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Kinder Eggs
Kinder Surprise  Eggs and Smurfs

Kinder Egg

Information about the collecting of kinder surprise eggs and smurfs, with values of kinder surprise eggs.

Old Kinder Surprise Eggs - Collection

Old Kinder Surprise Eggs - Collection Film



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What to Consider when Collecting Kindereggs    

Short Information about Kindereggs

A Kinder Surprise  or Kinderegg is a chocolate egg protected by a thin alu foil. Inside the egg is a small plastic egg.
This plastic egg contains a toy and an instruction paper. Both the toy and the instruction papers are collected by kinderegg collectors.

The boom of collecting Kinder Eggs in Germany of the company Ferrero ("Kinderschokolade") started in the early 90's. The first Kinder Eggs of the company Ferrero were produced in the late 70's.
Other companies like Bofrost, Nestlé, Onken, Mars, Milka, Haribo, Bahlsen etc. are now manufacturing also similar Surprise Eggs. Therefore you should take also a look on their products.

The value of the rarities of the early 80's are now in Germany partly over 1000 German Marks (over 500 $). If you buy such expensive kinder eggs you should consider that there are some times counterfeits of these eggs.

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What to Consider when Collecting Kindereggs

When collecting Kinder Eggs, also known as Kinder Surprise, there are several important factors to consider. Here are some key considerations for collectors:

Variation: Kinder Eggs are known for their surprise element, as each egg contains a small toy or figurine hidden inside. Collectors often focus on specific variations of toys or series, such as limited editions, specific themes, or collaborations. Consider whether you want to collect a particular type of toy or if you prefer a broad range of surprises.

Condition: The condition of the toy or figurine is important for collectors. Look for items that are in good condition, with minimal wear, intact pieces, and no damage. Collectors often prefer toys that have not been assembled or played with, as they retain their original value.

Rarity and Limited Editions: Some Kinder Eggs toys are released as limited editions or are only available in specific countries or regions. These rare or hard-to-find toys can be highly sought after by collectors. Research and keep an eye out for special releases or series that have limited availability.

Packaging and Inserts: Consider collecting Kinder Eggs with intact packaging, including the outer foil wrap or any promotional inserts that may accompany the toy. These additional elements can add value to your collection, especially if they are in good condition.

Series and Themes: Kinder Eggs often release toys in series or based on specific themes, such as popular characters, holidays, or special events. Determine if you want to collect items from specific series or themes to create a more focused and cohesive collection.

Age and Vintage Toys: Some collectors may focus on acquiring older or vintage Kinder Eggs toys. These items can have nostalgic value and may be more challenging to find. Vintage toys often hold appeal for collectors interested in the history of Kinder Eggs and the evolution of the toys over time.

Authenticity: Due to the popularity of Kinder Eggs, counterfeit or unauthorized toys can sometimes be found in the market. Be cautious when purchasing and ensure that the toys are genuine Kinder Eggs items. Look for official packaging, proper branding, and other indicators of authenticity.

Display and Storage: Consider how you plan to display and store your Kinder Eggs collection. There are various options, such as dedicated display cases, shelves, or storage boxes. Ensure that the toys are protected from dust, sunlight, and other potential sources of damage to maintain their condition.


Remember to enjoy the process of collecting Kinder Eggs and the surprises they bring. Engage with fellow collectors, participate in online communities, and attend toy fairs or collector events to expand your knowledge and network. Happy collecting!



New Short Film: Old Kinder Surprise Eggs - Collection (03/01/2023)

The short film shows an old children's surprise egg collection from the 80s.

Old Kinder Surprise Eggs - Collection


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We sell kinder eggs toys.Write us!
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Hello, I would like you and your readers know that I am now offering with every box ordered, a sample of Smarties chocolate (a Canadian favorite).  I
also wanted to add that we offer 5-7 day Airmail shipping.   we accept all major credit cards, and Paypal.  We will continue to update our system in order to serve your readers better. Thank you Eugene



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