfully. Pat Wyrick- Johnson


1919 wheat penny (08/28/2008)

Could you tell me if a coin I have has any value. It is a 1919 penny in good shape that when stamped was somewhat offset/offcenter.
Thanks Bob Siebel


5 mark gold Hamburg 1877 w (08/12/2008)

I have 5 mark gold Hamburg 1877 with mint mark W,and I can not find anything about this coin.Do you have any information about that coin and mint mark.I send scan. picture of that.Weight is about 2 gr.


Search error euro coins (08/12/2008)

Hello i search error euro coins! If you have error coin to sell contact me. Thanks.


Old German Coin (08/12/2008)

Hello ~ I recently found an old coin. I've done a bit of research and I think its German. On the face it states "Ernst August Koenig Von Hannover." Under his picture there is a small "B" On the back there is a coat of arms. The back is a bit worn and I cannot make out all the lettering around the edge. All I can see is "Haler XIV." Any information you give is very appreciated. Thank you!!! Michelle Curry


German? Coins in Texas (07/12/2008)

Hello I have several coins that my father gave to me years ago. Do you evaluate coins or handle coins on consignment? I do not know much about them but If you do I could get digital Photos made and sent to you, They are : 1.einen thaler date 1810, mint is B; on front is crest surrounded by Hieronymus Napoleon 2.Frid.Wilhwith portrait on front, on back year is 1685, Supremus Dux in Prussia with an eagle 3.IIII PFEN:1754 (very thin coin) 4.Spain 2 real 1792 5. 3 Stuber 1792 font, back lion on shield and crown surrounded by Gulich und Berg landmunz(?)


Old German Coin from Bavaria (07/12/2008)

I have an old coin. I'm not even certain it is German but am looking for a history and a valuation. It was given to me by my German Grandmother about 40 years ago. The front of the coin is a bust with flowing hair and the letters surrounding it are D.G.MAXIOUS.U.B R.I.A.&EL.L.L On the back is a relief of some kind. It is a bit worn, but looks like figures within a starburst. It's mint date is 1766 and the words around it are PATRONA BAVARIAE I don't have a clue of where to look for this information. Can someone help me? Linda Voth


New penny (12.07.2008)

I have a new penny that looks like the date was not stamp hard enough. It looks like it suppose to read 200?. Everything else on the penny is legible. Do you think it is worth more than just one cent? Yvonne Mellenberger


Vintage Coin (06/18/2008)

Hey, Hi, I found your website and I have an vintage coin well I think vintage coin. And I heard If it's real old its cost alot and my coin has two dates at the top the date is 1789 and at the bottom the date is 2001.
What does them dates mean?


1888 GOLD NURNBERG COIN (06/18/2008)

I have a gold coin about the size of a United States half dollar. The OBV. has a seated woman placing a wreath on the head of a young boy with the city of Nurnberg in the background." Nurnberg " written above it. The REV. says "gartenbau verein Nurnberg 1888" This coin once belonged to the Lothar and Ottilie von Faber- Castell family. I have many more artifacts and gold coins, gold jewelry, Breguet pocketwatch , medals, pens and pencils that are documented as belonging to this famous family. A few years ago I sold some of the medals that belonged to Lothar back to the Wolfgang von Faber family. Almost everything dates from 1700's to early 1900's. Can you tell me the value of the coin and who might be interested in buying this collection? Thanks, Mike


20 commemorative coins for the 1200th anniversary of Frankfurt (06/18/2008)

Hello! I have a collection of 20 commemorative coins for the 1200th anniversary of Frankfurt. They are .999 silver and all but one are about 40mm with different views of Frankfurt, e.g. Roemer, Kaiserdom, die 4 Warten etc. Any information you may have about this issue including approximate value would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much! MfG Prof. E. Morgan Kelley Richmond, VA


1944 wheat penny (06/18/2008)

I found a 1944 wheat penny yesterday with a D mintmark under the date. I can't tell if it is a D/S mintmark of a D mintmark. I can't get a good picture of it, but is there anyway that you might be able to tell? please e-mail back Also, I found a 1976 bicentennial penny with a marking of the liberty bell above the word "liberty" and an outline of the United States with the intials U.S.A in it above the date. I couldn't get a picture of this either but was hoping if you could tell me if this has any value.


