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Artist Paul Geissler and his Pictures and Prints

Etching by Paul Geissler

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Mails concerning Paul Geissler

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Most prints of Paul Geissler have a value of about  30 - 60 US $.

Information about Paul Geissler from Kunsthandlung Geissendoerfer

Born June 25, 1881, Erfurt, Germany, where his father was a gardener. Studies drawing under the painter Sondermann.  Attends the Arts and Craft School in Erfurt for 4 years.  Studies at the Grand-Ducal School of Arts in Weimar, Germany, under Max Thedy, 1903.  Receives commissions for paintings from the German Empress and a Russian grand-duke.  Gives up painting and specializes on etchings, the art he likes best.  Works on large etchings in Paris, 1910-11.   Moves to Munich, Germany, 1912.  On the board of Association for Original Etchings, in Munich.  Travels through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Holland, Austria, France.  Moves to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, 1918.  His most productive years are 1920-30.  Travels to USA, 1928, returns via Sicily and Italian mainland. In USA, executes beautiful etchings of Independence Hall and the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia as well as  scenes of Yale and Princeton.  Appointed professor in Germany, 1943.  Several universities offer him a post, but he remains independent.  Chairman of the Werdenfelser Kunstlerbund, association of artists in the Garmisch, Germany, area.  Died May 30, 1965.
Source of information on Paul Geissler:
Kunsthandlung Geissendoerfer  [Geissendoerfer Gallery], Postfach 1214, 91534 Rothenburg/Tauber, Germany

Ernst Geissendoerfer, Uwe Geissendoerfer

Gayle Richins information about Paul Geissler

Prof. Paul Geissler was born in Erfurt Germany on June 25, 1881.  He studied at both the Erfurt Arts and Craft School and the Grand-Ducal School of Arts.  He started as a painter, but gave it up at some point to spend more time on etching.  He moved and traveled, but in 1943 was appointed prof.   Many universities offered him a post but he chose to stay independent.  On May 30, 1965 he died.
As for the value of his work, it varies.  If unsigned or "estate signed" it is generally not very valuable.  If signed, it would be worth more.  If hand colored, then that also increases the dollar value.  The scene also is important in determining value.  Dealer here in the US seem to vary widely in pricing his hand colored, signed work and I have tracked prices between $165. and $500. for these more desirable etchings.  His work might be more accurately priced in Germany since we seem to be guessing here.  Good luck with your etching.  Sincerely, Gayle Richins


Original sketch by Paul Geissler - Value? (03/03/2022)

Hello there,
I have an original sketch by Paul Geissler. It’s a black and white and is signed. It’s of Notre Dame Cathedral. I don’t even know where to begin to have it appraised or understand the value. Any help would be amazing.
Thank you!!


Just found - Original Radierung Betsy Ross House Philadelphia (12/13/2017)

Hi, My name is Anne Palangi. Found this today in a thrift store and bought it for the frame. Decided to Google it when I got home since I saw "original" written on it. Can you tell me any more about this?
Thanks! Anne Palangi


2 etchings Paul Geissler - value? (02.10.2014)

I have two works that were donated to our church for a rummage sale. The art has the following information posted on the back, can you tell me what they may be worth? Professor Paul Geissler Blumanpaar, Blumenfrauen Original Radierung Thank you for any information you can give. I will try to send you a pic of both.
Melinda Alekna Rockford, Illinois


Etching by Paul Geissler (06/04/2014)

I cannot find any info on this etching by Paul Geissler, can you help me?


2 hand colored pics by Paul Geissler - Value? (04/24/2014)

I recently bought 2 hand colored pics –old man and old woman with vegetables. I am attaching copies of pictures and signatures. In pencil it reads Paul Geissler 1952. Can you tell me if these are authentic and what their value is. Thank you in advance D S Wimberley, TX


I would like to sell a Paul Geissler original print (09/19/2013)

I would like to sell a Paul Geissler original print.


1922 etching by Paul Geissler (02/08/2011)

1922 signed Geissler of Köln am Rhein, Radierung (etching). Need approximate value. Thank you


Original etching of Roland in Bremen from prof.  Paul Geissler (01/26/2011)

Hello, I have an original etching of Roland in Bremen from prof. Paul Geissler. I am looking for information and value about this original work of art. this paint has a lable from FRANZ LEUWER bremen, please help me about this price.  thanks alot. please answer to my question, tanx again.


Original Etching of Roland in Bremen from Prof.  Paul Geissler (12/23/2010)

Hello, I have an original etching of Roland in Bremen from Prof. Paul Geissler. I am looking for information and value about this original work of art. This paint has a lable from FRANZ LEUWER Bremen, please help me about this price. Thanks alot.


