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Frequently answered questions of banknotes - answers for questions about collecting banknotes

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10,000 Mark
10,000 Mark, issued 1922

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Here you find a list of frequently answered questions of banknotes.

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1919 1000 mark, 1922 10000 mark  German Notgeld 1 Rentenmark 1937

1934 $1000 Note

10,000 & 100,000 Mark Will Old German Bank Notes honored by German Banks 100 und 1000 Mark 1910  Who were the people on the US banknotes?
Tausend Kronen 1902 1840 U.S.A. promissory bank note  100 Mark 1908 Information about the $100,000 Gold Certificate from 1934

Information about the $100,000 Gold Certificate from 1934

Most of these banknotes which are offered are fakes! None of these banknotes were released for circulation. They were used as bank transfer notes.

You find a picture of this banknote here

More information about US banknotes at the American Currency Exhibit of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

What is the value of a 100 mark 1908 note?

Answer from

Denomination condition vf condition unc
100 Mark red seal, 7.2.1908, width of serial no. 29 mm
Picture: Eagle
1 $ 3 $
100 Mark red seal, 7.2.1908, width of serial no. 25 mm
Picture: Eagle
10 $ 60 $
100 Mark green seal, 7.2.1908
Picture: Eagle
1 $ 4 $
100 Mark red seal, 7.2.1908, width of serial no. 29 mm
Picture: Head of Merkur and Ceres on the front side and Germania and war ships on the back side
4 $ 100 $


1840 U.S.A. promissory bank note  (09/18/00)

I have a customer who has: 
Bank of the United States promissory note dated December 15, 1840. The note promises to pay to "I.W. Fairman" the sum of $1000  u.s. dollars.
The promissory note is engraved with several historic faces such as Washington, Hamilton, and more along its edge. In the center is a building representing the Bank of the United States.
As the note is payable to an individual, and not to "bearer," I do not know if it was considered currency or a negotiable instrument.  Perhaps it was simply a private transaction.
Is this a collectible item?  Is it currency or paper money?  If not, what kind of dealer might be interested in it for its historical value?
HISTORICAL NOTE:  The Bank of the United States lost its charter in 1836-37. Biddle kept the bank going until 1841 as a state bank in Philadelphia Pennsylvania when it went bankrupt. Between 1837 and 1841, was it still called the Bank of the United States?  I don't know. Maybe this note is a fake or created as a decoration or display item.  However, it looks really old to me.

1840 $ 1000 


answer of

Both banknotes are obviously worthless reproductions

Tausend Kronen 1902 (04/29/00)

I have a banknote of Tausend Kronen. The date on it is 1902. There is a picture of a women on the right side.  I have no idea really what it is. Can you help? Thank you. Ken

answer of

Your banknote was issued by Austria. Approx. value depending on condition:
gray-green underprint: fine 4 $, xf 12 $
rose underprint: fine 2 $, xf 6 $



answer of

Denomination Potrait Denomination Potrait
1 George Washington 500 William McKinley 
2 Thomas Jefferson 1000 Grover Cleveland
5 Abraham Lincoln 5000  James Madison 
10 Alexander Hamilton 10,000 Salmon P. Chase
20 Andrew Jackson 100,000  Woodrow Wilson
50 U.S. Grant    
100 Benjamin Franklin    

100 und 1000 Mark 1910 (11/13/99)

I have some old German currency I would like to find out about.  One is a Reichsbanknote with a 100 on it dated April  1910 Berlin and another with a   1000 with the same date. I would appreciate any information you could give me.

Answer from

Banknote condition vf condition unc
100 Mark 1910, 21.4.1910 3 $ 20 - 25 $
1000 Mark 21.4.1910 with 6 letters 4 $ 35 $
1000 Mark 21.4.1910 with 7 letters 1 $ 3 $

Will Old German Bank Notes honored by German Banks (11/11/99)

I have been told that the German banks are being forced by the government and the treasury to honor some notes at the inflation price.  This has been confirmed to me by the Bundesbank.  Can you confirm anything about the litigation?? Thank you

Remark of
All German banknotes which were issued before the German "Währungsreform" 1948 will not be honored by any bank into valid German currency.
But if they would do so you would receive for 1,000,000,000 Mark of 1923 0.0001 DM! I think you couldn't buy nice things for such a small amount of money.
The reason is following: 1924 became 1,000,000,000,000 Mark 1 Reichsmark / Rentenmark.
1948 became 10 Reichsmarks 1 Deutsche Mark (DM).
Sell old german to collectors but don't try to let it honor by a german bank.

10,000 & 100,000 Mark (9/11/99)

10,000 Mark
10,000 Mark, issued 1922
Like many other people on the page, I'm looking for information regarding Zehntausend and Hundertausend Marks...(10,000 and 100,000).  I understand that they don't have much value, but I would like to know more about their history.  Can you suggest a source? thanks!  A great page!