Coin Identification (06/10/2008)

Hi I was wondering if you could help me out with something. I have attached a photo of a 6 coin bracelet. I am just trying to identify the coins without real concern for value. I believe there are three, US 2 1/2 dollar Indian head coins, two 1/10 oz Pandas and not sure about the last one. It says US twenty dollars on the back but is the size of the smaller coins. Could you please confirm these for me. By the way, I do estate buying and occasionally have coins to sell. Do you buy? Thank you very much for nay help you can provide. Steve Policastro


Mexican coin (06/02/2008)

I have a mexican coin the middle of it looks like a penny the outer part is silver. It has some kind of bird with a snake in its mouth on one side on the other side is 1993 N $1 then beside of it has a O with M under the O. Is this worth one dollar or more so you know? Thank You Lisa


Info on german coin (06/02/2008)

Hello, I am trying to find some information on a coin my husband recently purchased. It is a small, extremely thin coin, bronze in colour, about half an inch in diameter. The obverse shows a bust-length profile of a man in an 18th-century style periwig. Around the edge it reads "LUD XIV ..." (I wasn't able to make out the other letters and haven't had a chance to look with a magnifying glass yet). The reverse shows a lion with "JOHANN CHRISTIAN REICH" around the edge. The vendor we bought it from (at a local antiques fair) had it marked as an 18th century German coin. I don't know much about numismatics, but it seems strange to me that there is a proper name on the reverse, and no denomination markings (as far as I can tell). We had wondered if it were some sort of commemorative medal. I would be interested to hear your opinion on the age/place of origin of this coin.
We're not interested in an appraisal as much as some "biographical" information. Thanks in advance for your help, Jenny Herring


2-headed quarter dated 1987 and 1986 (05/21/2008)

I have a 2-headed quarter dated 1987 and 1986. Is there any value to this coin?


Three Coins (05/21/2008)

Hello, I have 3 coins and I was wondering if you knew a lot about coins? I was looking for research on my coins and I couldnt find anything, could you please let me know if you about coins? Thank you so much in advance... Amber


Old Unknown Coins (05/21/2008)

Can anyone tell me what these are? I think they are coins as they are all stamped the same and have the same shape. I polished this one so you can see the details on the front and back. Any feedback would be appreciated.


1934 $20 (05/07/2008)

Dear Sirs, My mother never told me about this coin, and I found it in her safety deposit box after she died. she was born in 1934. It has a walking liberty woman with the date of 1934 on one side and an eagle with UNITED STATES of AMERICA / TWENTY DOLLARS on the other side. It is enclosed with a gold ring and circle, I assume, to hang from necklace. There appears to be a gold screw holding the circle together. However it is only about 3/8's of an inch. Can you tell me anything about this piece? Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, Janiece Knutson


1839 Prussian Medal (05/07/2008)

I have attached some pictures of a coin that I have and I was hoping you could give me information and approximate value. Thank You. Brenda


Faceless penny (05/07/2008)

Hi, I had gotten a roll of uncirculated pennies @ the bank & in this roll there was a faceless penny (not stamped). it's was the same color as the rest, it felt the same as the rest. Is this possible? & if so... Is there any worth to it? Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Mary Sandoval


Unidentified Antique Coin (05/07/2008)

Can you identify the coin in the attached photos? This was with a group of coins my grandfather gave my son. It was with a 1900 Indian head penny and an 1848 liberty head penny. Any information would be helpful. Thank you so much Mary Ellen Hendrick


Unidentified Old Coins (05/07/2008)

I looked thru your site, an it helped me identify several coins, but I can't find some, I have a german 1935 coin that looks like it has a stalk of wheat or hay on it. Also I have a coin dated 1912 an I think its Hungarian because it has a Hungarian symbol on it. Also have two coins I think are Danish in origin but not sure. Can you help me make a approximate value??


1891 Austrian Coin (04/10/2008)

In going through some old coins, I found one that looks like a penny. On one side it has a 1 and 1891 in the middle with some kind of leafy wreath around it. on the other side it has a 2-headed bird with a shield in front of it, with a sword in one foot and a globe in the other. Around the edge are the words Sheidemunze K K Oesterreichische. My grandparents came to the US in the late 1800's, so perhaps they brought this with them. Is it of any value?


