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Stamps and Philately

Here you will find interesting information about stamp collecting, philately, values of stamps and  news about stamps.

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What to Consider when Collecting Stamps

When collecting stamps, there are several important factors to consider. Here are some key considerations for collectors:

Focus and Theme: Determine the focus and theme of your stamp collection. Stamps can be collected based on countries, historical periods, specific topics (e.g., animals, sports, art), or other criteria. Having a clear focus helps you narrow down your collection and makes it more meaningful to you.

Condition: The condition of stamps is crucial. Look for stamps that are in excellent condition, with vibrant colors, crisp perforations, and no damage or stains. Higher-grade stamps generally have more value and are more sought after by collectors. Pay attention to factors like centering and gum condition.

Rarity and Scarcity: Collect stamps that are rare or hard to find. Stamps with low printing quantities, limited editions, or printing errors can be more valuable and desirable among collectors. Research the rarity of stamps you're interested in and consider acquiring those that are less common.

Philatelic Value: Philatelic value refers to the historical or cultural significance of a stamp beyond its face value. Consider collecting stamps that commemorate important events, feature famous personalities, or have interesting postal history. Stamps with unique features like watermarks, overprints, or varieties can also have added philatelic value.

Postage vs. Commemorative Stamps: Decide whether you want to collect postage stamps (used for mailing) or commemorative stamps (issued for special occasions or themes). Postage stamps are more common and widely available, while commemorative stamps often have more varied designs and are issued in limited quantities.

Mint vs. Used Stamps: Decide if you prefer collecting mint (unused) stamps or used stamps. Mint stamps are generally in better condition and often come with original gum. Used stamps, on the other hand, can offer a glimpse into the postal history and can be more affordable for certain rare issues.

Quality of Design and Printing: Pay attention to the quality of stamp design and printing. Look for stamps with attractive artwork, detailed engraving, or interesting designs. Collect stamps from reputable postal administrations known for their high-quality printing standards.

Catalogs and Resources: Utilize stamp catalogs and philatelic resources to research and identify stamps of interest. Publications such as the Scott Catalogue or Michel Catalogue provide comprehensive listings and information on stamps from various countries. Online resources, stamp forums, and local stamp clubs are also valuable sources of information and community engagement.

Storage and Preservation: Proper storage and preservation are essential to protect your stamp collection. Use stamp albums, stockbooks, or archival-quality mounts to store stamps safely. Keep stamps away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and moisture. Avoid handling stamps with bare hands to prevent oils and contaminants from damaging them.

Networking and Education: Connect with other stamp collectors and enthusiasts to expand your knowledge and share experiences. Attend stamp shows, join stamp clubs or societies, and participate in online forums or social media groups. Networking and learning from fellow collectors can enhance your collecting journey.


Remember that stamp collecting is a personal hobby, and everyone's collecting goals and preferences may differ. Enjoy the process of exploring the world of stamps, discovering new issues, and building a collection that reflects your interests and passions. Happy collecting!

Which stamps are particularly sought after and valuable by collectors?

There are several stamps that are particularly sought after and valuable among collectors. Here are some examples:

  • Inverted Jenny (United States, 1918): This stamp features an airplane, and a printing error caused a small number of them to be printed upside down. Inverted Jenny stamps are highly prized and can fetch significant prices at auctions.

  • British Guiana 1c Magenta (British Guiana, 1856): This is one of the rarest and most valuable stamps in the world. Only one known copy exists, and it last sold for a record-breaking price at auction.
    British Guayana

  • Treskilling Yellow (Sweden, 1855): The Treskilling Yellow is famous for its color error. Originally printed in green, a few stamps were mistakenly printed in yellow. Only a handful of examples exist, making it highly valuable.
    Tre Skilling Banco

  • Basel Dove (Switzerland, 1845): This stamp is known for its beautiful design featuring a dove in flight. It is considered the first postage stamp issued in Switzerland and is highly sought after by collectors.

  • Hawaiian Missionaries (Hawaii, 1851-1852): These stamps were some of the earliest stamps issued in the United States. Due to their rarity and historical significance, they are highly prized by collectors.
    Hawaii 2 Ct. & Hawaii 5 Ct.