Answer from

The value depends on the condition of the banknotes. 
There several issues of these banknotes at the german inflation period from 1922 - 1923

Denomination condition vf condition unc
10,000 Mark 19.1.1922
size 210 x 124 mm,
several types
2 $ 6-8 $
10,000 Mark 19.1.1922
size 180 x 100 mm,
several types
1 - 7 $ 5 - 18 $
100,000 Mark, 1.2.1923 3 $ 8 $
100,000 Mark, 25.7.1923 1 $ 3 $ Take a look to Values of German Banknotes 1919 -23

1934 $1000 Federal Reserve Note (7/30/99)

My father-in-law found a 1934 $1000 Federal Reserve Note in the trash can outside of the safe deposit box area at a bank.  When he reported his finding to the bank the bank president offered to give him $1000 for it.  The serial number is F00000000A and the back side is the exact same as the face only in lighter ink. Is this bill counterfit?   If not how can I find out how much it is worth?  Thanks a thousand!

Answer of

The value depends on the condition of this banknote.
Approx value for condition uncirculated for 1000 $ 1934 A-L Federal Reserve Notes - small size: 1350 $

We received an interesting answer to this banknote by Beate Rauch:

I think you analyzed your note rather well. Nobody finds a genuine $1000 note in a trash can. Maybe an older person had it in the safety deposit box, thinking it was worth a lot of money. An heir came along cleaning the box and recognized the hoax.

1. U.S, Notes are not identical on front and back. There are no color differences on front and back.
2. You are listing a Specimen number  of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank. specimen are normally in the possession of the bank, not in private hands.
3. It surprises me to read that the Bank President offered $1000 for the note. He should have seen that it was not genuine.  If it had been a genuine Specimen then it would not have had any circulation value in view of the fact that all numbers were 00000000 but it would still have been very collectable, though I am not certain that it would have been legal to own. Specimen notes are the property of the U.S. Government. . Had it been a 00000001 or 00000002 and so on, then a genuine piece would be very rare.

Have a look in your public library, you may locate a book called "Paper Money of the United States" by Arthur L. Friedberg  or any other U.S. paper money catalog. The World Paper Money Catalog also pictures the note - but the back is probably not shown, it reads in a fancy frame UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and in the second line   ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.. . The numeral 1000 is printed in each corner diagonally.

I am sorry, you did not find the real thing.

Beate Rauch
P.O. BOX 81917
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89180-1917, U.S.A.
Books, Banknotes, Mylar Holders
Phone (702) 876-1330  FAX (702) 876-1404

1 Rentenmark 1937 (2/26/99)

I have come into position of German banknote that after trasnlation from an aunt we determined it to be 1 Rentenmark dating October 15, 1923-January 30,1937. I would like to know if anyone has any information at all regarding this note. It also bears the words Rentenbankschein across the top and Deutsche Rentenbank below the date there is also a red serial number at the top of the note. Any information as far as value of this bill and the history of it will be greatly appreciated.

Bobby Childs

answer from
approx. value in US $
condition I
length of serial no: 7  value: 40 $
length of serial no: 8  value: 2.50 $
condition III
length of serial no: 7  value: 15 $
length of serial no: 8  value: 1 $

German Notgeld (2/26/99)

As I have a collection of German Notgeld (Serienscheine from 1918 till 1924) I would be very much obliged if you could help me. I am looking for all kind of information about this subject: about its origin, the history ,etc.Only recently I have an Internet connection and so I found your webpage.I have about 400 issues of several German towns and places (all 10-25-50-75pf).Is there a brochure about this Notgeld where I could find other collectors, or a catalogue? What is this Notgeld worth in case I would like to sell? As you see I have a lot of questions and would appreciate it very much if other people are willing to help me. All info is welcome. If you would send info by mail; I will be happy to pay for the stamps. Thanks in advance. Hope to get contact from other collectors. Julius De Nys, Mariëndaalstraat 2, 3290 Diest

answer from

A very good german book and catalog for german Serienscheine from 1918 - 1922 with a lot of pictures and all values is: Deutsche Serienscheine von 1918 - 1922 by Manfred Mehl, H. Gietl Verlag & Publikationsservice GmbH, Regenstauf, ISBN 3-924861-25-0

1919 1000 mark, 1922 10000 mark (4/26/98)

I have a 1919 1000 mark, 1922 10000 mark, and a 1 mark (invasion money). Does anyone know the worth???
Henry R. Westbrook, Business Analyst, Information Systems, London Hydro, 111 Horton Street, P.O. Box 2700,London, Ontario, N6A 4H6

Voice: (519) 661-6502 Fax: (519) 661-4760 Pager: (519) 640-4116

Answer from

The value depends on the condition of the banknotes. Value for condition I and III in German Marks 1 $ = approx. 1.80 DM. A 1000 Mark banknote from 1919 was not issued in Germany!

Banknote condition vf condition unc
1000 Mark 1909 15 $ 100 $
1000 Mark 1910 with 6 letters 4 $ 30 $
1000 Mark 1910 with 7 letters 1.50 $ 4 $
1000 Mark 1922
several types!
0.50 - 1.50 $ 3-5 $
10,000 Mark 19.1.1922
size 210 x 124 mm,
several types
2.50 $ 6-8 $
10,000 Mark 19.1.1922
size 180 x 100 mm,
several types
1 - 8 $ 5 - 18 $
Alliierte Militärbehörde 1 Mark
several types
2-4 $ 6 - 20 $
Alliierte Militärbehörde 1 Mark
US print, 8 digits
50 $ 150 $

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