1567 Coin (04/01/2008)

I found this coin recently in Bavaria and was curious if you could tell me the history and value. Thank you, Bob


State quarters (03/25/2008)

Hi, Do proof state quarters weigh the same as regular issue state quarters? The US Mint website gives specs on cupro-nickel clad quarters (weight of 5.670 grams etc.) but not on the (.900 silver?) proof quarters. Thanks for any help, Price Locke


Prussian 1764 Coin (03/25/2008)

Hello, I have a coin that I can't seem to find out too much info on. It is a silver coin with Fridericus Borussorum Rex on the front side of the coin. The reverse side has a date on the top of the coin 1764 and moneta argentea engraved on the sides. Under the eagles tail there is the letter J to the left and the number 8 to the right side. Under that is the letter E. So if there is any info you can help me out with I would appreciate it very much. Kind regards. Mike


1966 Dime (03/25/2008)

I have a dime from 1966 that I received the other day and it has the mint mark of an extremely small JS. What does the J mean? I have never seen a marking like this before. Its very small and more to the left of the date than usual mint marks I see. Can you tell me anything on this dime? Thanks, Dallas Y.


1830 Baden Coin (03/14/2008)

I have a coin my father left me that has a bust of a man with the words: Ludwig Grosherzog Von Baden on the front and the back is almost totally worn. I think is see a date of 1830. I've looked up and down the internet without success. Do you have any info? Adrienne


East Indian Company 1818 1 Anna Coin (03/14/2008)

Hello. Please inform value of an East Indian Company 1818 1 anna copper coin. I enclose herewith an image of coin. Rgds j. ashok


Mexican Coin (03/08/2008)

I bought a vehicle-- in the ashetray- was a -- Silver Coin from Mexico-- It has on one side-- A man's face with --torso-Cien pesos- 1978-plata pura 20 Cr Lev .720----on the back side it has--Estados unidos mexicanos- Excellent condition. What is it worth? and where can I cash it in? Or should I drill a hole at the top and put it on my Dogs Colar? Thanks for your help- Roy


1964 US silver quarters (03/08/2008)

I have $100. face value of 1964 US silver quarters. What will you pay me for them?


Prussian Coin (02/29/2008)

I have a coin that I can,t find any information on. On one side there is a potrait and the words Wilhelm Koenig Von Preussen, on the other side is 30 Einen Thaler at the top 1 Silber Groschen in the middle followed underneath 1871 A and on the bottom Scheide Munze. could you give me some information on this coin and value. Thank you Tom


JFK coin? (02/29/2008)

My grandfather had died and was a collector of coins. He had a coin that was from a campaign of JFK’s at a dinner and reception on April 28, 1961 in Cook County. On the front it has a profile shot of JFK, with his name and on the back it says, Democratic Party of Cook County Reception and dinner, April 28, 1961, Richard J. Daley and Chairman. Can anyone tell me about this coin that is unusual and interesting?


German Medals (02/29/2008)

Was wondering if you could tell me something of two medals found in brother's belongings. the first is 1 1/2 inch across with a profile of Wilhelm with helmet. (front) with the following: Wilhelm der Grosse Deutscher Kaiser on the left of Wilhelm and on right is Koenig von Preussen. On the back says: Zum Andenken an den Hundertsten Geburtstag des Grossen Kaisers Wilhelm I 1797-22 Maerz-1897 and below this and to the left is a leafy design and i think a crown. Not able to get a good photo. - the second one is 1 1/8inch across, gold colored and is made with a loop at top for hanging. It is what I think is a kaiser cross and in center is 1870 1871 encircled with a laurel wreath. The back side has the following along the outer circle" Gott war mit uns Thm fsi dir Obre then a star. In the center is a crown over a W with words: dem ftegreichen Seere. Appreciate your help best regards, John


1911 German Three Mark Coin (02/15/2008)

Could you give a price on a silver commemorative wilhelm und charlotte 1886- 1911. It is dated 1911 on the rear and says 'drei mark ' as well as having an eagle and crown in raised relief.It also has the words 'deutsches reich ' round the perimeter . thankyou Igor


What are the 2007 Kennedy P & D & S proof coins worth? (02/05/2008)

What are the 2007 Kennedy P & D & S proof coins worth?


