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Banknotes and Paper Money


10,000 Mark
10,000 Mark, issued 1922

Books and catalogs about antiques and collectibles at

New Page: Scripophily - About Collecting Collectible Stocks and Bonds (07/03/2023)

This page describes the collecting of historical and collectible stocks and bonds.

Old Collectible Stock


New values of German banknotes (04/29/2015)

Collector values of old German banknotes were updated.

Geldscheine Deutsches Reich 1939


Gallery of Bulgarian paper (06/18/2008)

Hello friends, Gallery of Bulgarian paper money BUY Bulgarian specimen /muster/ banknotes from all issues /especially 1945, 1948, 1962, 1974, 1990, 1991-2007/. We also look for, proof, trial color and project of Bulgarian banknotes. We wait your soon offer. Best regards Kostadin Hristov


Books, Catalogs and Literature for Collectors of banknotes and paper money (02/23/2007)

If you don't know the value of your banknotes and if you have a lot of banknotes for which you want to determine the value the best way is to buy one of the following catalogs, which you find at the banknote books page of

More: Books, Catalogs and Literature for Collectors of banknotes and paper money

Catalog of United States Paper Money (01/26/2007)

This 24th edition of the most comprehensive resource on U.S. currency is the one guide collectors need to stay on top of an intensely active paper money market. Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money delivers updated pricing information in three grades and more than 600 illustrations highlighting paper money printed in the U.S. since the 1860s.
  • More than 5,500 listings and 11,000 valuations provide collectors with the most complete information about U.S. paper money
  • Current pricing information keeps collectors up-to-date
  • 600+ photos for easy identification
  • Hardcover: 210 pages

More: Standard Catalog Of United States Paper Money

New banknote catalog for modern world banknotes (07/18/2006)

Standard Catalog of World Paper Money: Modern Issues 1961-Date Issued June 2006

Relatively inexpensive and easily accessible materials are two very good reasons the world paper money market is the hot collecting category it is today. With new notes and information more available than ever before, this segment of the hobby doesn't require collectors to travel the world looking for new items to add to their collection; a trip to a local dealer or auction can turn up many interesting finds.

In this comprehensive guide collectors of all experience levels will find helpful information in:

Paperback - 1064 pages

More about this catalog

October 16th 2006 - Poland’s first collector note (06/02/2006)

October 16th 2006 - Poland’s first collector note - Face value of PLN 50

The face of the note contains a portrait of John Paul II holding his pastoral cross against the background of a stylized globe, which is a symbol of the pontificate’s universal nature. The Pope is wearing his pontifical vestments and is performing a greeting gesture. In his hand, he is holding a crosier – a symbol of papal power. The right-hand bottom side of the note contains the following inscription: John Paul II and the pontificate’s term: 16 X 1978 – 2 IV 2005.
The reverse of the note shows an episode which occurred during the Holy Mass for the inauguration of the pontificate of John Paul II and depicts a special relationship between the Pope and Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński. As the Cardinal paid homage, John Paul II rose and performed a memorable gesture to express his respect to the Primate of Poland.
On the right –hand side of the scene there is a quotation from Letter to Poles read out by John Paul II to his countrymen who congregated in Vatican Paul VI Hall on the day immediately following the event: There would be no Polish Pope on this Chair of St. Peter (…) if it was not for your faith undiminished by prison and suffering, your heroic hope (…). The space under the quotation bears the Pope’s facsimilie signature and date he uttered those words on, namely 23 October 1978.

Note designer : Andrzej Heidrich


Now more than 30 stores now at (11/06/2005)

There are more than 30 stores now at There are more than 5000 notes for sale.  You can search by country, Pick No, grade, denomination.  You also can open a store for FREE or post your want and Swap lists.
Dr.Ali Mehilba


American Currency Exhibit of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (01/21/2005)

Money hasn't always looked like it does today. Explore the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's American Currency Exhibit online and watch history come alive as you step back in time to our nation's beginning. Learn how our country's rich history is closely tied with our currency. Discover the role the Federal Reserve has played--and continues to play--in that history ...