  • Blue Mauritius (Mauritius, 1847): The Blue Mauritius is one of the most famous and valuable stamps in the world. It is known for its unique design and limited quantity, with only a few dozen known to exist.

  • Penny Black (United Kingdom, 1840): The Penny Black is considered the world's first adhesive postage stamp. While it is not as rare as some other stamps, it is still highly sought after by collectors due to its historical significance.

  • Inverted Dendermonde (Belgium, 1920): This stamp was issued with a printing error that caused the design to be inverted. Only a small number of inverted Dendermonde stamps are known to exist, making them highly desirable.

  • Red Revenue Small One Dollar Surcharge (China, 1897): This stamp was issued during a period of political unrest in China. Due to its limited production and historical significance, it is highly sought after by collectors.

  • Baden 9 Kreuzer Error (Baden, 1851): This stamp was originally printed with a numerical error, with the denomination reading "9" instead of "6." The few surviving examples of this error are highly valuable.


It's important to note that the value and desirability of stamps can fluctuate based on factors such as condition, rarity, demand, and market trends. Collectors should research and consult reputable sources, such as stamp catalogs and experts, to determine the current value of specific stamps.

More famous and expensive stamps

Questions & Letters of Collectors

If you have a question or you want send us a message about collecting of stamps be published here then send an email to us.
Readers who can answer a published question should send the answer to the email address of the person who asked. :-) Thank you.

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Stamp Collection (04/20/2018)

I have a huge hitler stamp collection and a lot of other stamps would like to talk to someone about them thank you


Wood Postage Stamp - Value? (04/05/2017)

My cousin has a 2004, limited production, first year of issue, Swiss wood stamp. Does it have an value?
Thanks for the assistance.


Stamps German Foreign Post China - Authentic? (06/17/2016)

My grandfather bought these stamps in Argentina fourty-five years ago , Can you give me some information about these stamps? With Regards Virginia L

E-Mail If these stamps are authentic then they have a high value!

Stamp Collections (04/18/2016)

Greetings, Im interested on selling my stamp collections. I own two collestction with mostly italian stamps and Im interested on selling them all. They are about 800 stamps and well-manteined and I was consulted some of them are rare ones. So, if you're interested contact me and I'll also send you visual pictures so you can see them.
Wish you the best.


Value of Stamp Collection? (02/16/2016)

Hey! I have a good sized collection of stamps, and I'm trying to find out how much some are worth. Where can I send a picture to get a value? I have 2 Hitler stamps I'm searching right now, which is what brought me to your page, but they aren't on your website.
Thank you for your time, Trevor Eason


Jefferson 1 Cent Stamp  and Washington 3 Cents Stamp  (10/29/2015)

I have a $0.01 stamp with Jefferson on it and it has been postmarked 1937 I was wondering about it and if you could me back I'd appreciate it.
I have also a $0.03 Washington stamp postmarked 1937 I would like to know about.


Value of Old US Stamps? (10/15/2015)

I have 2 stamps I have questions on. I'm going to try and send a pick of each attached. One is a 1961/67 George Washington three cent, and the other is an 1863 Andrew Jackson two cent. Both are used (found on the same letter from 1868).
Please let me know if they are worth looking into. Thank you, Robert Long


Value of US Stamps? (05/27/2015)

My stepfather died and had a cent collection with a few that had presidents on them. They're all in on separate sheets. He had an Eisenhower six cents stamps, Truman eight cents stamps, and LBJ eight cents stamps. I was more of a coin collector growing up and just want to know the approximate value of any of these stamps.
Thank you, Bob Medof


Value of WWII Stamps - German Occupation Ukraine, Region Alexanderstadt? (05/06/2015)

Good Evening, My name is Kimberley Harbour and i am on the quest of helping my Opa, find the value of a certain section from his collection of stamps. My Opa has many stamps from WW1 & WW@ as he lived in his hometown in Austria at the time. However, my Opa and I have had quite the difficulty finding the value of these stamps, there is no current catalogue that shows an updated price. Attached is the photo of the stamps in questions, if you have any idea of the value or where to find the value we would greatly appreciate the input. Thank you in advance for helping my Opa and I Kimberley Harbour

E-Mail The value of theses German Occupation Ukraine, Region Alexanderstadt stamps is rather high if they are authentic and not counterfeits. Most of these stamps are counterfeits!