Paul Geissler etching of "The Rialto" in Venice (07/12/2010)

Dear Sir, I have had an etching by Paul Geissler for many years, inherited from my late father, but never paid any attention to the signature, and indeed, for the last 20 years it has been stored away. It is a beautifully rendered etching of "The Rialto" in Venice, Italy (my title for it as I remember my Father saying). I believe he must have acquired it on a visit to Venice in the 1930's. It is about 11 X 7.5 inches. It is signed both in the plate and by pencil, now more faint with age, in the lower right hand corner. Although I have no immediate plans to sell it, could you let me know what you believe it to be worth at this point, 2010?
Thank you. Victor Hoffman


Two Paul Geissler Watercolors (03/24/2010)

I have 2 water-color, original signed pieces by Paul Geissler. Two of each are atached for your review. The actual water colors are approximately 10" x 7". It also appears that they are signed 'Joseph' Paul Geissler. Can you tell me about them and their worth? Thank you, Karin Hagyard


Paul Geissler (08/30/2009)

My father was a professional artist his entire adult life. His name was J. Earl Brown and he was born in 1916 in Michigan. He attended Cranbrook Institute of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. while in his 20's. In the art work he left is a signed drawing by Paul Geissler. Did Mr. Geissler attend or teach at Cranbrook Institute of Art? Are you interested in seeing the drawing? Carson Brown


Paul Geissler etching set (12/12/2008)

Hello. I have the Gemüsemann set of etchings by Prof. Paul Geissler. The set pictures an older man with a white mustache smoking a pipe and looking down at a pile of vegetables...+ and an old woman. My set contains has the word "original." but due to the placement of the etching over another line of writing, I cannot see the date. We purchased ours at a garage sale in Collingwood Ontario Canada and live in the US.
Thank you for any help you might be able to provide.
Ann Kellman


Two Pictures of Artist Paul Geissler (05/07/2008)

Hello, I am wondering if you could please tell me anything about the attached pictures.
I remember them from when I was a child & they have been packed & stored since 1975. hank you!! Regards, Elizabeth Busch


Etching by Paul Geissler (09/28/2007)

I didn't know anything about Paul Geissler until I found this site. I too have an 'original leadrawing' of his. My picture is of Notre Dame Paris. There are lots of people on the sidewalk and a horse and buggy going down the street. There is no date on it, but has two signatures, one on the actual picture that says Paul Geissler and the other is below the picture that says Prof Paul Geissler. There is only one piece of the frame left that is attached to the glass also size 12 1/2 x 16. The picture is still in tact in the mat, behind the glass, with the cardboard backing. Patricia Slacum-Leyendecker


Rothenburg O.T. (05/02/2007)

I have acquired a colored etching signed in the left corner. One signature appears to be part of the etching and says: Paul Geissler 1920. Under this, in pencil the writing states: "Rothenburg O.T. Original. Radierung  von Prof. Paul Geissler". Could you share any information you might have about this etching with me, please? I am interested in the value of the etching. I like it very much, so am not interested in this time in selling it, but would like to know more about it. Thank you, Martha


Artwork signed originals from Paul Geissler (03/18/2007)

Sir I have 4 pieces of artwork signed originals from Paul Geissler. I was wondering if you could let me know where I can get them appraised or tell me what they are worth. If you are interested in helping me out then I will send you the rest of the pictures. Thanks Matt


Etching of Paul Geissler (03/18/2007)

Hi, I have just acquired an etching my Paul Geissler. It looks like someone has had it for a few years. I am pretty sure it is a cathedral. Paul Geissler signature is on the lower right which is underlined, and underneath is Milano, which is in the etching. In the lower left, outside of etching is the word Mailand. The lower right outside the etching reads, Original, Radierung von Prof Paul Geissler. Can you please tell me if it is an original or just a copy and how much it is valued at. Thankyou. Kind regards, Nancy.


Roderbogen- Rothenburg II (09/29/2006)

Hi, I was hoping you could help me. A few years back I received an original signed black and white etching by Paul Geissler from my grandparents. The piece is labeled "Roderbogen- Rothenburg II". And I don't have any knowledge on the topic. So I was hoping you could give me some advice, as far as, the value, where to sell it and so on. If you could I would forever be grateful.
Thank you,
Ashley :)


Nürnberg Original Radierung Prof. Paul Geissler  (03/03/2006)

I have an original Nurnberg picture/ art work done by Prof Paul on the bottom of picture it says: Nürnberg Original Radierung Prof. Paul Geissler
Does it have any value? Have A Great Day Dave


1928 Etching of Independence Hall in Philadelphia (07/29/2005)

I have a signed and dated color etching by Paul Geissler of Independence Hall in Philadelphia from 1928. Any idea of it's value?