Philippine coin (02/05/2008)

I have a coin that was minted between 1920 and 1928 that is a twenty centavo piece on one side and on the other side says "United States of America" with a crest and eagle on it. The coin is inside a coin sleeve where it has remained for years and I am not able to determine the exact date, even though the coin sleeve says 1921. It appears to be a coin minted in the Philippines. How would I be able to determine it's value? It also says on the coin sleeve " .750 silver and .0965 oz ASW.
Any information you can furnish would be appreciated. Thanks. Jay


Old German Coins (02/05/2008)

To whom this may concern, i have collected somecoin from germany. is there any way you give me a value of these coins ? 1st is 1559 Germany-Lubeck Taler it has on obverse 2 headed imperial eagle with inscription "new money of Lubeck 1559 and reverse has Saint with coat of arms of Lubeck below with inscription around Imperial City, 2nd is 1672 1/3 Taler Saxony with bare head of King Johann Georg II legend around mint mark below,reverse has Crowned Coat of Arms below is the date and value on left and right. 3rd is 1761 Wurzburg 1/2 Taler Bishop Adam Friedrich (1755-1779) on the obverse is half lenth clerical bust facing right,reverse has standing Madonna with child supported on a frame. i only have pictures the 1559 Lubeck. if you could possibly help me with these on value or where to go to find out i would greatly appreciate very much THANK YOU FOR TIME ! Ed


1946 Nickel - No Mint Mark (01/18/2008)

Let's say I have a friend that has a 1946 nickel with no mint mark. How would this friend go about finding out if it is a Henning for sure? Sincerely, Steve Wilson


Old coins and banknotes (01/08/2008)

Hi there: My mother in law just gave me a big bag full of coins from her parents that passed away. Actually her older sister had gotten them when their parents died and her sister passed away just before Christmas. There are many silver dollars dated 1881, 1883 and 1886. Several Indian head pennies, buffalo nickels, two dollar notes, half centavos (Filipinis) etc. There is one coin I cannot find any information on: Deutsches Reich 1876 Zwei Mark (on one side with a family crest image it appears) on the other side it says: Freie Hansestadt Hamburg and the picture is of two lions on either side of what appears to be a castle and perhaps another crest. Any help you could provide on this coin would be appreciated. I live in NJ and would like to take these to a dealer to be appraised, can you recommend one? I appreciate your help in advance. Suzann


1945 S penny that has a raised stamp on the front (01/08/2008)

I have a 1945 S coin that has a raised stamp on the front. Can you tell me what this is and if it has any value or meaning? I will attach some photo's
Thank You Cathy


Old Dutch Coin (27.12.2007)

Hello, I have a 1861 Willem III Koniang Der Ned D.G.H.V.L. coin. Can you tell me anything about it? Dutch? Netherlands? German? Price? Thanks!


Braided Hair Large Cent (12/18/2007)

Hi, I have searched high and low for any other coins like this. I have an 1852 Braided Hair Large Cent coin with "Cleveland & Thurman.1888." engraved around the rim of the front side of the coin. I am wondering how much this is worth, since not only is it an old coin but its also a campaign pressed coin. Any information will be most appreciated! I've included pictures of my coin. Thank you


Buffalo nickel with no date (12/04/2007)

Hi, I tried searching everywhere online for value of a buffalo nickel with no date with buffalo standing on a line. Is this info on your website. Thanks Karen


Double Headed Quarters (12/04/2007)

Hi I came across a quarter that has a head on both sides one side has a year of 1986 the other has the year 1973. Is this worth anything? Thank You Sandra


Colorado state quarter with an imperfection (12/04/2007)

Hello, I was checking my state quarters and I found a Colorado state quarter with an imperfection in the design. The back of the quarter was different from the rest of my Colorado state quarters. Has anyone else discovered this imperfection (like the ones in the Wisconsin and Minnesota state quarters)? Who do I contact to find out if it was a geniune mistake? Thank you for your time and information.


1988 Brass penny? (11/26/2007)

While looking through my change, I found a 1988 D penny, that was a different color from the rest of the pennies. It seems to be like a brass color, with hints of copper on ridges throughout the coin. Could this penny be a rare find, or something else. If it is a rare find, would you let me know the possible value of such a coin, at good quality. Any information would be helpful, thank you very much for your time. Sincerely, Carlos Duran


1974 Canadian Queen Elizabeth 1 Cent (11/26/2007)

Hi..I was wondering did my 1974 Canadian Queen Elizabeth 1 Cent was worth anything please email me back thank u


1957 Silver Penny (10/18/2007)

I am trying to find out any information on the value of a silver penny dated 1957. I have checked many web sites and looked in many coin books but have not found any thing about it. Do you have any information on this coin.


