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1793 Liberty Cap Half Cent

Values of Liberty Cap Half Cents 1793 - 1797



New Slovak silver collector coin 10 euro "Anton Bernolak – the 250th Anniversary of the Birth" (09/27/2012)

Anton Bernolak (3 Oct. 1762 - 15 Jan. 1813) is one of the most notable figures in Slovak history and was a leading personality of Slovak national life in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. He was a Catholic priest and prominent linguist who became the first person to codify the Slovak language. In addition, he was an active promoter of Slovak national life and education.
Coin’s data
Designer: Pavel Károly
Material: Ag 900, Cu 100
Weight: 18 g
Diameter: 34 mm

Number of pieces minted: BU quality: 5200 proof quality: 6950
Date of issue: 18 September 2012
Current price: BU 24,90€ Proof: 29,70€


Major Roman Hoard Found in Britain (05/30/2012)

What is believed to be the fifth largest hoard of ancient Roman coins ever unearthed in Great Britain was recently announced through Roman Baths, the organization that hopes to become the conservator of the find.


Morgans Fluctuate Up and Down (05/30/2012)

The Morgan dollar series has been very active with common date issues adjusting to current bullion levels and better dates seeking equilibrium in our current economy. I like what I see in the current market.


Early Half Dimes Worth Exploring? (05/30/2012)

If you are like most collectors, chances are you have never seen a half dime unless you happened to see them in an exhibit at a coin show or on display at the museum.


1895-S Not a Typical Morgan Dollar (11/07/2011)

The 1895-S is definitely not your typical well struck and generally available San Francisco Morgan dollar. In fact, if anything, it is more like the not-readily-available 1893-S.


Slovakia - Silver 10 coin - Jan Cikker the 100th Anniversary of the Birth (09/12/2011)

Kremnica Mint offers you the newest Slovak silver collector coin in nominal value of 10 euro "Jan Cikker – the 100th Anniversary of the Birth".

Ján Cikker (29 July 1911 - 21 December 1989) is one of the most distinguished Slovak composers and a leading representative of Slovak classical music. His talent and creativity resulted in work of great artistic value that has proved an inspiration to subsequent generations of composers. He is among the best of what Slovakia can offer the world in the field of culture and arts.
While his work ran a gamut of genres, it was in opera where he had the greatest impact, achieving success at the world's major playhouses with the operas Juro Jánošík, Beg Bajazid, Mister Scrooge, Resurrection, Play about Love and Death, Coriolanus, The Siege of Bystrica, Judgment, and From the Life of Insects.
In recognition of his work, he was awarded Vienna University's Gottfried von Herder Prize for humanism and ethical principles (1966) and the UNESCO prize for music (1979), as well as being granted the title of National Artist in Slovakia. In 2011, he was posthumously awarded the Order of Ľudovít Štúr - First Class. (source: NBS)

Coin’s data

Designers: PhDr. Kliment Mitura
Material: Ag 900, Cu 100
Weight: 18 g
Diameter: 34 mm
(Music – the universal language of mankind) Producer: Kremnica Mint
Number of pieces minted: BU quality: 7900 proof quality: 8900
Price: BU 25.4€ Proof: 30.3€

You can order the coin via online shop at 


Is This End of Road for 1933 $20s? (09/12/2011)

It ended with a unanimous verdict of a jury of their peers, ruling that 10 1933 double eagle gold pieces were illegally removed from the Philadelphia Mint.


Five-Coin Eagle Set for 25th Anniversary (09/12/2011)

Although the U.S. Mint will not put the "S" mintmark on 1 ounce 2011 silver American Eagle bullion coins struck in San Francisco, the Western mint's iconic letter will still appear on a silver Eagle this year.


1899 Morgan Had Role in Roy Rogers Movie (09/12/2011)

You might say that an 1899 Morgan dollar had a starring role in a Roy Rogers movie released in 1948, "Night Time in Nevada." In the story, a murdered miner's lucky silver dollar points his daughter and Roy in the killer's direction.