Prints dating back to 1920 (07/29/2005)

Hi, Came across your request for information about Paul Geissler in my search on the internet. I have a few prints dating back to 1920. If you received information about his etcfhings from other sources, I would be glad to know what is known about the value of his work at this time.Thank you.
Hyman Adelman


Etchings by Paul Geissler: Vegetable Man and Vegetable Woman (07/15/2005)

Hello, I know nothing about the artist except that what I read on the website. I have two lovely etchings by Paul Geissler—Vegetable Man and Vegetable Woman. Would you be interested in purchasing them? I can send a picture and description if you like. Kay Pihl


Hugo Paul Geißler? (06/03/2005)

I'm sorry, I don't know much about Paul Geissler; only that I have a painting, which I have recently inherited from my parents after their deaths, that has been in my life for as long as I can remember. It has always been my favorite of all their paintings.
It was acquired in Germany probably around 1951, (my birth year - I was born in Frankfurt, G.) or there about. I can remember the painting in our home when I was 5 years old and still living in Germany. It is painted on a wooden plank measuring 15 5/8" x 11 5/8". It is not dated but is signed (printed), in red, in the lower left corner, by "Hugo Paul Geissler". (The ss is printed in the German style for the double "s".) The writing on the back says:
Am Plonlein im Rothenburg o.T. von Hugo Paul Geissler. There is an umlaut over the "o" in Plonlein. There is a of a portion of what is in the painting at . Not included in the photo (to the right) is a lower street, another tower with an arch through it and more buildings, four and two partial fronts before the tower. The tower has a "double" roof with a window in the front of the roof and four windows below that, one below the other, down the tower, with the arch below and the street continuing through the arch. Also, before the arch, there is a lantern hanging suspended from a "wire" from the right-most wall of the right-most building in the photo, on the upper street, over the street to one of the buildings on the lower street.
I did find, on, after entering the name Paul Geissler in the search space, an etching of the exact painting, it appears to be a winter scene; mine appears to be more a spring or summer scene. I've been trying to learn something about "Hugo" Paul Geissler and this beautiful piece of art. Any information you could share on this would be very much appreciated.
Thank you so much. Respectfully, Mark Turto


Two etching from Paul Geissler (03/24/2005)

Hello,  I have two etching from Paul Geissler and I am interested in selling them. I have contacted the web site and I did get a reply but this was a few years ago. I want to send pictures but I dont know where I should send them. I had the address and I misplaced it. I would appricriate it if you would write me back and give me some info.  Thank You  Sheryl


Market street and shootman fountain (02/18/2005)

Market street and shootman fountain original hand etching by paul geissler what is a price when was it done


View Through Arch of Townhall In Muenster (01/28/2005)

I have a signed original etching, limited edition, titled View Through Arch of Townhall In Muenster. Do you collect these???
Kim Bass San Diego, CA


Paul Geissler sketch (01/21/2005)

My family was given a sketch by Professor Paul Geissler. It is of an older gentleman holding a pot of white flowers in his left hand. He is wearing reading glasses, a black hat, a blue shirt with a red scarf around his neck. The sketch is signed in the bottom right corner with the year 1951 below the signature, and there is German writing along the bottom of the sketch. I would appreciate any information you have on this. Thank you, Duayna


Colosseium in Rome (10/15/2004)

I recently came upon an original sketch by Paul Geissler. It is dated 1927 and is a sketch of the Colosseium in Rome. I would like to know about the value and where to sell it. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Kyle Gomez


Etchings (10/01/2004)

Where can I find some etchings by him ... bought a home, very old and have one with his name on it we found, signature looks to be in pencil? I know nothing about this artist. want to know if I have something I should keep or sale, please help. thanks jani


Two beautiful etchings of Geissler (07/09/2004)

While serving in the US Airforce in France in the early 1960's, I traveled to Germany and purchased two beautiful etchings. At the time I knew nothing about the artist, Paul Geissler. I am trying to find if the etchings are titled, and what their value might be. Both are signed, colored etchings on silk. One is of an elderly woman w/two canes, a basket of vegetables at her feet, and her apron held up in a "basket," also holding vegetables. Her tight hand is extending a plate on which there are other vegetables. It is signed "Paul Geissler," in the lower left hand corner. The second is of an elderly man, smoking a long pipe, standing next to a large basket containing vegetables. It is signed "Paul Geissler 1958" in the lower right hand corner. Both are matted (white) in simple frames. My e-mail address is

E-Mail: rolopals@mstar2.netc

Two Geissler etchings (07/09/2004)

I am also looking for information on Paul Geissler. I may have 2 of his original etchings. Please contact me if you have been able to discover any more information than his biography. Thanks, Lucinda


Bern and Rome (07/01/2004)

I have recently acquired a hand tinted engraving. Signed by the artist on the plate and signed and titled by the artist in pencil on the margin. Elegantly matted and framed. Overall size 12 1/2" wide by 16' high. Excellent condition. The dustpaper on the back of the frame bears the seal of Haley & Steele, Art Dealers, 91 Newbury St., Boston, Mass.
I also have one of the Watch tower in Bern. Does anyone know the name of it? I also have one in Rome with the ruins in the background. Would like some information on them.