Value of German Stamps? (01/23/2015)

Hello. I found your website about stamps. Please can you tell me anything about stamps that I have and do they worth anything.
All best. Marko Femić Slovenija


Stamp values? (01/12/2015)

I have a complete, mint set of Sonderbriefmarken der Deutschen Reichspost fur die Xl Olympischen Spiel 1936 in Berlin. All ten stamps are cancelled in the lower left with a clear date of 28.7.36-15. A preis o 2 R.M. is imprinted at the bottom right corner. Do you have any idea of their value?
Regards William


WWII German stamps (11/06/2014)

Sirs: I need a few rare German WWII stamps to complete my mint collection. Specifically, I am looking for: 1945 U-Boot-Feldpost Hela Kreta and Aegaische Inseln Luftfeld post--various islands Packenmarken from various Aegaische islands Agramer Druck from these islands Rhodes Weihnachtsmarke 1944 Kurland luftpost 1945 Mahrisch-Ostrau Sudentenland Laibach 1944 2L Please let me know if you have any of these stamps. Thank you, Henry Lerner Newton, Massachusetts


Greece stamps to sell (07/30/2014)

Hi...l have a lot of Greece stamps that may be valuable. I want to sell Andre Jochimsen


Aland Stamp issue 2013 (04/14/2014)

I am a collector of Cancer stamps from all over the world and recently purchased a stamp from Aland issued in 2013 with a 1,00 + 0,20 Euro value showing a mask and a blue ribbon. When I purchased the stamp I understood it was issued for prostate cancer. I have been unable to find anything about it on the internet under Aland Philatelics 2013. Others of the same stamp on both Delcampe and eBay show it was for Aids, just a blue ribbon, a tax stamp, etc. All are unclear as to the purpose. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Paul Smith Petersburg, West Virginia - USA


7¢ Lincoln stamp - information and value? (01/02/2014)

Hi a friend of mine has a 7¢ Lincoln stamp. I was wondering if you could tell me anything at all, I've not been able to find anything.


Stamp set that includes all of or atleast most of the presidents? (12/06/2013)

Hi I am an avid coin collector and as u may know there are presidential gold dollar coins for each and every president that weve had and with this set I am trying to combine it along with anything neat that I can add to them so I already have state stamps for each quarter that I have and I would love to be able to get stamps to go along with each president coin I have aswell. Do you know of a stamp set possibly that includes all of or atleast most of the presidents that I could buy easily? I realize I could probably try tracking down each and every one of the stamps down individually but I think that would take way to much time and cost alot. Any help is much appreciated Tom


Value of stamps of Dutch Indies? (09/11/2013)

Dear Thomas, I'm from Indonesia. I've some stamps from Schaubek's collection (many country, especially Asian). What do you think about them? What is the value? Thanks Regards, Bison


US President Stamps Value? (07/01/2013)

Can you tell me the value of this stamp collection please? They were printed in 1970. I appreciate your assistance.
Kind regards Elsabe Manning


Collection of letters for sale (07/25/2012)

Hello I have a collection. From Austria some 32 letters written from the inside and carta business card dating from 1895-1906 years condicion great and I have two sets starih postcard is the first Bonn RC Raina edg.v.konig 1915-1925. Cassel, 12 Nr.1 postcard Nr.12 and Cologne to Croatia. Raina 20 real photo postcard from 1915 to 1925 to 17 201 Nr Nr.17220 Both sets are in original packaging, book price all together is $ 100 U.S. with free shipping


Value of a Benjamin Harrison US President stamp? (05/22/2012)

I have a Benjamin Harrison US President stamp value 12 cents red in colour. I find that this is not shown on your listing. Could you please tell me the value of this stamp. It has been franked, but is in perfect condition.
Thank you. Roy Spencer


Old european letters for sale (01/03/2012)