Cherrypicking the Best Coins (09/12/2011)

The term cherrypicking is generally taken to mean searching for unattributed and scarce die varieties in a dealer's stock. When found, these unrecognized gems can often be purchased for a fraction of their true value.


1795 Silver Dollar Tops Long Beach - By Numismatic News (07/08/2011)

A 1795 Flowing Hair silver dollar highlighted the results of an approximately $13 million auction conducted by Heritage Auctions June 1 in Long Beach, Calif.  The Two Leaves silver dollar, B-2, BB-20, realized $253,000 at the Signature Sale. It was graded MS-65 by Numismatic Guaranty Corp.


Bratislava Collectors Days 2011 (06/01/2011)

Mincovna Kremnica will participate on the international collector fair Bratislava Collectors Days 2011 (June 3-4). Bratislava Collector Days that will take place at Incheba, is considered as the key fair in Slovakia focusing on collectors.

You all are invited to visit our booth nr. 300. where will be exhibited various products and introduced the latest coin set Historical Regions of Slovakia 2011 – Ponitrie, Trnavsko as well as the silver collector coin in nominal value of 10 euro Memorandum of the Slovak Nation - the 150th anniversary of the adoption.

We will also exhibit the winners medals of the 2011 IIHF World Championship!! Medals for the hockey championship were minted in Kremnica Mint, author of the design is Martin Zlejší.


Money Flows into Morgan Silver Dollars (06/01/2011)

The past month the coin market has been dominated by precious metals, especially silver with a near parabolic rise to just under $50 followed by a 30 percent correction.


Gold Eagle Starts Slow (06/01/2011)

After a two-year absence in 2009 and 2010, the uncirculated 1 ounce American Eagle gold piece with the mintmark has returned.


Early U.S. Coin History with Tom LaMarre - Hail to the 'Thrip' (01.06.2011)

The silver three-cent piece came into existence for the convenience of purchasing a single postage stamp. But the Mint had a hard time striking the tiny coins, which were easily lost and disappeared from circulation during the Civil War.

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Values of BRD Euro Commemorative Coin Sets (05/30/2011)

New: Values of BRD Euro commemorative coin Sets in cons database.

More: 2 Euro-Commemorative Coin Sets - 10 Euro-Commemorative Coin Sets

Silver coins and silver bullion at sorted by countries and other topics (05/04/2011)

Many people are looking in the moment for silver because they are viewed by investors as a "hedge" against inflation or a store of value.
You can find a lot of Silver coins which derive their value from the metal (silver) content and / or their numismatic at For your help:
This new list shows silver coins and silver bullion lots which are offered in the moment at sorted by countries and other topics.

Canadian silver coin


1oz. Gold Eagle Sales Start Strong (05/04/2011)

By the fourth day of sales, the U.S. Mint reported that a quarter of the 2011 1 ounce gold proof American Eagle coins had been purchased by collectors.


Silver: Rising Prices Over 80 Years (05/04/2011)

Let's take a look at what happened to last year's bullion coins, whose face value is making them stand out in a really different way.


Gold $1 Started Strong Then Faded (05/04/2011)

The U.S. dollar hasn't been technically backed by gold in any form since 1971 and the ability of Americans to spend gold dollars was outlawed in 1933.


United States Wasn't First to Use 'IN GOD WE TRUST' (04/01/2011)

The motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" has over the years become seemingly an automatic adjunct of our coinage. It is not without controversy, oddly in both directions.


10 Euro Documents of Zobor - the 900th anniversary of the origin (03/08/2011)

The issued day of the silver collector coin in nominal value of 10 euro Documents of Zobor - the 900th anniversary of the origin will be March 16, 2011.
Designer: Mgr. art. Peter Valach Material: Ag 900, Cu 100 Weight: 18 g Diameter: 34 mm


New coin values at Values of Liberty Cap Half Cents 1793 - 1797 (02/19/2011)


A new page of shows the values of Liberty Cap Half Cents. The Liberty Cap cent was issued by the mint from 1793–1797.

Most of these coins are valuable especially if their condition is better than grade f.

1793 Liberty Cap Half Cent


Reagan Coin Bill Introduced (02/18/2011)

Legislation drafted on the occasion of the centennial of the birth of Ronald Reagan Feb. 6 calls for 50,000 $5 gold pieces and 300,000 silver dollars.