German Coin from Prussia (10/18/2007)

I have a coin that I have not been able to identify. On one side, it has three busts stacked on each other. Around this it reads: Wilhelm I Friedrich III Wilhelm II. The reverse side has an eagle. The date looks like 1888 or 1898 ( the coin is not in good shape, so it is hard to read). It is difficult to read the rest of the coin. Is this enough information for you to assist me in identifying this coin?


Buffalo nickel with no date (10/06/2007)

I have a buffalo nickel with no date on it. Why would is that? Thanks, Regina


RARE PENNIES (09/23/2007)

Can you please look at these pennies and give me some idea of what the value of these two unique, one of a kind pennies would be. 1936 Penny - Has the letters "ERT" indented and backwards on Lincoln's shoulder. After the ERT and after the T, there's a little portion of the "Y" and in the rim it appears to be an "L". On the backside of the coin, the "A" in America is very narrow and is not consistent with the other a's. 1951D Penny - On the front, the date and Lincoln's Jacket are not consistent with other pennies from that year. Some of the words "IN GOD WE TRUST" look as if they appear to be molded into the rim of the penny. On the backside of this coin, on the right side, the wheat stalk on the top has the grain raised off to the right. This coin has been un circulated for approximately 40 years as it has been in my coin book since boyhood. Any insite and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Tim Ash


1934 George V Penny (09/23/2007)

I have a penny as listed above that I would consider to be a unc grade. How do I go about selling it? Appreciate your following up with me. Regards, Gerald Collins


Want to buy East African coins (09/23/2007)

Hi, I am looking to buy East African coins. Please send me in English a list . Riyaz Adat


V Cents 1914 F (09/23/2007)

Hello, I have found a coin of 5 cents 1914 F. I dont found this coin on the site. What do you think about his price ? (if you need a foto I can do it) Thanks for your answer. phil


Can you identify this coin? (09/23/2007)

HI, My husband was walking the river in Brady Nebraska. The Platte River. He found a medal coin the size of a US Half Dollar. what we can tell is it has the year 1930 imprinted on it toward the top. A small eagle holding a swastica toward the bottom, something that looks like a tower on the left and something with a wheel on the right. The other side is very weatherd but we can make out Ziemer sohne written towards the middle of the coin. Do you know what this is or what it was used for? Thank you and Let us know anything you might know about it. Misty Horn


Old Coins (09/23/2007)

Aloha. I have a 1876B "zwei mark" (VF). I have a 1899 "funf mark" (VF). I have a 1907 "funf mark" (VF). I have a 1910 "drei mark" (VF). I have a 1943 "funf mark" (VF). I haave a 1932 "un peso" (VF). I have a 1921 "dos pesos" (VF). I have a 1914 2 1/2 dollar gold piece (VF). I have a 1982 1 onza ley=.999 (VF). I have a 1978 "cien pesos" ley=.720 (XF). I have a 1865 "3 cent nickel" (VF). I have a bunch of coins actually and I do have lists but it may be more than what you would want to deal with. I have a bunch of mexican coins ranging >from 1898 to 1964. Is there any value in mexican coins? Can you please help me with these ones at least. Mahalo Debbie


German Notgeld Coin (09/23/2007)

I have a square German coin - Date 1920. Value 50 pfennig. Stadt Mulheima.D.R On the reverse - Wavollheiverde Woll. Please can you give me any information about it and a valuation?


1913 wheat penny (09/14/2007)

I have an oddity. A 1913 wheat penny that appears to be made from something other then copper. It looks silver. Have you ever heard or seen anything like this? It is definitely a 1913 not a 1943.


1799 gold friedrich wilhelm III coin and tin (09/14/2007)

We have metal box about 5 inches oval with either gold or brass lining that has a gold 1799 fried Wilhelm III coin mounted in the center of the lid. The box was acquired in Berlin around 1945. Would appreciate any history or information on this item. Thanks Thurston James


1943 penny (09/14/2007)

hello, my name is angela mills and i was going through my papaws old coins and among them i found an old 1943 penny. it struck me odd because its color is different from other pennies. how can i tell if it is steal or zinc, etc.? please write back


Gold and Silver Numismatic Coin of Prophet's Mosque(Masjid-e-Nabavi) (09/14/2007)

Hi, I would like to sell my Gold and Silver Numismatic Coin of Prophet's Mosque(Masjid-e-Nabavi). Please email me for document with description about the coin and the photos of the gold and silver coin. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you Mohamed Rafik


Indian Head Pennies (09/14/2007)

Ever so often I see a penny described with 4 Diamonds or 2 Diamonds. If you have the time, would you please explain to me what this means. Thank you.