Dear Sirs, I am currently looking for collectors and enthusiasts interested in old European letters from the last 300 years. This collection belonged to my late grandfather, who has been a antique merchant and left me with a huge amount of old books, postcards, letters etc. which he intended to sell. Having that in mind, I have decided to interest other people with these letters, for whom they may have some other value, rather than just a sentimental one. These are just a few of which I have in stock:
1. Stężyca/(deutsch) Stendsitz, 1792 (Latin + Polish) / 2 pcs. 2. Gdańsk / (deutsch) Danzig + Bydgoszcz / (deutsch) Bromberg, 1842 3. Inowrocław/ (deutsch) Inowrazlaw, 1839 4. Bełchatów /(deutsch) Belchental 5. Kraków / (deutsch) Krakau, 1860 (military) 6. Białystok, 1796 Porto Dienst Bezalt 7. Rawicz / (deutsch) Rawitsch, 1838 8. Kamieniec / (deutsch) Steindorf/Wiesensteindorf, 1790 9. Grudziądz / (deutsch) Graudenz, 1790 (latin) 10. Gniew/(deutsch) Mewe, 1784 11. Lipno / (deutsch) Lepierode, 1824 12. Kalisz / (deutsch) Kalisch, 1826 13. Bydgoszcz /(deutsch) Bromberg, 1821 14. Chełmno / (deutsch) Kulm, 1786 (french) 15. Rawicz / (deutsch) Rawitsch, 1838 16. Piła / (deutsch) Schniedenmuhl, 1778 17. Królewiec / (deutsch) Konigsberg 1826 18. Bydgoszcz / (deutsch) Bromberg, 1828 19. Brodnica / (deutsch) Strasburg in Königlich-Preußen 20. Międzychód / (deutsch) Birbaum, 1842 21. Gdańsk / (deutsch) Danzig, 1831
If you are interested in any I will be happy to send photos as well as the rest of the list along with the needed information.
Best regards Julek Szostakowski


I want to sell my philatelic materials (07/08/2011)

Hi, I'm Hossein from Iran. I want to sell my philatelic materials, best regards, Hossein,


Grandfather's Stamps Collection (06/01/2011)

Hi wants to send you some of my grandfather's Collection such that you may give us worthy or more info about the story behind these stamps .. It is from several countries but it's not a problem for you or?


How much is a herbert hoover stamp worth? (02/18/2011)


Which American President had 1000 000 stamps in his collection? (02/18/2011)

Good day I would like to know which American President had 1000 000 stamps in his collection? Your assistance will be appreciated. Kind Regards, Agnes Mngomezulu


Values of 1906 postage stamps (02/14/2011)

I would like to know if two (2) 1906 postage stamps, a 1906 business card and other items from that era are of any value.


Lincoln Stamps (12/23/2010)

Hi my name is rusty friesen I have four stamps that are in very good shape they are the 4 cent stamps of abe Lincoln can u tell me if they are worth any thing. thank you


I want to sell my rare stamps (12/23/2010)

I have rare stamps of many countrys and I would like to sell it for the highest price ,this stamps of U.S.A are just example I am waitting for your opinion Thanks


George Washington stamps (06/18/2010)

Hello: I am in possession of an deed dated 1865 it has 4 Washington stamps. A $5.00 (inter revenue probate will ) $ 2.00 ( Conveyance inter revenue ) $ 1.00 ( US Inter revenue Probate Will ) and .50 (US Inter revenue Life Insurance ) Can you tell me anything about them? They apparently were used to file the deed.
Thanks Jack Ollom





Value of 4 block set of president stamps printed in 86 from ameriplex 86 stamp show in chicago? (03/24/2010)

hello, I have the 4 block set of president stamps printed in 86 from ameriplex 86 stamp show in chicago. are they worth anything now? thanks, dwight burke


German Colonial Items (02/10/2010)

Dear Sir/Madame, I have inherited some stamps from my parents, grew up in Germany. The stamps that they collected were placed in an album in the early 1900’s. One of the series of stamps, may not be stamps. I can’t find them in Scott’s Catalogue. I have provided an image of them attached. They seem to be from the former German Colonies, but have no numeric monetary notation. They seem to have never been used – the glue on the back of the stamp seems intact. They all are hinged to the sheet of the album. I am hoping that you could help me identify what they are: stamps, seals, stickers? Do they have any value. I checked with a local dealer here and he couldn’t help me. Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Albert Wolf

E-Mail These are cinderella stamps about the German colonies without any postage value. More about cinderella stamps. The value is not so high. Maybe about 5 - 10 US$ for all these stamps together.