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New coin values at Values of Liberty Cap Pennies 1793 - 1796 (01/21/2011)


A new page of shows the values of Liberty Cap Cents.

The Liberty Cap cent was issued by the mint from 1793–1796
In 1795, the planchets became too thin for anymore use of edge lettering on the coins, so coins from late-1795 onward have no edge lettering.

Most of these coins are valuable especially if their condition is better than grade f.


1794 Liberty Cap Cent


New coin values at Values of Flowing Hair Half Dimes 1794 - 1795  (01/14/2011)


A new page of shows the values of Flowing Hair Half Dimes. Flowing Hair Half Dimes were issued between 1794 and 1795 at a low mintage of 86,146 coins for both years together. These coins are therefore rather  rare


Flowing Hair Half Dime


New coin values at Values of Draped Bust Half Dimes 1796 - 1805  (01/13/2011)


A new page of shows the values of Draped Bust Half Dimes.
Draped Bust Half Dimes. were first issued with a small eagle on the reverse between 1796 and 1797 and then from 1800 - 1805 with a
heraldic eagle reverse and most of them are very valuable.


Draped Bust Half Dime


Micro Nations Prosper in Coins (12/23/2010)

There are more places than you might think that exist in someone's mind, but their physical existence may be limited to fantasy coins or perhaps to some place that may only be visible at low tide.


The Legendary 1799 Cent (12/23/2010)

There's something exceptional about any U.S. coin from the 1700s. Part of the magic is in the date. It isn't every day you see a coin more than 200 years old.


Saint-Gaudens' Other Gold Gem (12/23/2010)

When coin collectors think of the famous sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, what coin series comes to mind? Gold $20. But Saint-Gaudens created another design used on U.S. circulating gold coins: the Indian Head design.


Krause Publications Announces Coin of the Year Award Winners (11/17/2010)

IOLA, Wis. (Nov. 16, 2010) -- Ten 2009-dated coins have been honored with Coin of the Year Awards for 2011 by World Coin News magazine and its partner website,

An international panel of more than 60 judges selected the winners from hundreds of nominated coins during balloting, which concluded in early November. The awards will be presented Jan. 29, 2011, in a special ceremony during the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany.

"Coin of the Year voting is always an exciting time in our office," said Krause Publications Coin of the Year coordinator Lisa Bellavin. "The field of exceptional work is so wide, yet when the decision is left to the judges, there's usually a pretty clear consensus of what stands out as excellent, even though the judges come from different countries and areas of the hobby. This speaks to the power of the compelling art and design displayed on the winning coins."

The 2011 winners include:

Most Historically Significant: Kazakhstan – 100 Tenge, silver, Attila the Hun
Best Contemporary Event: France – 10 Euro, silver, Fall of Berlin Wall
Best Gold: South Africa – 100 Rand, gold, White Rhino
Best Silver: Canada – 20 Dollars, silver, Crystal Snowflake
Best Crown: Finland – 20 Euro, silver, Peace and Security
Most Popular: Austria – 10 Euro, silver, Basilisk of Vienna
Best Trade: Slovakia – 2 Euro, bi-metallic, First Year of Euro Issuance
Most Innovative: British Indian Ocean Territory – 2 Pounds, silver-crystal, Life of the Sea Turtle
Most Artistic: Canada – 300 Dollars, gold, Native American Summer Moon Mask
Most Inspirational: France – 10 Euro, silver, Mother Teresa and Child Voting for the overall Coin of the Year, as well as the People's Choice award, will begin shortly, with winners also unveiled online and at the World Money Fair.

Lincoln $1 Launch Nov. 19 (11/17/2010)

Abraham Lincoln's Presidential dollar will be formally launched Nov. 19 at the 16th President's cottage on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C.


Bronze Cent Sets Record (09/27/2010)

A 1943-D Lincoln cent made of bronze instead off wartime steel has brought $1.7 million in a private transactions between two anonymous parties.


