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Verkauft alte (ca1880-1920) Deutche Postkarten Berlin, Leibzig usw 01.09.2009 03:09:09

Cards out for sale now
07.09.2009 01:22:06


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Verkauft alte (ca1880-1920) Deutche Postkarten Berlin, Leibzig usw


Geposted am / Date 01.09.2009 03:09:09
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Mitteilung: As I don"t write very good in German, I"ll take this in English instead, sorry for that.

I am doing some genealogy research and I have quite a few very old postcards that might be of interest to a collector. I don"t have a very high interest in postcards, it is the information on them that I am interested in (my family) and as I have scanned them all I now sell them to finance my continued research.
The will soon be on sale on the Swedish (I live in Sweden) equivalent of Ebay (a part of ebay) "Tradera" ( and I have already posted some information and pictures on a Swedish postcard-collectors page, please take a look for the samples there and maybee you will find something interesting;
The text is in swedish, but it is easy to use googles tranlator service if you are interested. Or just take a look at the pictures.
What might be really interesting is that as I am researching my family history there will be quite some info available later on (when I have published it online, but it will take some time before it is ready) about the people behind the postcards. One of them is Julie Montgomery my greatgreat grandmother who performed in the Wagner opera in the late 1870:ies in Dresden I think it was.
The postcards, about 150-200, are mostly from Sweden and Germany, but some from other places as well. As I said, they will be on sale on the Swedish eBay site (tradera) and since I don"t think swedes generally collect German postcards, and since I will have no reservation price and lowest startingbid possible, you might be lucky and find a very cheap card that you want....
Link to my profile on "tradera" (this is where you will soon find the postcards, currently, I don"t have anything out for sale)


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