George Washington stamps (01/31/2010)

We have three 1 cent stamps with George Washington on them. We would like to know if they are worth anything. I think they are somewhere from 1930-1950. Tammra Bryant


Two old stamps for sale (01/21/2010)

Hi I have two stamps very rare for sale,one cap bour 81 Romania,one Viktor Emanuel 40 c head invert. Interested i scan foto. Thank you Koncz


Can you help me? (12/31/2009)

I got your address from the eBay site and wonder if you can assist me. I have inherited many years ago from my deceased father (1973) a very large stamp collection mainly of former European but mostly German and British colonial territorial stamps ranging from early 1900's thru 1960's in very good condition in albums. I was wondering if this might be an area of interest that could possibly be auctioned off or sold via eBay through your company? I also recently found a 1913 funf mark coin with Wilhelm ll Koenig von Wuerttemberg on it as well as a 1934 Deutsches Reich 5 Reichesmark coin. Is there any value to them. I hope to hear from you at your convenience and want to thank you for your consideration With best regards und vielen Dank! Frank Sagstetter


Zara cover (12/31/2009)

Dear Sirs: Please find attached images of an expertised cover (L. Tankel, N.Y.) which I would like to sell at auction. The cover bears the following high value stamps: 10 lire carmine, Michel #30 (exp. A. Bolafa), 5 lire green, Michel #29 (A. Bolafa), 75 cent, Michel#25. Please advise. Thank you, Ken Karchmar


Collection of Presidents of the United States (11/10/2009)

We have a collection of Presidents of the United States which includes stamps from Washington to Lyndon Johnson. The sheets have AMERIPEX 85 International Stamp Show, Chicago, Illinois, May 22- June1, l986, written on the bottom. I would appreciate any information that you could give me on the stamps.  Thank you


German money with stamp (10/07/2009)

I am interested in finding out if this is worth anything. I have a friend that has many of these from the war. He handed this one to me and I was kind of excited because it had the stamp on it. If you could let me know if it might be worth anything I would really appreciate it. Thanks


Red 2c John Adams Stamp (10/07/2009)

Hi, I have a couple red 2c John Adams Stamp. need your help, worth anything? Thanks, Dana


Visit my stamp blog (08/30/2009)

Dear Friends, My name is Wahid Zia. I am collecting stamps since the last 30 years. I created a blog which includes the information of Pakistan ’s stamps. All issues of Pakistan from 1989 to date are available on this blog. Further it includes more than 20 articles on stamps. I hope these articles will prove useful for you. I collected these articles after great search. I invite you to visit my blog and get useful information. Kindly after visiting my blog comment on it so that I could improve it. Regards, Wahid Zia

E-Mail - 

I need this UN FDC (08/30/2009)

Sir! I need this UN FDC covers - probably You have it in stock (all three authority)? 1) UN issue "Flag and coin" issue 2007 year, complete set of FDC only, 2) UN, FDC, "Flags", 1997 year (Michel 722/9), 1998 year (Michel 756/63), 1999 year (Michel 797/804), 2001 year (Michel 862/9). 3) Burma, Scott 252/253, set, block of four, FDC, 4) Gambia, "Breast Cancer" issue 2007 year on postally used cover.
Best regards - s postovanjem Chastven Miloje


Good stamps (07/25/2009)

In the beginning put you in touch myself, I am a stamp-collectors of Cairo – Egypt, Possess a wide variety of stamps and envelopes and documents from around the world for the period and from 1850 to 1960 and I think a group as distinct. Most of those groups that were owned by one collector, I have bought some time ago, Now I'm looking for from me in the marketing of some of those groups if you have the ability to help me send me a tendency Bcrotk and how to communicate and will send you examples of those groups.
Thank you, with wishes for success M. Mamdouh


Stamp Collection (07/15/2009)

Hi. my name is umar. my wife and i have some old stamps collection to sell if you interested please let me know how i can show you these stamps and how much you offering for stamps.i live in trinidad&tobago. and my phone# is 1-868-397-0583 or 1-868-336-3562. thank you


Eisenhower Stamp (06/19/2009)

Dwight D. Eisenhower on 1971 stamp issue of the United States - wheres the redish purple 8c. do you know what site for valuing stamps are?