Collectible Error Cents (08/30/2010)

Because of the set's popularity and the number of collectors of it, many error varieties have been found in the Lincoln cent series.


The First Mini-Dollar (07/27/2010)

Thirty years ago, newspapers called it a flop—a costly fiasco, an egg laid by the Treasury Department. The Susan B. Anthony dollar was minted only from 1979-1981, and then one more time in 1999. But you can hardly call it a failure.


Krause Publications Seeks Authors, Writers (07/27/2010)

IOLA, Wis. (July 21, 2010) -- Krause Publications, a leading producer of coin and paper money books, magazines, online properties and events, invites numismatic authors and writers to visit its booth at the World's Fair of Money this August.

"We are always on the lookout for great book ideas, magazine articles, or multimedia content," said KP numismatics publisher Scott Tappa. "I would encourage anyone with an idea they would like to publish to stop by our booth and share it with us."

At the American Numismatic Association event in Boston, KP will be situated in booths 1629 and 1631.

Authors looking to speak with a KP representative are encouraged to visit the booths and ask for:

-Debbie Bradley, editorial director
-Dave Harper, editor, Numismatic News
-Bob Van Ryzin, editor, Coins and Bank Note Reporter
-Scott Tappa, publisher

The KP numismatics booth will be open during general public bourse hours from August 10-14. For more information about KP's line of products visit . For more information about the World's Fair of Money visit .

Kublai Khan Ingot Sells for $64,900 (07/27/2010)

Ponterio & Associates, a division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, realized $1,608,082 as the official auctioneer of the June 2010 Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo.


New One-Ounce Gold $5 Proposed (07/27/2010)

A new high-relief, one-ounce gold piece with a denomination of $5 would be authorized as a commemorative coin if Congress passes the United States Marshal Service 225th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Act.


Set of Slovak euro coins 2010 "Historical Regions of Slovakia Turiec, Tekov, Podsitniansko" issued (07/14/2010)

Kremnica Mint issued the set of Slovak euro coins Historical Regions of Slovakia – Turiec, Tekov, Podsitniansko. Since July 6 you can purchase this coin set directly via online shop at .
Price: 15,99€ Mintage: 12000 pcs Finishing: shiny, FDC

More information about the set and its images available at 

Half Dimes Started With 'Half Disme' (07/14/2010)

The list of most historic coins of the United States is one where many can disagree. That is especially true in the case of the 1792 half disme, but as with all other early half dimes, the 1792 is certainly an interesting item.


New Slovakian 2€ coin cards edition (06/18/2010)

Kremnica Mint is planning to start issuing the commemorative 2€ coins in coin cards. We will so offer a great opportunity for both experienced and new collectors to start their own unique 2€ coin card collection. Coin cards from the new, beginning edition of coin cards with commemorative 2€ coins issued by Kremnica Mint will start with 2€ coins from the year 2009. The first collector coin card will include the commemorative 2€ coin "10 years of Economic and Monetary Union" (this coin was issued in 2009). Next will be the coin card with y.2009 2€ coin "17th November – Day of the fight for freedom and democracy - the 20th anniversary". After these two coins, we will continue with coin cards covering the commemorative 2€ coins that will be issued according to the issue plan of NBS. Coin cards will be issued in a limited quantity (the exact number of pieces and price will be specified later).


U.S. Coin Market Update with Harry Miller (06/18/2010)

Proof Gold, Silver Eagles Still Selling
The Long Beach Expo ended last Saturday and was not only well attended but business was brisk despite falling precious metals prices, usually a harbinger of fear in the market.


Silver collector 10€ coin - Martin Kukucin - the 150th anniversary of the birth (05/25/2010)

On May 3, 2010 will be issued also silver collector 10€ coin - Martin Kukucin - the 150th anniversary of the birth. The same day (May 3) will all customers, who reserved this silver 10€ coin, receive an email with information/instructions how to create a valid order of the reserved coin(s) and how to pay it. Price of reserved coin: BU 14,49€, PROOF 19,18€. Customers who did not reserve the coin in advance will have the opportunity to purchase it in our online shop since May 10. Price of not reserved coin: BU 16,49€, PROOF 21€. Best regards Marketing department Mincovna Kremnica, s.p.