Five originally signed etchings (07/01/2004)

Dear Sir: I have five originally signed etchings (uncolored) by artist Paul Geissler in excellent condition--matted and framed. They were done in the mid-20's of scenes predominantly in Philadelphia, PA USA. They are of Independence Hall, Betsy Ross' house, Carpenter's Hall, Girard Trust Bank, and Ivy Hall at Yale University. I believe they may have been completed at the time of the 150th anniversary of the union of the United States. If you or anyone else is interested in seeing or showing these etchings (which have been in my family for at least 75 years), please let me know.


Rothenburg OT scene (04/02/04)

I have a Paul Geissler signed, colored etching of a Rothenburg OT scene that was purchased in Rothenburg OT in 1956. The scene is of the Roeder side street looking toward the Roeder Gate. The most charming feature is the clothing shop in the right fore-front with a men's hats on a hanging rack in front of the shop. There are also rolls of cloth in front of the shop and a cloth cutter in the background. The etching was produced in 1920.
Does anyone have knowledge of this etching? Any information would be appreciated.  Kenneth Loh 


Marienplatz in Munich(01/29/04)

Hi! I have a print of Marienplatz in Munich, with the Glockenspiel in the  background. It is a color etching, done in pencil, and signed, "Paul Gessler  1920". It is on ivory paper and the paper is a little over 14 inches wide and a little over 17 inches long. Under the picture on the right side is  written "Munchen" and on the left side "original von Prof. Paul Geissler". Could you tell me how much this is worth? Thank you.


Cathedral by Von Prof. Paul Geissler (01/14/04)

I have an original etching of a Cathedral by Von Prof. Paul Geissler. On the left corner Mailand is enscribed in pencil, on the right hand corner it is signed by Paul Geissler which is underlined and then Milano is underneath his signature. This must be the location of the cathedral. The etching is so detailed, with carvings of statues and saints, the scale of the people on the street gives the illusion that this cathedral is massive, there are two detailed buildings in the background. I am looking for information and value about this original work of art.

I would appreciate being contacted at: . Or search Deborah Shemesh on the Internet.

Three etching by Prof. Paul Geissler (10/10/03)

I have three etching original etchings by Prof. Paul Geissler , Entrance to the castle with watch tower city of Nurnberg (Nurnberg), The castle New Schwanstein, and Cith of Regensburg (Bavovio, portview 1921)
Who would I take it to for appraisal?


Etching of Paul Geissler (09/13/03)

I have come upon a Paul Geissler etcing approx 12 x16. It is framed and preserved in a plastic covering that does not hinder the appearance of the picture. I have unable to determine if the picture is of a castle or a cathedral. I am looking to see about the value of this particular etching. I have been unable to locate it anyway on the net. The etching is dated 1922 and the word original is written in the left hand cover by the date. There is other written right off of the date but is it hard to read due to penmanship. Over in the right cover is clearly Paul Geissler. Can you help me any of my questions?

Angela Campbell


Does anyone know about the artist Paul Geissler's family of origin?  (04/18/03)

My grandfather Theodore V. Geissler visited Paul Geissler's studio in Germany in the 1964-5 range. Paul was ill and not able to see any one. My grandfather born 1890 was positive his grandfather Karl/Charles/Chas Daniel Geissler was part of the same family as the artist.
Does anyone know about the artist Paul Geissler's family of origin? Thanks 


Etching Gemusemann and elderly women (04/04/03)

Could you send me some info in this German Artist Paul Geissler. Specifically on the etching Gemusemann and the matching etching of an elderly women.
thanks, Kailtin Love


8 etchings of Paul Geissler (02/14/03)

I have 8 etchings of Paul Geissler, 3 are dated in the 1920's, all say original renderings by Von Professor Paul Geissler, they are mostly street scenes or churches, ranging from Hamburg, Paris, Venice, Munich, Nuremberg, Rome, absolutely beautiful , and I would like to know approximately what they are worth. and/or where I can sell them. They are preserved in a mat like folder with tissue paper over the image, signed in the image and also in the margin, in pencil. Looks to be in the original packaging ,they are in great shape, paper is getting to be a little discolored but not much. always stored.
Thank you very much for your help
Betty Hager



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