Egypt FDC's (05/25/2009)

Hi, can anyone tell me in which catalog I can find Egypt FDC prices. I have all the stamp prices in my Michel catalogs.
Please visit my website:  thank you. Monique


Stamp Values? (05/04/2009)

Can someone please let me know the approx. value of the following; 1-Thomas Jefferson one cent (green) unused excellent cond. stamp And 1- Thomas Jefferson one cent (green) used with postal markings. Thankyou Nancy


Stamp collections for sale (03/16/2009)

I have collections: Stamps Germany 1910-1940, Montenegro first series, Lithuania first stamp, Russia 20 year complet and Hungary 1959-1972, Poland 1950-1970, Switzerland 1861 Stubel series. All for sale. Regards Koncz


Stamps for sale (03/06/2009)

I have for sale stamps from British Colonies MH and MNH ,also some Eritrea, Tripolitania,Somalia and MNH sets on topic Fauna. Please let me know if you still are looking to buy and what is you buying prices based on Michel. I live in USA ,member of American Philatelic Society since 1999 , collect stamps since 1975. Regards Boris


Stamps for the first 24 Presidents (03/06/2009)

Hello, My father has bought an unusual piece at a yardsale that we think was used for stamps for the first 24 Presidents. We could be very wrong about this. This piece is about 7in around (like a small plate). It is a bendable metal like tin. It has some scroll work on it and in the middle of the Presidential Seal it has the words Presidents of United States. There are 24 individual places that look like it could be for stamps of the Presidents. There is not a date or maker on this piece. If you would be interested in helping me identify this item I cold send you a photo. We would really like to know for we have it for a long time.
Thank you, Patty


Stamps for sale (03/06/2009)

Good Day, We would like to inform you about the collection of stamps, our client has prepared for the sale. The collection is consist of valuable individual stamps and several collections. Stamps are: GB SG#141 75 Euros GB SG#402 80 Euros GB SG#7 110 Euros GB SG#175 140 Euros Switzerland Mi#7-I 260 Euros Switzerland Mi#7 245 Euros GB SG ¹ 139 320 Euros GB SG#134 360 Euros GB SG#182 480 Euros GB SG#121 690 Euros Third Reich 1933 block 890 Euros Mauritius Scott 5 1020 Euros Large WURTTEMBERG collection 1851 - 1923, KA-BE album The collection is completed on 93 Price is 1520 Euros The completed MNH collection of 3rd Reich stamps 1933-1945, 1950 Euros Rare collection Litauen (Lithuania occupation) 100 stamps 2790 Euros All prices includes the international courier delivery.
My warmest regards, Pavel Pavel Adronov RUSSMARKET.ORG Ltd. President Bolshaya Gruzinskaya st. 17 - 215 Moscow, 123242 Russia + 7 495 787 7150


1851-56 Ben Franklin stamp (01/22/2009)

Hello, I have recently obtained my father's stamp collection. One stamp I have a question about is an 1851-56 Ben Franklin stamp. According to Scott's, it is #5. However, I know there are different types of this stamp and it is one of the more controversial stamps. I am curious as to whom I can take this, to find out it's type and current price. I have bought the Scotts guide to identifying stamps but have difficulty in identifying which "type" this stamp is-hard as I have tried. It must take a lifetime to be able to identify stamps correctly! I am fascinated with his collection which consists of 4 albums. If you know of a reputable person, in Louisville, Ky. who could help, I would much appreciate your input as I have more stamps from the 1800s and 1900s as well as envelopes, etc. Thank you, Beth R.


Stamps for Sale (01/09/2009)

Please see on my web page 
I have some post stamps for sale.