New coin sets in the issue plan of Kremnica Mint! (03/24/2010)

Two new coin sets were added into to issue plan 2010 of Kremnica Mint:

1) Set of Slovak euro coins 2010 "40th anniversary of Slovak numismatic organization", is issued in cooperation with Slovak numismatic organization on the occasion of its establishment anniversary. Finishing : shiny, FDC, 3 000 pcs (max.10 pcs/per person is possible to reserve)

2) Set of Slovak euro coins 2010 "Football world championship in South Africa 2010", issued on the occasion of football world championship and first qualification of Slovak national team for World Cup 2010 Finishing : shiny, FDC, 20 000 pcs

You can make the reservation of coin sets via our reservation form ( ). More information about all 2010 coin sets, adjustments in mintages of particular coin sets and issue dates can be found in issue plan of Mint at 


Special discount price for coin sets 2005 and 2006 (02/10/2010)

Special discount price for coin sets Winter Olympic Games Torino 2006! Kremnica Mint offers you now the previous coin set with motif of Olympic games - Winter Olympic Games Torino 2006 at an attractive prices:
- proof like coin set WOG Torino 2006 for 19€
- BU coin set WOG Torino 2006 for just 6€.
Additionally, we also offer you the Historical regions of Slovakia 2005 coin set for special price just 2€! Take the opportunity to get this attractive set of Slovak coin at the exclusive price only at 


Collecting U.S. Coins with Mark Benvenuto - Looking at Franklins (02/10/2010)

Today, half dollars are the Rodney Dangerfield of small change. We make so few of them that the average person goes for years at a time before seeing even one in a daily transaction.



2010 Mint Issues from Numismatic News (02/10/2010)

New Native American Dollar Leads Year's Issues The first dollar to arrive in 2010 will be the Native American dollar that features Sacagawea on the obverse and arrows and a Hiawatha Belt on the reverse.


The most valuable German Mark Coins 1950 - 2001 (01/27/2010)

Though the EUROo was introduced there are still a large number of high valuable German Mark coins today. These DM coins are overlooked by people and so there is still a chance for discover small coins from Germany which have a value about $1000 or more. We introduce in the most expensive ones on this page.

1 Mark


The most valuable German Pfennig Coins 1948 - 2001 (01/19/2010)

Though the Euro was introduced there are still a large number of high valuable german Pfennig coins today. These coins are overlooked by people and so there is still a chance fo discover small coins from Germany which have a value about $1000 or more.
We introduce in the most expensive ones on this page.

2 Pfennige


Ł30,000 Expected for Coins Found in Field (12/06/2009)

In the summer of 1465, as the Wars of the Roses raged, an unknown person hid his worldly wealth in a secret location in a Northamptonshire field and went into hiding. He never returned to claim his money.


Low Mint Set Sales Help Explain 1986-D Quarter (12/06/2009)

Without a lot of attention the 1986-D Washington quarter has been steadily rising in price and recognition as one of the best of the Washington quarters of the past few decades.


Regency-Superior Auctions St. Louis Stamp Expo Official Auctioneer, February 26-28, 2010 (12/06/2009)

LOCATION St. Louis Stamp Expo Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel 9801 Natural Bridge Road St. Louis, Missouri 63134
For complimentary auction catalog: CALL: (800) 782-0066 or (314) 361-5699 OR FAX: (314) 361-5677 OR WRITE: Regency-Superior 229 N. Euclid Avenue St. Louis, MO 63108 OR EMAIL: 
The complete Auction will be available on our website for viewing and bidding at: 
This auction features over 3,200 lots of better USA, British and Worldwide singles, sets, covers, and hundreds of collections and box lots.

Bicentennial Questions (12/06/2009)

It's been more than three decades since we celebrated the Bicentennial and a couple of new generations are asking questions. Hopefully I can answer some of their interesting queries about coins they inherited, or bought.


High Relief Silver Marks Marathon (12/06/2009)

The Perth Mint has issued a high relief silver proof coin to commemorate the 2,500th anniversary of Pheidippides' 25-mile run to Athens.


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