For internal bank tranfers used $100,000 banknote

New Iraqi Banknote 500 dinars (11/07/2004)

I like to announce on your nice web site that Iraq issued a new Banknote of 500 dinars with a new design and nice photo , I will enclose a copy to you so to publish it in your web site & if any one like to buy it from me or trade with his country banknotes then I am ready for that , also Iraq Central Bank will issue 3 new coins of 25 ,50 ,100 dinars soon . With my best regards
SAAD AZIZ SYHOOD Central Post Office , P.O. Box 55390 , Baghdad - IRAQ
Tel: 00964-1-8831611 Mobile : 00964-7901475671
FAX : +1-815-846-8756


New World Paper Money Catalog (10/29/2004)

Standard Catalog of World Paper Money: Modern Issues 1961-Date
Issued May 2004

Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues 1961-2004 (Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. Vol. 3: Modern Issues, 10th Ed)

This updated eighth edition of the most comprehensive world paper money reference ever assembled fully documents legal tender paper currencies issued and circulated by more than 376 note issuing authorities. 
More than 175 experts in the paper money field have priced more than 11,200 notes in three grades of condition. More than 7,300 clear photos and illustrations aid in identification. Updates include extensively revised prices, newly discovered issue dates/listings, and an exciting new color photo gallery. 

A detailed user's guide and references help collectors better understand more of the paper money collecting hobby. The references provide grading terms, dating information, foreign language references, exchange tables, a glossary, and indexes. 

  • Provides updated prices in three grades of condition for more than 11,200 notes 
  • More than 7,300 clear photos and illustrations aid in identification 
  • New color section features photos of diverse paper money 
  • Most comprehensive world paper money reference ever assembled 

Here you find the values of all standard official banknotes of the whole world which were published since 1961.

Paperback - 992 pages

New Website (10/22/2004)

Dr.Ali Mehilba about his new website:

... Collecting banknotes is like an endless trip through different cultures, societies , areas of knowledge, art..... and more. Collecting banknotes is a real investment of time and money if you know what to collect, when, where and how. I am very open to answer any question as I love to see all people of all ages more involved in this lovely hobby.

Why did we develop BanknoteClub?
Our vision is to have a portal or a site where ALL can meet and benefit.

How can you sell or buy or swap?
Even if you are a collector, I highly recommend that you sell your extras to buy what is missing in your collection. This site gives its members the ability to list what they have to sell, what they have to swap and also keep a want list which can be viewed by others who may have the note in question for sale or trade. ...


New Book: Encyclopedia about Egypt Banknotes  is finally ready (04/16/2004)

I'd like to inform you that the Book about Egypt Banknotes is finally ready in 380 colored pages. Each Single Banknote has a table indicating all Signatures and
any minor changes as well as all its prefixes. Also some explanation about the history of any picture and even water marks and security threads
There is also price guide for 5 grades. The Book was prefaced By Neil Shaffer (Author of Pick). It has some chapters about Grading, appraisal, governors of
Egypt and Governors of Central Bank. Definition of replacement, cross over and more
The book is about 1.3 KG  I can send to you more information if you want  The price is $38 + 12 Handling and registered mail  Total is $50
You can pay through pay pal.
May I have also your want list?  Have a great day  Ali
Dr Ali Mehilba President of Arabic Chapter of IBNS  Founder of Banknote Club


New Book: Encyclopedia about Egypt Banknotes (02/06/04)

Dr.Ali Mehilba ( the founder of The Arabic chapter of IBNS said ; we are working on a book or better to say an encyclopedia about Egypt Banknotes.
Each Single EgyptianBanknote will have a table including All its prefixes , its different signature , any minor change on design or security.
It will be a geat asset for collectors.
The Book will be all in colors and each note will have at least 2 pictures.
There are many information regarding desins on the notes with some information about those designs or pictures.
There is an estimate about cost of each note in more than 3 grades.
The Book will be availble around April.

For any information contact Ali mehilba 

Auction of Maurice KOLSKY Collection at cgb on 02/26/04 (01/14/04)

"When Doctor Kolksky published the second edition of INDO CHINA BANK-NOTES (the high esteem in which I hold this brilliant book is well known), the subject appeared to be closed and after ten years of research, on top of the twenty years spent writing the book, the subject could be considered to have been exhausted.  But, no. PAPIER MONNAIE IV present the fabulous collection used by Doctor Kolsky to write his book, and all that he's studied since… that is about forty bank-notes unpublished in any form ..."


The auction "Papier Monaie 4" starts with the auction of the issues outside of French Indo China. The issues of French Indo China will follow at the next auction no. 5.

Specimen New Caledonia 20 Francs 1888

Opening bid: 4,000 EUR

500 Francs New Hebrides

This banknote of French Indo China with an overprint of the New Hebrides
Opening bid: 6,500 EUR


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