Collection of postal stationary and covers (12/17/2008)

Hello dear colleagues I suggest to invest in valuable and scarce antiques. This is a collection of postal stationary and covers from the catalogue Stanley Gibbons - British Empire and Commonwealth Total quantity is over 26000 items. All material from 1840 to 1950 yearsThe collection is very valuable, interesting and rare material that can surprise the representatives of famous museums, investors and even Queen Elizabeth the Second.
The collection is sold all entirely and collection is suitable for museums and investors I interested to sell or/and to trade with some business or real estate. Also consider any serious and mutually beneficial proposals related to the sale of the collection, Regards Arthur


Tonga Stamp (09/25/2008)

Hi,I have a stamp from Tonga Republic. It mentions celebration of bi centenary of Captain Cook’s Arrival. Self Adhesive, bubble shaped. What is the value?


1937 Hitler block (09/25/2008)

I have the 1937 Hitler block, uncancelled, in mint condition. Do you know of companies interested in purchasing this? auction houses? Thank you


Box of old stamps from a safe (08/28/2008)

Greetings! I'm Elaine from the Manila, Philippines. I hope you can help me, my dad found a box of old stamps from a safe that was given to him. The stamps are from different countries and I want to find out its value. I also want to sell some of the stamps but again I want to know its value first. I hope you can help me. Thanks. elaine


Stamps Exchange (08/28/2008)

I'm looking for contact partners for exchanging of stamps and other philatelistic material.Offer mint and used stamps of Slovenia, Croatia,Italy, Austria and many other countries all over the wourld.


Value of US Stamps (07/12/2008)

I am currently holding the following and am looking to establish value for full, unused sheets: Harry S. Truman U.S. Postage 8 cents, Robert S. Kennedy USA 15¢, Lyndon B. Johnson United Stated 8 cents, USA 13¢ JULY 4, 1776, 1881 1982 USA 20¢ Franklin D. Roosevelt. Thank you, Patti Day


Three full sheets of uncut Hitler stamps (06/18/2008)

Do you have any idea what the value of these stamps would be? They are three full sheets of uncut Hitler stamps. Gretchen G. Cook


Saving stamp album (06/10/2008)

I have a saving stamp album complete with .10 stamps, red. I got these in 1965. I was wondering the value as I would like to sell. Thanks, Kathy Bailey


Stamps for sell (06/02/2008)

Hello, I am a collector, I have stamps,covers (worldwide) I want to sell. If you are interested I can send you some scans first to take an idea about the materials. Waiting for your reply. Kind regards


Stamp exchange (05/07/2008)

Hello, my name is Dario and I'm from Croatia. I collect used stamps and want to do some exchange. I have used stamps from Croatia, Ex Yugoslavia, Germany, Italy, France.. and need used stamps from South American and African countries. If you are interested please answer, and tell me what you need.Waiting for answer. Regards


What US president stamps are of any value? (02/15/2008)

I would like to know what president stamps are of any value even $100.00 or more. I have an old stamp book someone left with some furniture years ago and he found it in something this lady gave him. It has president- Washington, lincoln, wilsom, roosevelt, plus others like nathan hale,taft, mckinney,monore, linxcoln memorial,nigarianew york worlds fair 1939, arbor day, edison's first lamp, daniel webster,george washington 4-1 cent 1789-1797.and all other countries and other u.s stamps also. We are wanting to sell if we have any worth selling. Thank you for your help Diane Brown


German boy looking for stamps (02/05/2008)

Hello I am 12 years. I am german. I collect used post stamps. Thank you very much. Please help me. I have not much.
Hagen Jargstorff
Eichholzweg 4
25782 Tellingstedt


Thomas Jefferson 1938 3 Cent Stamps (01/25/2008)

I have 4 Thomas Jefferson 1938 3cent that were mailed in 1949 and was wondering if you could tell me what they might be worth ? Thank you Vernon Varney


German Stamps (01/18/2008)

Interested in selling the following. In brand new condition: Solid Block of 25 – 40 DEUTSCHES REICH - five rows each with five stamps, The last stamp on fifth row is slowly torn in left hand bottom corner. Solid three column x 8 rows – plus two connect stamps – 30 DEUTSCHES REICH. 26 STAMPS TOTAL. Thank you, Barney Sackett


Stamp? (01/08/2008)

I am not certain if this is a stamp. It is George Washington, orange in color. It has Bank Check written on the bottom, no date, on the top there are the words. U. S.INTERREF. It says two cents written across the sides. This is a used stamp with an "X" across the face. Any information appreciated, I would like to sell it. Thank you Laura


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