200_ Penny (09/04/2007)

I have a 200_ penny (The fourth number is not visible because the penny was double stamped. Could you let me know if it is of any value? It is in excellent shape,like brand new. Johnny


Wheat Penny Question (09/04/2007)

Dear Thomas, I have come across a most unique Lincolnn wheat penny. It seems to have been minted with a missing digit in the date "195_ D". Do you know anything about this penny? Thankyou, Wendy


Benjamin Franklin 100$ banknote collectable coin (08/24/2007)

I have in my posession a Benjamin Franklin 100$ banknote collectable coin. I was wondering if this is the same as a 100$ bill basically? Is it's value around 100$? Any info is appreciated. Thankyou


Notgeld of the city of Trier (08/24/2007)

I have just obtained several old German coins and among them was this coin which I can't identify. Can you help me with identification and a estimate of it's value ? Thanks Gary Milton, Wisconsin


German gold coin (08/17/2007)

Have a question. Is this a German gold coin or plated coin. It weights about 51 grams. It's marked 1000 on the side of the coin. Thanks!


Pennies without reverse (08/17/2007)

Hey I was wondering. I have a 1990 penny and a 1981 penny with no reserve. I was wondering if they are worth some money.


Mis strike on 1944 Wheat Penny (08/06/2007)

Do you think you could offer an opinion on the possible value of a mis-strike on the date of a 1944 Wheat Penny? Thanks in advance, Tim Birney


Old Pfennig (08/06/2007)

Hi. My name is Larry and I have a question. I have come in possession of an 1807 H 1 Pfennig. I have been looking all over and I can not find out anything about it. You show in your coins 1772 - 1806 and then 1808. You show nothing of the 1807. Can you give me some help on this? Thank you. Larry.


1559 german lubeck taler (08/06/2007)

yes i'm hunting for information on a 1559 germany lubeck taler. on the obverse has two headed imperial eagle with inscription monita nova lvbecken 1559 surrounding.the reverse has saint with coat of arms of lubeck below,around is the inscription imperialis civitatis with looks like a shield at the beginning and end. it's a little bigger than size of a U.S silver dollar .if you have any information on silver content if , or value it would be greatly appreciated .my e-mail address is ( thank you very much Ed Cole


1976 half dollar wrong metal? (07/28/2007)

I have come across a 1976 kennedy half that is a gold color, but not gold. Have you heard of any errors of this kind. It measures and weighs out to mint specs. The color looks like a cross between gold and copper, leaning more toward the gold color. Do you know where I could find any info concerning a possible error of this sort? Thank you, Ed.


1836 Candian Penny (07/28/2007)

Hello, I have an 1836 Candian Penny and have tried in vain to find the value anywhere on the internet. I was wondering if you could help me out. - Thank You - Susie


195 wheat penny - missing the last digit of year (07/19/2007)

This coin is missing the last # of year, does it have any value. thanks


Questions with Answers

EURO Proof sets (10/13/2006)

I am looking for EURO Proof sets. Could you please inform me of the prices and availability of EURO Proof sets for all the countries who released them to date. I saw your website but could you please send me a more simplified list for sets as well as prices mand availability.
Best regards, Paul Z (South Africa)

E-Mail We published a list in german language with the values of these sets. This is a value list and not a price list. doesn't sell coins.

German Coins (04/28/2006)

Hello there, I wonder if you could help me. I am not interested in trading in coins,  but with doing some family research I have come accross documents that
have detailed money as in values and taxes. Unfortunately I don't quite understand it. There is reference to pfennig which are pennies, but also Grote (?)
Guiden or is it gulden. eg the tax required was 10 guidens 25 grote and 1 pfennig. This is dated  1525. If you could erhaps explain this I would be most oblidged Robyn Armstrong (Mrs) New Zealand

E-Mail Grote was a currency unit in northern german countries like Bremen and Oldenburg. The first Groten (=Groschen) coins were issued in 14 th Century. In Bremen 72 Grote was 1 Thaler during the 19 th century. Guiden is also a currency unit. More about Gulden

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